Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet?

Nhật HânOct 24, 2023 at 15:20

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Known as the second richest Youtuber in Vietnam, but recently Khoa Pug surprised people when he decided to go to Cambodia to export labor.

Accordingly, on his personal page, Khoa Pug posted a photo with the caption: "Bringing a Mercedes and a suitcase to Cambodia to export labor is too hard." This made the online community surprised and speculate about the authenticity of the male YouTuber's words.

Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet? - Photo 1

Faced with noisy public opinion, the internet phenomenon from Khanh Hoa made a clip to share the story more clearly. Khoa Pug said he plans to do a series of driving through Southeast Asia because "crossing Vietnam is too common." The first country on his journey is Cambodia.

He filmed the entire journey of driving a Mercedes from Ho Chi Minh City through the Cambodian border gate, paying the customs clearance fee of 3 million VND. After that, Khoa Pug returned to the hotel in the capital Phnom Penh. According to the male YouTuber's observation, there are quite a few Vietnamese people here. He often meets his compatriots when walking around the city's central market.

Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet? - Photo 2

After visiting places and asking Vietnamese people living here, Khoa Pug affirmed that there was never a "light job with high salary", not asking for anything but receiving a salary of 1,000 USD (about 24 million VND). "People who study to become doctors and engineers have a monthly salary of 10-15 million. If you don't have a degree, can you do a job with a salary of twenty-some million? Do you think it's reasonable? No one will hire you for a salary of 1,000 USD just so you can sit and watch movies or surf the web," YouTuber 9X shared.

Khoa Pug's share attracted the attention of many fans. Netizens commented enthusiastically: "The video reminds those who want high-paying light jobs that nothing is free", "As Khoa puts it easily, lucrative bait is only available in a mousetrap", "At first I thought he was really going to work abroad, I was surprised", "You stay in expensive hotels but eat in cheap restaurants"...

Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet? - Photo 3

Khoa Pug was born in 1992 and is known as "the most playful YouTuber in Vietnam". He is willing to spend a large amount of m.oney to experience and review expensive services for the audience to see, from driving a tank, resting at expensive restaurants or visiting warships, space stations... Year In 2022, he caused a stir on social networks when he spent more than 5 billion VND to have leg surgery to increase his height by 8cm.

Not long ago, on a YouTube channel with nearly 5 million followers, Khoa Pug announced that he had returned to Vietnam. Before leaving, Khoa Pug sold his Camry car for about 20 thousand dollars (~ 480 million), this is the car that has been with him throughout his journey to explore America.

The male YouTuber decided to deduct $3,200 (~ 77 million VND) from the m.oney from selling the car to buy a business class ticket.

Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet? - Photo 4

Accordingly, the male Youtuber also said that his h.ot pot restaurant in the US has also closed after 3 months of operation attracting the attention of the online community. Faced with rumors of business losses, grand opening and silent closure,... the male YouTuber had the opportunity to speak up to correct. Specifically, he posted a video with the title "Faculty Pug sold the store, Khoa Pug's last billion-dollar deal in the US" clearly stating the incident.

Khoa Pug said the restaurant has shares of him and Vuong Pham. However, each person still has their own work so they are very busy. Currently, the store is still very crowded, the first month's revenue is nearly 500 thousand USD (nearly 12 billion VND). Because he decided to return to Vietnam, Khoa Pug transferred all his shares to Vuong Pham: "I once said that after opening a restaurant, I would return to Vietnam and this is the right time. Once I return home, I cannot manage it." If you neglect the restaurant, if your business is not good, it will affect your reputation, so I decided to transfer it all to Vuong.

Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet? - Photo 5

Currently, Vuong has bought all his shares. Whatever business he does in the future, whether he sells vegetables or fruits, sells mixed rice paper or even sells a restaurant, Vuong will do everything himself. Before that, Vuong had no experience running a restaurant, but now he has had time to learn and operate it. As we always say, you spend m.oney to buy experience, now you know how to import raw materials, manage human resources,...", he said.

Also in the clip, Khoa Pug affirmed that the purpose of opening a h.ot pot restaurant was to survey the market to gain experience in opening a business chain in Vietnam. With a personality that likes freedom and travel, he doesn't want to be tied to a certain job: "I will do what I like, not chase m.oney or be tied to a job at a restaurant."

Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet? - Photo 6

In March, Khoa Pug officially opened a h.ot pot restaurant in the US. He announced an investment of 1 million USD (about 23 billion VND) but the price was affordable, only equivalent to a bowl of pho in the West (about 500 thousand VND). He also recruited a large number of staff to serve as receptionists, pick vegetables, cut meat, wash dishes, make h.ot pot soup, manage kitchen quality, purchase... with quite competitive salaries.

Faculty Pug caused a stir while exporting labor to Cambodia, announcing a riot on the internet? - Photo 7

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