Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a "terrible" view YouTuber

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Kaycee is known as a former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam. More fortunate than the sisterhood, she was well received by the public as a content creator, taking the new name Sister 9 Nghia.

Kaycee, whose real name is Vo Phan Kim Khanh, was born in 1997 in Vinh Long is a talented female singer, TikToker, YouTuber who is extremely loved by the public. She is also the former leader of SGO48.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 1

SGO48 was launched with 28 members on 22/12/2018 and is the 6th international sister group of AKB48 - a popular Japanese g.irl group. With an overwhelming number of members, SGO48 officially became the most populous group in Vietnam.

Although there are 28 members, in each single of the group, only 16 official faces are chosen to appear in the MV and 1 best person becomes the center of that single.

In August 2020, after 60 days of challenges, SGO48 found the Top 16 after Senbatsu Battle. Kaycee was convincingly named for showcasing her perseverance, bravery and talent. As a member of an idol group, she owns a strong fan base.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 2

At the time of her public launch, the singer's Facebook account had nearly 50 thousand followers. Meanwhile, her Tiktok channel also earned more than 110K followers and nearly 2 million likes.

According to Kaycee, center is a position that any member more or less sets goals to strive for, but it is also a big responsibility that not everyone has the courage to take.

Because once you become a center, you must not simply stand in the center when performing or appearing the most in the MV, but also how to exude the spirit of the song, must become a representative image or symbol of the group during the promotion of the single.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 3

With her talent and bravery, Kaycee was given the responsibility of captain of SGO48, but even though she was confident about her performance, she never thought that she would be selected at the top of the lineup tower. Throughout the Senbatsu Battle challenge, the singer only wishes she was strong enough to overcome the difficulties.

Previously, 9X originally from Vinh Long has been in the position of Captain for a long time, but it does not mean that he will be able to take on the center position more than other members. According to her, these two roles are two separate responsibilities. Because the choice of Center is based on different factors, such as who best fits the spirit of the song and the image of the group.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 4

For Kaycee, every victory comes at the expense of effort and enthusiasm. Because you have shown your best, all the hard work is worth it. Compared to previous times, the selection of the single 3 lineup had a more open challenge process through Senbatsu Battle, viewers could follow the breakthrough development of the members, the results were convinced by strength.

The singer born in 1997 said that right from the selection of members for SGO48, the criteria and requirements were not that a person was comprehensive in appearance, voice or excellent dance ability.

Conflicting opinions can be right or wrong, everyone's expectations and opinions are different, members must know how to selectively receive those comments, constantly improve themselves. Those who really want to learn and accompany the group for a long time will recognize the efforts of each member.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 5

During their activities, SGO48 released 3 singles: Heavy Rotation, Koisuru Fortune Cookie and River (Kaycee as Center) and 1 original song called ABCDEFA!

However, due to the lack of popularity in the band market in Vietnam and the interruption of activities due to the Covid pandemic, SGO48 officially announced its disbandment in 2021, as well as canceled the plan to recruit the second generation. After "going their separate ways", each member has their own orientation for themselves.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 6

Although she is considered a singer who has all the factors to become a star such as appearance, voice ... but after disbanding, Kaycee turned to developing content more than singing. She bought herself the main role in the short film series Sister 9 Nghia. Therefore, the name is also becoming more and more known.

Currently, Kaycee's Facebook has more than 880k followers. She is also the owner of TikTok channel Chichinnghia with more than 740 thousand followers and Youtube channel Sister 9 Nghia with more than 270 thousand subscribers.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 7

Originally a singer, Kaycee has a passion for acting and has been fortunate to get into this job through creating content on social platforms. In 2020, she started a YouTube channel called "Sister 9 Nghia" which received the love of a large number of netizens.

Perhaps because she used to be a singer in the idol group SGO48 and already has a certain number of followers, it is easier for the public to accept it. In addition, 9X is also an actor of Yeah1TV. The clips she participated in were quite viral is understandable.

Thanks to possessing beautiful appearance, cool acting style combined with new content, the channel "Sister 9 Nghia" has quickly attracted a large number of subscribers.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 8

Also because of her strong passion for acting and the efforts spent, Sister 9 Nghia has left a deep impression in the hearts of viewers through videos with civilized content, not, ridiculous like some other films with the same topic.

In addition, the success of the Youtube channel "Sister 9 Nghia" also has the contribution of the editorial team, production and many horizontal actors. Each video is meant to remind everyone to be alert and wary of the "bait" that the bad guys have set.

Not only is it a Youtube channel with entertainment and civilized value, but Sister 9 Nghia also brings many lessons on how to prevent dangers that people may encounter in daily life.

Kaycee: Former member of the largest g.irl group in Vietnam, now a terrible view YouTuber - Photo 9

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