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Bella faded next to her boyfriend, revealing her reaction to meeting her husband's family for the first time

Bảo Yến17:10:41 29/06/2024
Disney Princess Bella and her businessman boyfriend just had a trip to the US. The two posted a rather blurry photo together, making fans laugh incessantly. The female lead then spoke up and revealed her adorable reaction when she first met her husband's family

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Bella Ranee is a "copy" of her future mother-in-law, making fans excited

Bảo Yến13:33:21 22/06/2024
Admitting that she has not been dating her handsome businessman boyfriend for long, Bella Ranee continues to make fans gasp when they discover that her captivating beauty resembles the face ID of her future mother-in-law.

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Bella Ranee dated Thailand's richest heir, revealing a chance meeting

Bút Mực16:47:51 31/05/2024
Beauty Goes Back Time To Love Him Bella Ranee shared the happy love story of herself and Will Schwin Chearavanont. She said they both met by chance when the flight was delayed and did not know who the other was.

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Songkran goddess lineup in 2024: includes both Chinese stars and Korean idols

Phương Thảo16:10:24 16/04/2024
In addition to activities related to entertainment - culture - beliefs, the appearance of a group of beauties transformed into the goddess Songkran this year also attracted the public's attention.

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The police issued a notice to search for "hotgirl Bella" related to the motorbike theft case

Châu Anh16:07:08 30/03/2024
Quynh Thach Commune Police issued a notice to search for Bella to verify some information related to security and order issues in the area. According to security cameras, the woman suspected of being Bella took a restaurant owner's car.

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H.ot g.irl "stealing" Bella reappears, "stealing" from the altar of the god of wealth in Hoa Lu?

JLO13:55:00 20/01/2024
Netizens surely still remember the famous name Bella. Bella's real name is Doan Thuy Ha, from Hai Duong. This woman became famous on social networks with the nickname "hot girl" because of her habit of often buying things but refusing to pay.

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Prim Chanikarn: From the c.hild star who went back in time to love you to the Thai 'goddess of youth'

Thanh Thanh16:50:08 08/11/2023
Prim Chanikarn is known for participating in the movie Back in Time to Love You in 2018. However, it was not until her role as Porridge in the Thai version of Meteor Garden in 2022 that her name could come. closer to international audiences.

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Ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh 'marks sovereignty' of runner-up girlfriend, about to remarry, ready for wedding

Phúc Sen14:48:54 07/11/2023
Businessman Buu Loc - ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh has a post that caused a stir, publicly about to remarry his new girlfriend, runner-up - actress Bella Mai, after 5 years of breakdown with Nhat Kim Anh. Netizens flooded their profiles to bless.

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Divorced Nhat Kim Anh for 5 years, ex-husband did 1 job to assert 'sovereignty' with his new girlfriend

Thanh Thanh14:33:07 03/11/2023
Recently, Nhat Kim Anh's ex-husband, businessman Buu Loc, attracted attention when he did a sovereignty affirmation with his new girlfriend on his birthday. As can be seen, the couple is currently very happy in romance.

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Bella Ranee was at the mall that was down, luckily escaped, recounting the moment of life and d.eath

Keng16:48:14 04/10/2023
Information related to the s.hooting at Siam Paragon shopping mall in Thailand that caused many casualties attracted the attention of the public. It is known that at the time of the incident, Bella Ranee and some other stars were having events here.

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The status of the "female president" who threw m.oney "down" Hanoi: Bella-like tricks, suspected of depression?

JLO14:55:59 04/10/2023
Recently, social networks have not stopped sharing short clips of a g.irl's m.oney trick when eating at a restaurant. According to the posted clips, the g.irl often chooses luxury restaurants to dine.

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"Hot g.irl with money" Bella who has been in hiding for many years was suddenly "held" in Thanh Hoa, how real is this?

Tuyết Ngọc07:56:59 05/09/2023
Recently, the online community was stirred when learning that H.ot g.irl with m.oney Bella was officially arrested by the police force and people of Thanh Hoa province for theft of property.

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Victoria Secret Angel - Bella Hadid is bone-thin from grim illness, anti regret for 1 thing

An Tư15:40:37 07/08/2023
Facing Lyme disease for 15 years, famous supermodel Bella Hadid constantly fell into depression and fatigue. Her b.ody also from here becomes nutritionally deficient - alarmingly bone-thin.

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Going Back In Time To Love You Officially Announces Good News To Fans, Bella And Pope Make A Shocking Part 2

Xuka13:11:26 26/07/2023
In 2018, the TV version of Back In Time To Love You was aired. The love story that transcends time of the couple Karakade and Por Date once spread a lot of tears and laughter from the audience.

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Bella Hadid lost the title of a well-dressed female star to a female K-Pop idol, painfully breaking up with a 2-year relationship

Gia Hoàng17:16:17 23/07/2023
For those interested in fashion, G.irl of the Moment Bella Hadid is no longer a strange model, but recently it seems that the model has encountered a fate that 5 times 7 times without luck.

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Nhat Kim Anh got on the flower car for the second time, showed off her marriage proposal, set the big day with the mysterious man?

Minh Lợi16:45:14 14/07/2023
Singer/actress Nhat Kim Anh suddenly shared about the big day and the image of hand in hand, wearing a ring finger made the audience curious. Some viewers questioned whether she was about to get on a flower car?

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Bella Mai: The runner-up dated ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh, suspected of pretending to be sick to hide the birth of the giants

Hoàng Phúc17:48:54 05/07/2023
Bella Mai - a famous beauty in the southern entertainment industry has just publicly dated businessman Buu Loc - ex-husband Nhat Kim Anh, known to the audience as the queen of tears.

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Rosé (Blackpink) silently contacted her ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, an important clue from the manager?

Min07:33:29 09/06/2023
International media pointed out the similarities between Rose (Blackpink) and Zayn Malik. From here, it is determined that the two stars have been in contact with each other for a while. Many people think this will be a big media push after both are confirmed.

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Mai Davika cried and apologized for falling, being turned away by the audience when she spoke badly of Bella Ranee

Tiểu Yến Tử14:07:05 03/03/2023
The controversy surrounding Mai Davika's colleagues and friends in a recent broadcast on the actress's Youtube channel is still a h.ot topic of discussion. In this case, many people have the opinion that Bella Ranee is the character Mai Davika is talking about. Although insiders...

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Mai Davika caused a war, the female lead "Back in time to love you" was mean, vying for position

Tin11:25:02 01/03/2023
Recently, the Thai public can't help but be excited about the 'drama' case between Mai Davika and a group of close friends and the beauty 'Back in time to love you' Bella Ranee. The incident stems from the latest video posted on Mai Davika's own Youtube channel. Specifically, in...

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Victoria Beckham was "retaliated" by the tycoon daughter-in-law, Bella and Gigi were also dragged into the drama?

KiKo13:04:35 12/02/2023
It seems that there has been a better relationship after the close days together, but the new drama Victoria Beckham and the tycoon's daughter-in-law are increasingly tense and show no sign of reconciliation. The "Civil War" began to break out when Nicola Peltz became a new...

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Bella Vu and the ambition to conquer the Miss Universe crown

Thuý Minh12:35:18 05/01/2023
At the end of Miss Eco Teen's term, Bella Vu officially joined the Vpop race with the music project "Want to be me". Besides, the g.irl born in 2008 also revealed her ambition to conquer the Miss Universe crown in the future. Returning to Vietnam after crowning Miss Eco Teen for...

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Bella Ranee "Beauty Tbiz" stands out when competing with Thuy Tien, acting extremely close to the queen

Mộc11:34:42 03/12/2022
Showing off the moment taken with the cult beauty Tbiz - Bella Ranee, Thuy Tien was praised no less than the beauty of your country. Netizens officially called the queen "fan g.irl". The colorful display of Vietnamese and international beauties is always a h.ot topic for fans...

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Pope Thanawat (Back in time to love him) declares s.hock about marriage when fans ship with Bella

Nắng10:04:00 04/11/2022
Pope Thanawat Wattanaputi and Bella Ranee Campen, are currently two names that are constantly in search in Vietnam. With the heat and success of Going Back in Time to Love Him on the big screen, the names of the two actors "under" CH3 have become more and more imprinted in the...

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