Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize "market hammer"

Thanh PhúcMay 22, 2024 at 09:02

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Female dancesport champion Khanh Thi just posted a post that shocked people when she suddenly accused a female singer of having owed 80 million in debt for 13 years without being paid. People were bewildered, accusing her of being too "marketable", the government immediately responded harshly.

Recently on her personal page, Khanh Thi suddenly shared a post about a series of debts with many different people. The mother of 3 children said: "It's easy for Tinh Thi to love people, help people, and lend m.oney when they need it. But many people find it easy, so they borrow from year to year without paying back. I'm 42 years old, so I should give it to you." I was angry for a day. At first I called my name: Student's parent."

Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize market hammer - Photo 1

Below the comment section of the post, Khanh Thi continued to list the people who owed m.oney and even accused someone of stealing 11 sticks of gold. Khanh Thi's debt collection list is long with all kinds of reasons for lending, from students' parents to friends near and far, with borrowers from the sports world like coaches, athletes and entertainment people like singers and musicians. doctor... The amount of m.oney Khanh Thi lent was several billion dong.

Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize market hammer - Photo 2

Notably, Khanh Thi was also upset and "scandalized" a fellow artist who asked her for help but did not return the m.oney: " The singer participating in the program said she needed 80 million urgently because she forgot something in time and didn't remember." . I was in awe of my fortune at that time. It's been almost 13 years now.

In addition, Phan Hien's wife also exposed a musician who received payment in advance but then "distorted the song": "Tet call, sister, I have a new song. If you sing it, I'll send you a demo. Then, I urged you to respond." 25 million, 3 years without posting. Famous musician needs to be called?".

Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize market hammer - Photo 3

After Khanh Thi publicly posted a series of debts, many viewers advised the female grandmaster to take strong measures to quickly get back the loan m.oney. However, there are also people who criticize Khanh Thi's handling. When faced with opinions that it was necessary to be more tactful to make it easier to collect debt, the beauty immediately responded: " Someone asked Thi why she wrote it here, Thi is so narrow-minded. Fans will I found Thi terrible, then lost all my A, B, and C star levels. Now, what should I do to collect my debt?

Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize market hammer - Photo 4

Sharing the same opinion as his wife, male dancesport champion Phan Hien also expressed frustration about the fact that many people borrowed m.oney from his house but did not want to pay it back: "My house is already very gentle, affectionate and polite. And my house is already very gentle, affectionate and polite. I don't want to affect or damage anyone's reputation, so there are debts that are up to 10 years old and my family still hasn't announced them. Everyone is an adult so be careful. Anyone who can't pay them Please share this post and tag yourself so we can give you more time."

Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize market hammer - Photo 5

Currently, Khanh Thi, besides teaching dancesport, she also earns m.oney by selling online. The dance-sport master once frankly said that she did not feel embarrassed when selling online. " Actually, it is also a profession to earn income. Why can we criticize people for earning income in one way or another? There is no definition of what is called a high or low job. , luxury or cowardice. And why can't artists sell? Or do I have to quit my job and go to the market to sell directly, then will I be recognized?

Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize market hammer - Photo 6

Khanh Thi commented that these are somewhat strict and conservative thoughts. She herself started selling online when her wardrobe at home was too full. The 8X beauty said: "I'm addicted to shopping, both for myself, for my husband and for my son. Finally, when my closet was full, I livestreamed to liquidate things, but I didn't expect to receive a lot of support from everyone." Besides, she and her husband go abroad every week, and friends also ask them to buy things for them. So the liquidation of items continued and " Khanh Thi became an online seller again".

Khanh Thi accuses a singer of owing 80 million for 13 years of unpaid debt, responds when fans criticize market hammer - Photo 7

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