Blackpink's Lisa was offended, how her "BTS sister" attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media

Khánh TựAug 13, 2023 at 07:52

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On the afternoon of August 10, Korean fans were suddenly abuzz when an international fan account of the group NewJeans, with more than 145,000 followers - used disparaging and insulting words to singer Lisa (Blackpink) under a post.

Specifically, the fanbase (website or fanpage founded by 1 or more individuals) called "NEWJEANS GLOBAL" caused outrage when it dropped insulting and mocking words about Lisa under the post of PopCrave (a major media site of the United States). Notably, this is not a newly formed account but the largest international fanbase of the group NewJeans - with more than 145,000 followers.

Blackpinks Lisa was offended, how her BTS sister attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media - Photo 1

This incident has sparked a wave of outrage among Korean K-pop fans in general and Blackpink fans in particular. The keyword "Apologize to Lisa" climbed straight to #1 trending Worldwide with nearly 400,000 thousand tweets just hours after the incident.

It can be seen that, for the most part, fans have voiced their demand for NewJeans' fanbase to give an explanation and apologize to the youngest Blackpink brother - Lisa.

This incident is not only limited to Korea, recently, the move of this fanbase has also been "rattled" on Thai and Philippine television and many other newspapers. This shows the seriousness and discontent of public opinion.

Blackpinks Lisa was offended, how her BTS sister attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media - Photo 2

Blackpinks Lisa was offended, how her BTS sister attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media - Photo 3

After being fiercely criticized, the fanbase quickly deleted the comment and issued an apology. NewJeans Global released an official statement: " Please forgive this incompetence, we go private to avoid suspension. Here's our final response to this. We apologize to the fans who were targeted by this incident, we never tolerate i.nsult and harassment towards anyone.

NewJeans Global has no control over this incident and hope everyone will understand for our inability to solve the problem professionally, our admin is completely clean and never intended to attack any woman in such a despicable way, NewJeans Global apologizes to Lisa for the inconvenience..."

Blackpinks Lisa was offended, how her BTS sister attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media - Photo 4

However, one thing that puzzled CDDM was that minutes later, the apology post was deleted. The NewJeans Global account also locks the site. Upon access, the audience will be notified "Account does not exist".

Despite apologizing, correcting and explaining that the comment was due to a hacked account - it seems that this has not been able to "calm" public opinion. Besides, the explanation of this website is said to be inadequate because if the account is hacked, there will not be time to block Lisa's big fanbase.

Lisa's fans expressed outrage and claimed that NewJeans' fanbase did not immediately apologize to Lisa, but only blamed the hacker. The fanbase also blocked many of Lisa's fan accounts from commenting on the post.

Blackpinks Lisa was offended, how her BTS sister attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media - Photo 5

The owner of the NEWJEANS GLOBAL fanbase remained "silent" after the apology post. As for the NewJeans band - they haven't made any moves yet.

Lisa (born March 27, 1997) is a member of the popular g.irl group BlackPink. She was the youngest member; Take on the role of rapper, main dancer in the group. Possessing talent and beautiful beauty, the idol owns a large fan base around the world. Currently, the idol is rumored to be dating Frédéric Arnault - the son of the richest billionaire in the world - Bernard Arnault. However, neither Lisa nor YG have spoken out about these rumors.

Blackpinks Lisa was offended, how her BTS sister attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media - Photo 6

NewJeans is a South Korean g.irl group formed by ADOR, a subsidiary of HYPE Corporation. The group consists of 5 members: Min Ji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein. NewJeans is affectionately referred to as "BTS's sister" by Korean fans, as both groups are under the company HYPE Corporation.

Blackpinks Lisa was offended, how her BTS sister attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media - Photo 7

Currently, the incident is still receiving great attention from fans, and media around the world, especially for Asian media. Lisa didn't take any action on this either.

Blackpinks Lisa was offended, how her BTS sister attitude was when she was exploited by Asian media - Photo 8

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