Blackpink's Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a "crisis of 1/4 of her life", officially leaving YG?

Ngọc SaAug 05, 2023 at 08:19

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Recently, in an exclusive interview with W Korea, Blackpink's Lisa candidly opened up about her growing up. Accordingly, the idol emphasized that she seems to be going through a crisis of 1/4 of her life.

The interview with the popular singer - Lisa was conducted by W Korea; takes place at a photography studio, where she makes a fashion collection of Celine. The photo shoot was carried out in the familiar rock music space.

Blackpinks Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a crisis of 1/4 of her life, officially leaving YG? - Photo 1

Specifically, in the interview, Lisa talked about her life through each stage - from when she was a YG trainee, until she was successful at the age of 26.

Lisa affirmed that, throughout her music career - since her debut, her appearance with Blackpink in the Coachella music festival has been the most memorable moment. Lisa candidly said, " Definitely Coachella. When I first stood on the Coachella stage, I wasn't too nervous. At that time, I was just focused on showing what I had practiced."

The experience had a profound impact on Lisa and broadened the singer's perspective on performing and inspired her – so that she was always comfortable taking on new challenges. Lisa considered them to be "little mountains" that she needed to overcome.

Blackpinks Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a crisis of 1/4 of her life, officially leaving YG? - Photo 2

Throughout the conversation, Lisa's positive personality is always evident. She emphasizes her life motto: "I often think about things you can only do at certain ages and things I can never do when I get older. So whenever I have something I want to try and say, I always do it. Whatever it was, I told myself: I should definitely try' instead of giving up. I finally became more honest with myself."

Sharing about her growth after 7 years with Blackpink, Lisa admitted that she has become more honest with herself and realized the importance of pursuing her own happiness. She promised herself to pursue everything she wanted. "These days, I think about my own happiness more than anyone else. So I stay true to my happiness as long as it doesn't harm others," Lisa said.

Blackpinks Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a crisis of 1/4 of her life, officially leaving YG? - Photo 3

Lisa, on the other hand, attributes this confidence to a "crisis of a quarter of her life" while modestly saying she wants to live for herself. "I really want to live for myself. I don't know why. I guess I'm in a quarter of my life (laughs)." — Lisa

At the end of the interview, Lisa wittily expressed how she is "in a difficult period at the age of 26", embracing herself at this age with new bravery.

Recently, the Korean entertainment market is witnessing great fluctuations when YG Entertainment's popular g.irl group Blackpink is facing a state of "disbandment" when the contract is about to expire.

Blackpinks Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a crisis of 1/4 of her life, officially leaving YG? - Photo 4

According to a report from Samsung Securities, deciding the contract status of the Blackpink members is supposed to be as soon as possible, as the current contract between YG and the quartet expired in July.

Currently, it is unclear if all four members of Blackpink will continue to sign exclusive contracts with the company. Previous rumors have predicted that Lisa will most likely leave YG in the near future.

Not long ago on July 12, YG representatives shared, "We have not agreed on Lisa's work yet, because the tour schedule and individuals are full, this is not related to the re-signing status." Although YG did not give a clear stance on the contract extension, it can be seen that YG admitted to recently arranging Lisa's schedule with the Chinese side.

Blackpinks Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a crisis of 1/4 of her life, officially leaving YG? - Photo 5

It is expected that Blackpink's future direction will be decided after the official announcement of whether Lisa and the rest of the members will renew their contracts. Whether Lisa continues to be active as a Blackpink member, or even whether she continues her artistic activities under YG's management, will undoubtedly greatly influence the group's future direction.

Analyst at Samsung Securities, Choi Min-ha commented on the situation: " Information about BLACKPINK's contract extension may be officially announced in the near future, especially as the group's second world tour, titled "Born Pink," is scheduled to conclude in the United States on August 26 and on the same day. BLACKPINK officially marks the 7th anniversary of this g.irl group."

Blackpinks Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a crisis of 1/4 of her life, officially leaving YG? - Photo 6

However, BLACKPINK's contract status is not only an isolated flashpoint for the group's activities, but also entails fluctuations in YG Entertainment's stock. As news of Lisa's possible departure spread, YG's shares fell 5.83 percent to close at 74,300 won last Wednesday.

Blackpinks Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a crisis of 1/4 of her life, officially leaving YG? - Photo 7

Faced with this information, Blink - fans of the group Blackpink are in an extremely nervous mood. Hopefully, these 4 girls will have the opportunity to continue to accompany each other in the future.

Blackpink is one of the most popular groups in Korea, debuting on August 8, 2016, with 4 members: Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé. Currently, the group is on a world tour.

Blackpinks Lisa painfully revealed that she is having a crisis of 1/4 of her life, officially leaving YG? - Photo 8

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