Jisoo "came home" with G-Dragon, confronted Jennie, and the representative's response caused a stir

Châu AnhDec 30, 2023 at 10:35

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After announcing that all 4 BLACKPINK members did not renew their individual contracts with YG, what netizens are most interested in right now is what each g.irl's solo activities will be like. Recently, social media spread the news that Jisoo will join the company with G-Dragon.

On the morning of December 29, YG made an official announcement about the group's individual contract. Specifically, YG Entertainment announced to the media that BLACKPINK will only sign group contracts and will not have individual contracts. Immediately after that, public opinion became even more curious about the solo activities of the three girls Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa.

Jisoo came home with G-Dragon, confronted Jennie, and the representatives response caused a stir - Photo 1

Recently, Korean media news site iMBC exclusively reported on the suspicion that Jisoo will join G-Dragon's new management company - Galaxy Corporation. Specifically, this news site said, there are rumors that Jisoo will sign a personal contract with Galaxy Corporation, the company where G-Dragon is currently working after leaving YG. However, this company frankly refused.

Jisoo came home with G-Dragon, confronted Jennie, and the representatives response caused a stir - Photo 2

Specifically, news site iMBC contacted Galaxy Corporation officials to determine the authenticity by asking: "We received news that Jisoo's recent joining of the company was completed, so we called to confirm the truth".

However, this company's representative continuously responded with a strong reaction with four "No" words: "No, no, no. Not like that."

To dig deeper for information, iMBC continued to query: "Is there any secret story that happened during the process of Jisoo joining the company?"

The Galaxy Corporation representative continued to repeat the point: "We also received a phone call with the same question. But no, we will notify you if such a thing happens."

In response to a rather general answer, the newspaper continued to ask: "Do you mean the company will r.eveal a clear official stance in the future?".

In response, the Galaxy Corporation representative continued to speak: "No. I said no. If I receive the information, I will contact you. That's not the case."

Jisoo came home with G-Dragon, confronted Jennie, and the representatives response caused a stir - Photo 3

According to the agency's press release: "Some time ago, YG Entertainment renewed the contract to promote the group as BLACKPINK's group. We have now come to an agreement not to sign a contract to promote individually. for the members. YG Entertainment promises to support BLACKPINK's group activities with all available resources, and at the same time cheer for the members' individual activities with a warm heart. Thank you."

Jisoo came home with G-Dragon, confronted Jennie, and the representatives response caused a stir - Photo 4

BLACKPINK members all have solid careers and strong economic potential after many years of hard work. In particular, Jennie - Jisoo also participated in acting and received positive feedback from the public in addition to collaborating with fashion houses like the other two members.

Besides, many units are willing to spend "huge" amounts of m.oney to recruit members of the BLACKPINK group to join the company. Every move and move of this group receives special attention from the audience.

Jisoo came home with G-Dragon, confronted Jennie, and the representatives response caused a stir - Photo 5

Recently, Jennie announced a new label called ODDATELIER, urgently preparing for her solo album and personal activities in the near future. Jisoo is participating in a new film project, Lisa is almost settled in France and there are many rumors about Rosé releasing a personal album after Jennie. Although they have re-signed for group activities, the members are focusing on their independent careers.

On the afternoon of December 29, after YG announced the failure of the individual contract with BLACKPINK, social media was once again abuzz with the news that the 4 girls were returning to Vietnam. Originating from a rumor spread on Twitter, confirmation that BLACKPINK is scheduled to return to Vietnam in 2024 has made people restless.

Jisoo came home with G-Dragon, confronted Jennie, and the representatives response caused a stir - Photo 6

However, most BLACKPINK fans are skeptical about the authenticity of the above information. Because, BLACKPINK ended the Born Pink World Tour in September 2023. Failure to reach a personal agreement will significantly affect BLACKPINK's comeback progress.

Jisoo came home with G-Dragon, confronted Jennie, and the representatives response caused a stir - Photo 7

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