Jennie - V both revealed a "super" mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG

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On March 8, Jennie (BLACKPINK) and V made fans "stand still" when they both made moves on social media. Worth mentioning, they both share a melancholy mood that caught fans' attention.

Recently, Jennie caused a stir in the fan community when she and rapper Matt Champion "teased" a new song on social media. Jennie's voice "breaks the heart" of listeners in just a few tens of seconds, r.evealing a part of the melodious melody, gentle but full of charisma. Immediately, social media was "buzzing" with the comeback hint of the female rapper BLACKPINK. Her recent series of personal activities have attracted great attention.

Jennie - V both revealed a super mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG - Photo 1

After releasing the "hint", Matt Champion announced his upcoming album titled Mika's Laundry. In which, the song combined with Jennie - Slow Motion is the melody that has been "spoiled" by the owner. The song is described using drum and bass sounds but creates a dreamy, idyllic atmosphere.

At 12:00 noon on March 8 (Vietnam time), the first song featuring Jennie (BLACKPINK) after leaving YG was officially released. Slow Motion is a track from rapper Matt Champion's debut album Mika's Laundry


As the main rapper of BLACKPINK, Jennie possesses a sweet, unique voice no less than any lead vocalist. Collab with Matt Champion, Jennie captured fans' hearts with her beautiful, soaring and emotional voice. The RnB mix features unexpected note-running accents with drum and bass sounds, providing a listening experience that is both smooth and enjoyable. Slow Motion marks Jennie's first time making independent music, backed by the ODDATELIER team.

Jennie - V both revealed a super mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG - Photo 2

Through Jennie's voice, listeners feel regret, torment but irresistible. Slow Motion is extremely "impaired" with narrated inner feelings, is the voice of those who yearn to be loved, cannot leave the other person out of their minds.

"... Slow down, try to reverse reality. You're my way out... I know what I mean to you. Try to go on the road yourself. Just make my heart cry, nothing but love..." The translation of the segment where Jennie sings in Slow Motion reminds people of a broken relationship and is full of regret.

At 0:00 on March 8, V also "released" the concept photo set for the upcoming song FRI(END)S. This is a product that BTS prepared before enlisting in the military. Unlike the first poster with sweet pink as the main color, V's concept image is in a mature, mysterious and slightly melancholy style.

Jennie - V both revealed a super mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG - Photo 3

V shocked fans with a close-up photo showing off his harmonious and sharp quintet. With just one movement of blowing smoke, V's poetic appearance has kept fans awake. In addition, a series of vividly expressed, bringing many different levels of V also makes the FRI(END)S concept more confusing, making Armys curious about the upcoming song airing on March 15.

Jennie - V both revealed a super mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG - Photo 4

Previously, BTS made people distracted with a nostalgic dance practice video with the status "Can you think of us sometimes?".

Many people are quick to see the detail (END) emphasized in the FRI(END)S, thinking that this is the detail that means "friendship ends when love takes over". However, fans have speculated regarding Jennie (BLACKPINK). On the eve of enlistment, Korean media reported that V and Jennie had broken up after a long time together.

Jennie - V both revealed a super mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG - Photo 5

Jennie - V both revealed a super mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG - Photo 6

The information is yet to be confirmed, but details about the new track remind netizens of the relationship of the two stars. It seems that V also implied that he and Jennie had come to a beautiful ending for both of them, becoming friends again. Installing a girlfriend's silhouette through music isn't the first time. In the album Layover and some music videos such as Rainy Days, For Us,... the "cyber detectives" have shed light on the detail V mentions Jennie, extremely subtle and sweet.

Jennie - V both revealed a super mood, the g.irl did 1 thing for the first time after leaving YG - Photo 7

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