Phuong My Chi was accused of attitude, the senior straightened, 2k3 was criticized for being older than his age

Đức TríApr 02, 2024 at 06:48

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Singer born in 2003 Phuong My Chi has just made people stir, when attending the show 7 Spring Smile with a cast of veteran artists, all seniors. During the exchange, the folk g.irl was corrected by a senior about how to address her.

Phuong My Chi received mixed reviews when she appeared as a love advisor at the program Who is he with an immature face. Recently, when participating in the game show 7 spring smiles, she wore a short skirt and makeup quite youthful, but the curly hairstyle, bun behind her head made the runner-up of Vietnamese Singing C.hild seem to be added age.

Phuong My Chi was accused of attitude, the senior straightened, 2k3 was criticized for being older than his age - Photo 1

Meanwhile, seniors such as Lam Vy Da, Lan Ngoc and Thuy Ngan are all styled very childishly. Standing next to the Gen Z vocalist, the 3 female stars of the young program are no less. Thuy Ngan introduced Phuong My Chi as a friend, and Lam quickly shook hands: "I greet my friend Chi."

Lan Ngoc was 13 years older than the Universe vocalist, who suddenly called Fang My Chi "sister". Specifically, when he saw the 2 seniors Changjiang and Tien Luan talking, Lan Yue turned to Fang My Chi, and said in a childlike voice: "Come on, Sister Chi talk!"

Phuong My Chi was accused of attitude, the senior straightened, 2k3 was criticized for being older than his age - Photo 2

At Lan Ngoc's joke, Thuy Ngan had to put her hand to her forehead to see if there was any problem. Zhang Shirong exclaimed, "What? Jade, you're so spoiled." Dr. Law parodies the Old G.irl actress's voice.

At this time, Fang Meizhi could only hold his mouth in confusion and smile, making Zhang Shirong excited to imitate that gesture. Thuy Ngan and Lam Yu Da both thought that Fang My Chi was "laughing" at Lan Ngoc.

Phuong My Chi was accused of attitude, the senior straightened, 2k3 was criticized for being older than his age - Photo 3

Earlier, when Truong Giang introduced the guests, he said: "Today we welcome a young person of the new generation, not 8x, 9x like me anymore. This is a lovely singer who sings beautifully."

During the exchange, the male MC asked the singer born in 2003 : "Have you ever participated in a show with older siblings like this?" Before the "coffee" of the seniors, Lan Ngoc - Thuy Ngan - Lam Vy Da were somewhat happy and all reacted: "What do you say!", "Too heavy", "This program is irrespective of age, beauty, level", "Why does Mr. Giang keep mentioning the age story".

Phuong My Chi was accused of attitude, the senior straightened, 2k3 was criticized for being older than his age - Photo 4

Phuong My Chi is skillful and equally witty when pointing to 1 side including Truong The Vinh - Lam Vy Da - Lan Ngoc - Thuy Ngan, 1 side is Truong Giang - Tien Luat: "Here I call you brother and sister, and this side I call uncle".

Before the young singer's fatal words, Changjiang admitted: "That's right, my 2 brothers are old, it's normal." But Dr. Law reminded the singer: "It's wrong for you to say that. Because you and Uncle Giang, Uncle Vinh, Aunt Da, Aunt Ngoc, Aunt Ngan don't have much of an age difference!"

Thuy Ngan said that there is no age difference but a difference in beauty. Changjiang immediately countered, " Men and women are not compared in beauty. Beautiful women are called beautiful, and mature men are called brave."

Phuong My Chi was accused of attitude, the senior straightened, 2k3 was criticized for being older than his age - Photo 5

Previously, Phuong My Chi was invited to be a mentor on the show Who He Is. The female star born in 2003 at that time was criticized badly by netizens, saying that a dating show like Who He Is is completely inappropriate for the image of Phuong My Chi. Besides, thinking that the singer is not experienced enough in love to be able to help the heroine.

Phuong My Chi was accused of attitude, the senior straightened, 2k3 was criticized for being older than his age - Photo 6

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