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Pham Nhu Phuong "reached the milestone" of 100k anti-fans because of posting offensive photos, her boyfriend was punished

Bút Máy07:54:48 12/06/2024
According to records, although it was only established on May 30, by June 11 the anti-Pham Nhu Phuong group had nearly 100k members. Currently, the number is continuing to increase and negative keywords related to her are also entering popular searches.

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Nam Em revealed his regret after being arrested by the HCMC Department of Information and Communications. HCM proposes to block social media

Bút Chì13:48:24 10/05/2024
HCMC Department of Information & Communications HCMC has proposed to consider applying measures to prevent violations of the law on social media against Nam Em. Soon after, the beauty also made a remarkable move on social media.

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E.xpose the truth behind the beautiful g.irl Facebook, accept love through social networks

Hoàng Phúc19:49:06 03/02/2024
Although scams through social networks are not too strange and are warned often, many people still fall into the trap of criminals in times of being caught off guard.

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Dang Thuy Trang implicitly reminded Thuy Tien: 'Live kindly first'

Juni Nguyễn19:57:21 08/11/2023
After the appeal trial of the 1.5 billion dispute between Dang Thuy Trang and Miss Thuy Tien ended, Dang Thu Thao's sister's side made hidden moves for the queen.

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Nguyen Sin exposes Thuy Tien's true self, clarifies about the photo she took with 'pimp'

Đức Trí06:31:11 07/11/2023
Knight, h.ot Facebook Nguyen Sin has just had harsh words shouting Miss Thuy Tien's name, when she was spotted taking photos with 2 notorious brokerage tycoons. The net was shocked when he exposed the queen's true self.

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The case of two dancers being 'caught jealous' at the match, the Arts Theatre side was attacked and f.orced to lock Facebook

Juni Nguyễn17:11:31 06/11/2023
After many days since the incident of two dancers of b>Vietnam Contemporary Art Theater having an affair, being arrested by the government at the battle has greatly affected the theater authorities.

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Faculty Pug fumed when he was used and harmed in DJ Mie's 'saw' case after breaking up with Hong Qing

Juni Nguyễn15:40:57 06/11/2023
After the beautiful female DJ of Vietnamese showbiz DJ Mie broke up with Hong Thanh, information spread on social networks that Khoa Pug openly confessed his love to the beauty, attracting great attention from the online community.

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Heather Hu was asked to cry again, smugly declaring: "Rest assured, you are alive

Yaya15:58:16 03/11/2023
Despite being strongly ostracized, at the present stage, Hien Ho is still strong-mouthed, confidently bragging to everyone that she is the singer who owns the most loyal fan base in showbiz currently.

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Miss Phuong Le publicly married her adopted son Vu Linh - Vu Luan, r.evealing the wedding invitation?

Juni Nguyễn14:01:52 02/11/2023
Wedding invitations allegedly belonging to the adopted son of the late artist Vu Linh, artist Vu Luan and Miss Phuong Le circulated on social media platforms, causing netizens to faint with s.hock.

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Lisa loses huge fan base, big man 'spins', Rosé leisurely enjoys fame

Juni Nguyễn13:38:52 02/11/2023
While Lisa was facing a ban in China causing a stir on social media, Rosé enjoyed a leisurely day as she realized her global fame. This shows the contrast of the two Blackpink girls.

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Did Dj Mie and Hong Qing unfollow each other after breakup rumors?

Thư Kỳ09:52:36 02/11/2023
After a series of hints between DJ Mie and comedian Hong Thanh, recently, many people discovered that the two have unfollowed each other, somewhat increasing the possibility of the two breaking up.

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People's 'traffic apple' Tu Long was hit by a car, the attitude of the couple who caused the accident stunned badly

Yang Mi08:05:49 02/11/2023
The news that the new Tu Long traffic apple was hit by a young couple unfortunately while on the road made many people worried. However, the attitude of the couple who caused the accident caused the fans to faint.

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The case of VN Contemporary Art Theatre actor who suffered 'physical impact' at work was fired

Thư Kỳ09:47:14 01/11/2023
The incident of j.ealousy at the Vietnam Contemporary Art Theater in recent days is attracting the attention of the online community and the media. Recently, representatives of the Vietnam Contemporary Art Theater have spoken out about the incident.

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Cat Phuong was admitted to the emergency room, her face was pale and painful, making many people feel sad

Juni Nguyễn13:13:57 28/10/2023
The photo of comedian Cat Phuong being hospitalized, receiving fluids and her face as pale as a banana leaf made many fans and colleagues worriedly ask about and encourage her.

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Duong Lam's mother-in-law fought illness for more than 10 months to fulfill a wish, everyone who heard it was choked up!

Gia Linh06:53:21 25/10/2023
In the past two days, the whole showbiz couldn't help but be shocked and saddened by the loss of Le Duong Bao Lam's family. Recently, the sharing about her end-of-life wishes made many people sad.

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Le Duong Bao Lam's wife cried when her mother passed away. Vietnamese stars felt sick to their stomachs when they read the male DV's confession

Thư Kỳ09:34:22 24/10/2023
Through the official Facebook page, Le Duong Bao Lam moved many people to tears when he posted a short clip with the words announcing the funeral. The article quickly received attention.

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DV Kieu Linh defends Ngoc Trinh, condemns those who laugh and mock the 'queen of gossip': Too impatient

Yaya07:21:16 23/10/2023
Faced with much laughter due to the news that Ngoc Trinh was detained for three months for causing public disorder, recently comedian Kieu Linh was angry on behalf of her juniors, condemning those who mocked the beauty of Tra Vinh.

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Ngoc Trinh suddenly locked social networks, a director 'exposed' the model's personality after being persecuted

Ning Jing10:40:22 20/10/2023
After the decision to be detained for 3 months for disruptive behavior and making fake documents, not long after, Ngoc Trinh's social account was suddenly locked. At the same time, a director spoke up about her.

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Nguyen Vu firmly declared that he would protect and love his daughter Vu Linh - Hong Loan even though he was attacked

Yang Mi07:11:34 11/10/2023
Despite being attacked by the online community and threatening the singer for always being close to the late artist Vu Linh's daughter - Hong Loan, Nguyen Vu has recently once again affirmed that he is not fear.

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Bach Lan Phuong cried faintly after losing her c.hild, Huynh Anh collapsed next to his girlfriend who was more than 6 years old

Ning Jing17:35:37 08/10/2023
Just happily announcing the pregnancy of their first c.hild, recently the couple Bach Lan Phuong and Huynh Anh broke down when receiving the news that the unfortunate b.aby died in the womb. This has received public attention.

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Nha Fang burst into tears when giving birth to her 2nd c.hild, her daughter's move unanimously attracted attention

Thư Kỳ20:13:52 06/10/2023
After months of looking forward to being promoted for the second time, Nha Phuong - Truong Giang couple recently officially announced the welcome of the 4th member of the family. They were both square mothers.

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Tron Mama: Lady Killah's "first muse" returns to showbiz after "shock" in a foreign country

Gia Hoàng10:43:47 28/09/2023
Going viral with her clip of learning Vietnamese with her son, few people know that the young content creator mother who is gaining attention was once a singer alongside many famous rappers from Lady Killah.

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Thien An responded to netizens when Jack abandoned her: I'm here to enjoy myself

Yang Mi22:24:07 26/09/2023
Just with Thien An's article about women needing to love themselves, many netizens jumped in and left bad words towards her. At the same time, recalling how Jack once abandoned him.

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Thuy Tien was accused of being 'too evil' just because she 'destroyed the nest's house', the female singer reacted extremely tensely

Yaya10:56:48 20/09/2023
Singer Thuy Tien's sharing about taking the bird's nest caused a fierce reaction from the online community. However, not long after, the female singer had a harsh response that caused many people to spray glue.

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