Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth

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As a YouTuber with more than 4.6 million subscribers, each video he posts is of interest to netizens. Recently, he made the audience stir again with his Tet shopping video.

Accordingly, youtuber Khoa Pug plans to go to a furniture store to shop, then dine at a luxury restaurant. "Currently I'm in Saigon. Seeing you guys so excited about Tet today makes me excited too. I'll make a video shopping for Tet items because Tet is coming, then I'll take you to a restaurant to eat. next to a 5-6 star building in Vietnam," Khoa Pug shared.

Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth - Photo 1

Immediately after that, the male Youtuber revealed the amount of m.oney he spent to buy furniture to celebrate Tet, up to 1 billion VND. This number makes many netizens admire his willingness to spend. When coming to dine at the restaurant, Khoa Pug said: "At the restaurant I eat at, every table has 100% gold plates, even more luxurious than Dubai."

In the comments section, many viewers expressed surprise because "the video smells so full of money". Besides, some people did not hesitate to praise Khoa Pug: "Faith never seems snobby, always happy and sociable, great Khoa Pug", "There is no YouTuber as classy as Mr. Khoa, just Shopping m.oney is very professional and classy, watching Khoa's channel will open your eyes. Wishing Khoa good health to produce many more good clips"...

Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth - Photo 2

In particular, one fan gave him a new nickname, "Playboy Billionaire". In addition, the audience also noticed that Khoa Pug's appearance was more "out-of-shape" than before. This person commented: "I have to admit that Khoa is really eating healthier, I don't know if he will even notice in a few years."

Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth - Photo 3

Recently, in addition to reviewing food and tourism in Vietnam, Khoa Pug still entertains netizens by traveling abroad. In a clip not long ago, he stopped in Phu Xuyen province, China, excitedly visiting many tourist attractions, including the world's largest giant Buddha statue carved into a rock. His videos are easy to watch and easy to feel because he not only explains detailed information related to tourist destinations or dishes but also confides genuine personal emotions and feelings. Many people commented that watching Khoa's vlog was more interesting than listening to a tour guide.

Receiving a lot of public attention, the Pug Faculty's appeal continues to increase significantly.

Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth - Photo 4

Previously, Khoa Pug caused a stir with his decision to have leg lengthening surgery. After spending billions to do this, Khoa Pug is now able to walk normally. He is confident with his height of 1m75. The amount of m.oney he spent on leg surgery was up to 5 billion VND. Besides, it took him nearly a year to recover and walk on his new legs. At first, he limped like a robot, and was commented that he "walked like a duck". In a clip, he once asked a question that caused heated debate among netizens: "Is 5 billion for legs worth it? Between 5 billion and 8cm taller, which one do you choose?" Many people think that Khoa Pug's choice is to use his m.oney to do what he likes.

Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth - Photo 5

Khoa Pug's real name is Nguyen Anh Khoa, born in 1992 in Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. Before being a YouTuber, he was a programmer. Up to now, Khoa Pug has not shared anything about his background.

Khoa Pug spent 1 billion on Tet items, was called a playboy billionaire, showing signs of growth - Photo 6

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