Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei

Bút MáyJun 14, 2024 at 16:09

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Song Hye Kyo is on a business trip to Italy to attend an event of a high-end jewelry brand. In Venice, the actress reunited with her junior Cha Eun Woo. Last year, the two caused a stir when they stood in the same frame. For the cocktail party, she chose an elegant white design with a deep vest collar.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 1

In a set of photos on a yacht overlooking the Venice River, the actress was praised for being beautiful and youthful. Photos from the trip were updated by Song Hye Kyo on her personal page. Next, the Descendants of the Sun star attended a dinner party. The close-up photo of beauty The Glory's makeup is causing a fever on social networks. The actress was praised for her flawless skin and sharp facial features.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 2

This is also a rare time fans witnessed Song Hye Kyo wearing a brightly colored dress when attending an event. Accessories combined with a dark red dress are necklaces, earrings and diamond rings, contributing to increasing the sophistication and prominence of the wearer.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 3

At the age of 42, Song Hye Kyo not only does not age, but on the contrary, she becomes increasingly youthful and attractive. Some netizens believe that using the phrase "beautiful as a fairy" to describe Song Hye Kyo's current state is not an exaggeration at all. Song Hye Kyo's beauty lies not only on the outside but also in the temperament and charm radiating from the inside.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 4

Many netizens who are watching the Rose Story series starring Liu Yifei, which is currently airing, have had a relatively interesting thought, that Song Hye Kyo is quite suitable to play the female lead role of Wong Yifei if Han Nation remake this movie.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 5

However, during this time, the actress was also extremely busy with her own activities. She has just announced that she will return to the big screen through the movie Dark Nuns - depicting the story of a nun trying to save a b.oy possessed by an evil spirit.

In addition, Korean media reported that Netflix is considering a project with the participation of Song Hye Kyo and Gong Yoo with a budget of about 80 billion won (58.9 million USD). This is a historical drama set in the development of Korean show business in the 1980s, written by famous writer Noh Hee Kyung after a two-year hiatus.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 6

Song Hye Kyo was born in 1981 and is a top Korean actress. She is famous for her leading roles: Autumn in my Heart, The World People Live In, Happy Home, That Winter The Wind Blows, Descendants of the Sun, Glory...

She used to have a happy marriage with Song Joong-Ki but then suddenly announced their divorce after 2 years of marriage. Many people believe that the divorce did not have too much of an impact on Song Hye Kyo's life and spirit.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 7

Unlike her ex-husband, Song Joong Ki, who chose to "stay hidden" and focus on his new movie, Song Hye Kyo regularly appears at domestic and foreign events. The beauty's beauty also received compliments. She changed her familiar gentle style, transforming into a luxurious, mysterious and seductive lady.

Appearing at events abroad, traveling with friends and registering for a short-term course in the US is Song Hye Kyo's way to find balance in life after divorce.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 8

The famous actress does not give interviews, does not cry about her broken marriage, but lives happily, freely and finds joy in her own life. She also doesn't completely avoid the media. Song Hye Kyo's revival after the "noisy" divorce received support from fans.

The Korean beauty also regularly interacts with fans through her personal page on Instagram. In an interview, Song Hye Kyo revealed that she set up her personal Instagram because she wanted to share her life with fans. She likes to post photos of places she has been to or special friends who help her love life more and have positive energy.

"I'm not good at using technology, but I always try to record the people I've met and the things I've done. Everyday photos I post on my story and they disappear after 24 hours.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 9

I want to upload pictures of my daily life, but then there will be articles about it. So I think, sometimes I should keep something for myself," she shared.

The star of Descendants of the Sun confided that after her forties, she no longer hurts or thinks about what others say about her. The beauty realized that the important thing is to enjoy life happily and fully.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her U50 beauty and is supported to replace the role of Liu Yifei - Photo 10

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