Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mie's 'saw' case after breaking up with Hong Qing

Juni NguyễnNov 06, 2023 at 15:40

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After the beautiful female DJ of Vietnamese showbiz DJ Mie broke up with Hong Thanh, causing many people to regret, on social networks spread information that Khoa Pug openly confessed his love to the beauty, attracting great attention from the online community.

On November 2, the news that DJ Mie's crew confirmed that the DJ and actress Hong Thanh will break up in August 2023 caused a stir in the online community.

According to DJ Mie's crew, the two felt no longer charmed and decided to stop on May 8 this year. After the breakup, they both kept a co-working relationship.

The reason after 3 months to r.eveal the two broke up, DJ Mie's crew said, because they did not want to make noise and this is also the regulation of the company of both.

Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mies saw case after breaking up with Hong Qing - Photo 1

However, on the afternoon of 2.11, when contacting Hong Thanh to confirm the information, he refused to answer because he only wanted to share anything related to art. Despite the breakup, both DJ Mie and Hong Thanh still accompany each other at work but the g.irl acts unusually.

In the midst of the noisy romance of the beautiful female DJ and her boyfriend named Hong Thanh, the famous YouTuber Khoa Pug was suddenly named. Many social media sites have been buzzing about the public comment line flirting with DJ Mie by an account believed to belong to Pug Faculty. The account read: "Does the tall Pug have a lot of m.oney, Mie?"

Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mies saw case after breaking up with Hong Qing - Photo 2

Not only that, this account also made a statement that made netizens angry when he sarcastically showed Hong Qing's appearance and said that he was "not worthy of Mie". The above statements immediately attracted hundreds of thousands of views on the social network TikTok. However, when looking closely at the account that posted this article, many people discovered that this was a fake account of Science Pug.

Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mies saw case after breaking up with Hong Qing - Photo 3

However, rumors of Pug flirting with Mie earlier circulated all over social media. Recently, on his Facebook page, Faculty Pug has also officially spoken out about this rumor. The male YouTuber was frustrated when he was suddenly called into unnecessary noise. Pug claimed it was the first time he had heard DJ Mie's name.

Naturally, I was traveling to Cambodia, and I read comments and saw that I was cursed at the DJ I had first heard of. Every time there's showbiz someone... also shouting my name, putting words in my mouth," Pug said.

Even below the post, Pug humorously commented: "In my head now only 1 sentence: '2 words clean...'".

Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mies saw case after breaking up with Hong Qing - Photo 4

Underneath the post, a lot of Pug fans were talking excitedly. Most of them identified the other account as fake and assumed that their purpose was to catch views. Some netizens commented, " Just breathing comes work. He has a reputation without a piece," "It's a lot of toxic social media. The whole collage, stuffing words in the mouth, giving annoyance to others", "Now many websites love to take netizens' noses to like views. Not being sober is being fooled right away,...

Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mies saw case after breaking up with Hong Qing - Photo 5

In another development, observant people discovered in the recent sharing of Pug Department 1 information about travel suitcase ads. This can be considered the first time that Pug Department has received an advertisement for a product. This is completely contrary to the maxim of saying no to scandal and deciding not to accept ads from male YouTubers.

Therefore, many people believe that Khoa Pug himself is trying to profit from the affair with Mie and Hong Qing. Moreover, receiving ads proves that the economy of male Youtube is not "infinity" as many people mistakenly believe.

Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mies saw case after breaking up with Hong Qing - Photo 6

Hong Thanh and Mie have officially been dating since 2020 after meeting on an entertainment show. On social networks, the couple regularly posts funny video clips, documenting a happy life together, delighting the public.

When appearing together at events, the two are not afraid to show affectionate, intimate gestures. However, there were also negative comments claiming that the couple was not "worthy of a couple".

Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mies saw case after breaking up with Hong Qing - Photo 7

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