The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying

Trí NhiMay 23, 2024 at 09:12

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The incident that just happened in Hai Phong shocked netizens, according to which a hotel named TS demolished a beehive in the roof area, facing the street. Unfortunately, due to negligence, the beehive fell to the ground, causing the bees to sting passersby.

On the afternoon of May 22, many pictures and clips appeared on social networks about many people in Hai Phong who were stung by bees and had to be hospitalized. The story that caused a stir in the online community is said to have originated from a group of people capturing and destroying beehives at a hotel on Le Hong Phong street, Dong Khe ward, Ngo Quyen district.

Information posted with the content: "A hotel on Le Hong Phong street, proceeded to destroy the beehive outside the hotel but unfortunately let the beehive fall down right where many people stopped at the red light. A swarm of bees rushed out to meet them. Passersby immediately rushed in, causing the group to flee in panic."

The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying - Photo 1

According to the video, a c.hild fainted in his mother's arms and was carried by the mother, sobbing, running into the hospital elevator. Initial information said that the incident occurred around 10:30 a.m. on May 22 at the hotel on Le Hong Phong street. People who were stung by bees were then taken to the emergency room.

Another website also reported that, according to a preliminary assessment, the older g.irl, about 12 years old, and her mother suffered the most severe bee stings with nearly 100 spots all over the head, face, inside the ears and b.ody.

The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying - Photo 2

A woman about 80 years old was stung by bees, concentrated on her head and face with about 20 spots. Luckily, the 1-year-old b.oy was quickly picked up and covered by people, so his condition was mild with only a few bee stings, including one near his eye.

A team of doctors and medical staff in Hai Phong promptly gave the patient painkillers, placed an IV, removed bees from inside the g.irl's ear, removed all bee venom from the b.ody and disinfected the wound. love.

The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying - Photo 3

During the first aid process, patients are closely monitored for vital signs, ready to handle anaphylactic s.hock. Immediately after that, the patients were transferred to the emergency room. According to records, there were no abnormalities on the way to the hospital. The patients have now been handed over by nurses to the hospitals for further emergency treatment and treatment.

The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying - Photo 4

Talking to Industry and Trade Newspaper, the leader of the People's Committee of Dong Khe ward, Ngo Quyen district said that they have sent people and functional forces to check and have the following specific information. Regarding the above incident, an employee at the clinic in Hai Phong confirmed that this afternoon they received 3 cases of bee stings and performed first aid steps then transferred these people to the emergency hospital.

With an area of 1,024 square meters, TS Hotel has 145 rooms, more than 20 spa rooms, a closed swimming pool and a multi-level bar system on 3 floors to serve many events: conference rooms, European and Asian parties, and restaurants. restaurant, wedding room and cafe bar.

Shine Hotel stands out as one of the largest 4-star hotels in the city. Hai Phong, offers an ideal, luxurious and modern space with unique highlights only found at TS Hotel. Exceptional services come standard, with thoughtful features designed to enhance the vacation of cutomer.

The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying - Photo 5

According to information from readers, on the morning of May 22, The Shine hotel staff destroyed a "huge" beehive but there were no signs, no measures, no shielding measures,... After announcing The news spread on social networking platforms, many people went to the hotel's website and were willing to rate it one star with comments like: "The hotel's review of how to handle honeycombs is so bad, it's not professional." to bees stinging people on the street, especially bees stinging 3 mothers and children, of which 2 had to be hospitalized; irresponsible business activities; destroying beehives without covering, affecting passersby bees in the middle of the day, causing many people walking around to be stung by bees..."

The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying - Photo 6

Previously, in addition to good reviews rated 4 stars and 5 stars, the hotel was sometimes rated 1 star because: Service attitude was very poor; Unprofessional receptionist and staff; For a 4-star hotel, the staff doesn't speak English well enough;...

The hotel destroyed the honeycomb, pedestrians were burned to pieces, and the emergency scene was terrifying - Photo 7

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