Lam Nguyen - Hotboy "Who Is That Person" prepared his own funeral arrangements before leaving

Khánh HuyềnMay 11, 2024 at 17:15

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Lam Nguyen - hotboy Who is that person? passed away at only 31 years old. He made friends and relatives sad and surprised because he passed away so suddenly. His sister said Lam Nguyen had prepared his own funeral expenses before leaving.

After facing illness, makeup artist Lam Nguyen passed away at the age of 31. In addition to being a makeup artist for many Vietnamese stars, Lam Nguyen was also known for appearing in the show Who is that person? . According to relatives, Lam Nguyen was diagnosed by doctors with acute respiratory failure, acute pneumonia, and kidney failure. He fell into a coma 2 days before his d.eath.

Lam Nguyen - Hotboy Who Is That Person prepared his own funeral arrangements before leaving - Photo 1

The visit took place in a solemn and cozy atmosphere. Many friends and Vietnamese stars such as the group May Trang, singers Mai Tien Dung, Thanh Thao, Call Me Duy... sent flowers to say goodbye. His relatives sobbed and were dismayed when standing in front of the portrait of their ill-fated son.

Visitors burned incense and hugged and held hands to cheer up the family amid the great loss. A friend said Lam Nguyen's mother told her son's coffin: "A lot of your friends came, Lam." His sister also shared that he wanted to sell the expensive jewelry to pay for his own funeral. However, the family decided to keep the jewelry as a memento of the deceased.

Lam Nguyen - Hotboy Who Is That Person prepared his own funeral arrangements before leaving - Photo 2

Lam Nguyen's visitation will continue to take place from May 9 to 11 at his home in Ho Chi Minh City, before his coffin is taken for cremation at 1 p.m. on May 11. On the afternoon of May 10, a student of Lam Nguyen represented the family to clarify inaccurate information being spread on social networks.

Lam Nguyen - Hotboy Who Is That Person prepared his own funeral arrangements before leaving - Photo 3

On the evening of May 8, Lam Nguyen was transferred to the intensive care room, at which time he fell into a deep coma. At dawn on May 9, his sister said that Lam Nguyen had a blinking reaction, so his friends decided to contribute m.oney so that the family could feel secure in allowing him to continue treatment, hoping for a miracle to happen. However, the family refused to accept. At around 8:00 a.m. the same day, the doctor advised his family to take Lam Nguyen home. The male makeup artist passed away at 1:14 p.m. on May 9 at home.

Lam Nguyen - Hotboy Who Is That Person prepared his own funeral arrangements before leaving - Photo 4

Previously, her sister shared that Lam Nguyen left her family to live independently at the age of 15. Lam Nguyen's journey to maturity has many thorns and challenges. In the eyes of his family and friends, Lam Nguyen is an optimistic and dedicated person at work. Lam Nguyen's sister shared about the last days of Lam Nguyen's life: "You left me when you were most beautiful, leaving everyone's memories of your beauty. I walked with you on this last road, looking at you with sadness." She was in pain on her hospital bed. How many times did I wish for her to bear all the pain she had to endure? My brother is always good and tries his best. And today, my brother no longer has to endure any physical or mental pain."

Lam Nguyen - Hotboy Who Is That Person prepared his own funeral arrangements before leaving - Photo 5

According to official sharing from Lam Nguyen's sister, he has a history of asthma. Recently, he has been constantly working abroad, the weather changes erratically, combined with frequent insomnia due to jet lag, leading to p.hysical w.eakness and loss of appetite. Since returning to Vietnam in March, he suffered from jet lag and was too busy, leading to erratic activities and further deterioration of his health.

Lam Nguyen - Hotboy Who Is That Person prepared his own funeral arrangements before leaving - Photo 6

In particular, Lam Nguyen has a bad habit of bathing at night, which leads to cold lungs, long-term colds that do not go away, and frequent and repeated fevers. On May 8, he was admitted to the emergency room with acute pneumonia and critical kidney failure. Although the doctors tried to treat him, he could not survive and passed away in the early afternoon of May 9.

Lam Nguyen - Hotboy Who Is That Person prepared his own funeral arrangements before leaving - Photo 7

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