Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the "chicken coop"?

Phượng VũMar 06, 2024 at 15:21

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After being fined 37.5 million for a speech error, Nam Em still does not stop livestreaming on his personal page. Recently, she confused people by acting strangely with the beauty who appeared on the show "Who Is He?".

Late in the evening on March 4, during his livestream, Nam Em surprised when he had a PK performance with Xiu – a g.irl who was involved in a gay love scandal and then broke up and argued loudly on social networks with Jin (Mingming).

Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the chicken coop? - Photo 1

In this PK session, the beauty from Tien Giang sang a song called "Simple Wish", then the other party also responded to her with a Chinese song with a cute melody.

While chatting back and forth with each other, netizens saw Nam Em constantly asking questions and expressing concern for Xiu. Not only that, when Xiu displayed her voice, she also danced along.

Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the chicken coop? - Photo 2

Previously, also in 1 livestream, Top 8 Miss Earth 2016 asked Xiu if she was afraid that talking and being friends with her would be attacked by anti-fans? Receiving the question, the opponent immediately replied, too used to being attacked to feel any trouble.

Realizing sympathy, Nam Em suddenly asked to let his hair down in order to be a "big billion". When Xiu said that there were 7,000 people watching the livestream, she suddenly explained how there were 7,000 people, only 1 person watched, which was Xiu.

Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the chicken coop? - Photo 3

At the sudden "flirtation", Xiu turned to face inside and smiled shyly. During this livestream, Nam Em's boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong witnessed from beginning to end.

The Haiphong-born businessman not only did not show j.ealousy, but also showed support when his fiancée chatted with the beauty of the show "Who Is He?".

Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the chicken coop? - Photo 4

Xiu, whose real name is Anh Thu, was born in 1995, participated in the program "Who Is He?" with Minh Minh. Here, the two touched Zhencheng and the artists with their gay love story overcoming many turbulences and social prejudices.

About 7 months ago, Xiu and Jin suddenly "went their separate ways". The 2 then repeatedly took to social media to recount the uneventful love process. Xiu was heavily "slammed" by her ex and even burst into sobs as she tried to vindicate to fans that she wasn't that mean.

Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the chicken coop? - Photo 5

As for Nam Em, the online community recently shared a clip of her image in a recent livestream. In the clip, the beauty of Tien Giang origin appears with a face without chalk, wearing simple outfits to interact with the audience.

Notably, while chatting with netizens, she suddenly shared: "I heard that Ms. Khoi My is also a streamer now, I will follow the path of Ms. Khoi My."

Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the chicken coop? - Photo 6

Many people believe that, after the recent noise, Nam Em intends to switch to streamers like his wife Kelvin Khanh. It is known that in the past, the two have had the opportunity to work together on a few shows, so it can be seen that the way the miss addresses the singer is quite intimate.

Also in the livestream, in addition to sharing his intention to become a streamer in the future, Nam Em also improvised a cover of the song "Pity" – Khoi My's one-time hit song for the audience.

Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the chicken coop? - Photo 7

The soft, affectionate voice of the 1996 beauty received much praise from the audience, Some opinions supported her pursuing a career as a streamer, as well as singing instead of livestreaming shocking statements as before.

Nam Em, full name Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em, was born in 1996 in Tien Giang. She is well known for being crowned Miss Mekong Delta 2015.

After that, the beauty became the representative of Vietnam to participate in the Miss Earth - Miss Earth 2016 contest and stopped in the top 8 overall. After that, she decided to register for Miss World Vietnam 2022, achieving Top 10.

Nam Em revealed his true gender, officially kicked his fiancé out of the chicken coop? - Photo 8

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