Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children

KikoJun 24, 2023 at 17:12

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Associated with the Bolero lyrical line as well as old music and dubbed "Bolero beauty", Lam Nguyet Anh is beautiful and talented but her fate is extremely unlucky. At the moment, the singer is a single mother raising two young children.

Singer Lam Nguyet Anh was born and raised in Phu Tho. Since childhood, she has regularly participated in local cultural and artistic movements. After graduating from high school, Lam Nguyet Anh passed the vocal examination at the Central University of Arts and Education and embarked on a professional singing career.

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 1

She won the third prize of the contest "Golden Vocal Bolero" in the North of 2018, once entered the contest "The quintessence of the bolero idol 2019"... Lam Nguyet Anh is one of the familiar voices of the lyrical music village. bolero. She was loved by the audience through the songs: Myrtle flower story, Sad love mark, My love Hue, Mother's spring, Sang Ngang...

Singing familiar songs that have been successfully performed by many veteran singers, Lam Nguyet Anh couldn't help but feel pressured. She tries to find her own identity, putting her whole heart into each song with passion, love and challenges in new remixes.

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 2

It is known that Lam Nguyet Anh is currently a single young mother, raising two young daughters who are in 3rd and 5th grade alone. The singer is quite private about her private life, so there is not much information about the biological father of Lam's children. Nguyet Anh is also her love story. When asked if she often sings sad songs because of her personal life, Lam Nguyet Anh does not deny it. She finds great sympathy in each of the lyrics and melodies of the songs.

Lam Nguyet Anh confided that, in the face of a stressful life, listening and singing Bolero lyrics as well as old music made her feel that life slowed down more gently. Although there are many sadness, but Lam Nguyet Anh has never felt pessimistic about life when she always receives the help of many colleagues, friends and especially the love of her two daughters.

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 3

"Two children are the motivation for me to strive to rise up. Even though life is busy and full of pressure, I can still arrange and balance between going to the theater to take care of my family. What makes me feel secure is my c.hild. My daughter is very obedient, very independent and always supports her mother in her work," the female singer shared.

Raising two young children alone, Lam Nguyet Anh admits that this is not an easy task : "Anh's two daughters are entering puberty, their temperaments change. Sometimes Anh is neglected because she has to be a mother and work. Parents, you have to think about how to educate your children in the right direction, so that they can stabilize their psychology of studying, living and playing.

Then calculate the school and class when your c.hild goes up to grade, how to give them a good environment to both learn letters and learn to be human, and then pay for their children's education over the years. There were times when she was weak and cried alone, then she went to the Buddha Fa to listen to lectures, read books about healing methods and secrets to keep her mind calm.

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 4

Gradually Anh also absorbed deeply, lived more slowly and knew how to balance emotions, not being impatient or thinking negatively. Being content with real life, everything comes to Anh lighter and more peaceful. And Anh has more motivation to devote to her career as well as earn m.oney to cover her life and take care of her children."

Coming to the arts and receiving support from her family, Lam Nguyet Anh decided to pursue her passion for music. In order to follow the lyrical music, Bolero, Lam Nguyet Anh tried their best to study and hone their singing ability. Along with her inherent talent and long-term efforts, she has been well received by the audience with her own voice. In addition, the young female singer also said that her idol is the famous singer Giao Linh: "The idol and image I want to aim for is Ms. Giao Linh".

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 5

Talking about her artistic path, the singer confided: " It is not easy with the changes of society today and the changes in the mindset of young people different from the Anh generation in the past, but it's not easy. Anh believes everything will be fine and favorable for Anh.I just hope that Anh will always be loved and supported by the audience and everyone so that she has more opportunities to live with passion, dedicate herself to her career, and bring many products. serious music for the audience through many genres of music and be at peace with the children, with the children growing up in the most positive way.

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 6

Lam Nguyet Anh is known and loved by the audience of bolero music, but the name is not really famous despite her long career and ability. When asked if she is upset about this issue, the female singer confided: "Anh is not too sad because it is still the word "charm". With her starting point and many years of experience in the profession, To achieve this achievement, although nothing compared to other famous singers, Anh feels happy with the present.

Anh still hopes that one day, Anh will be known by a large number of music-loving audiences and support her on her singing path with the products that she brings to the audience.

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 7

Up to now, Lam Nguyet Anh still conquers millions of listeners' hearts with her warm voice and emotional stage performance. Recently, Nguyet Anh participated in the contest "Excellent duet 2022", although she did not win the high prize in the contest, she overcame the challenge of a soft Bolero voice into a technical and challenging folk song.

At the age of 35, life experiences, emotional levels, hardships, success or failure, have forged a gentler, more salty, calm and peaceful Lam Nguyet Anh. through the songs she performed.

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 8

Lam Nguyet Anh is not only multi-talented in her singing career, she is also a very emotional and profound c.hild. She always gave her late father special feelings. And with her 2 daughters, I always give them the best and most meaningful things. Lam Nguyet Anh wants to try to compensate and teach her 2 daughters to live a full and happy childhood full of love.

Currently, Lam Nguyet Anh is still focusing on her singing career, building her image, always renewing herself, constantly releasing music products with her sweet, inspiring and warm voice.

Lam Nguyet Anh - Bolero beauty: Talented but miserable, 35 years old as a single mother raising 2 children - Photo 9

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