V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking?

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As the last member of BTS to make a solo debut, V has yet to make a splash on his album. The singer's failure is said to be related to Jennie's love rumors.

On September 8, lead vocalist BTS V marked his status as an individual artist with his debut album Layover. At the time of announcement, V caught the attention of the music industry when he "played big" to make 5 MVs for 6 tracks, in collaboration with director of photography Min Hee Jin. But in the first song to be released, Love Me Again, the performance indicators did not really explode as expected. The Slow Dancing theme music video only earned less than 10 million views after 24 hours of release despite V being the most famous name in BTS. Rankings on domestic charts are modest and increase slowly.

V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking? - Photo 1

In terms of international achievements, the BTS fan community often sets the goal of streaming, raising revenue to help the group's products and members enter the Billboard charts. Especially after 2 victories of Jimin and Jungkook on the H.ot 100 crown, this goal is even more focused. But with the current reaction and coverage of the Layover album, many predict it will be difficult for Slow Dancing to "make a difference" immediately in the US market.

V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking? - Photo 2

If compared to Seven, V's achievements in views and streams of MVs are "behind" the youngest Jung Kook. The most prominent achievement currently is album sales. At the end of the first day of sale, V set a record for a K-pop solo artist. However, the Army fell short when Hanteo subtracted Layover's first-day album sales from 2.1 million copies to 1.6 million due to "statistical violations".

This incident affected V's first-day performance and brought mixed reactions.

V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking? - Photo 3

In addition to the unfortunate incident, some people believe that Jennie dating rumors are also part of the reason why V failed in this debut.

V's release of an album full of gentle love songs, singing about love made Korean media speculate about the possibility of lead vocalist BTS borrowing his debut album to confess his feelings for Jennie.

V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking? - Photo 4

The series of evidence pointed out by netizens makes the above possibility more convincing. In the song For Us, V writes "I will give up everything, for us", without hesitation like holding hands despite public opinion in the heart of Paris. The Rainy Days MV is filled with images reminiscent of Jennie or even the Slow Dancing MV released a few days after Jennie checked-in at the same location as V filming the MV. All of them are directed towards a muse, causing many conflicting opinions with the section of fans who do not accept idol dating.

Not only V, but 1 other member has also caused a lot of controversy in recent times. Specifically, Jungkook is not as noisy as dating rumors, but Jungkook makes the public uncomfortable because of his smoking image.

V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking? - Photo 5

Recently, American celebrity gossip website Lainey Gossip shared videos and photos of Jungkook standing smoking outside Matsuhisa, a favorite dining venue in Los Angeles (California, USA). According to Koreaboo, the images were spotted and filmed by paparazzi of the notorious Hollywood Backgrid paparazzi.

The post immediately sent social media into a frenzy. People not only spread pictures of Jungkook smoking, but also asked, "Did he break the law?" The reason for that reaction of netizens is that the state of California is known for its laws banning secondhand smoke in the air.

The law strictly regulates non-smoking public spaces inside, such as health care centers or public transit. The law also lists non-smoking areas outside, including around children's playgrounds or government building exits, and even specifies mandatory distance.

V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking? - Photo 6

While the law does not address smoking on sidewalks or outside the exits of regular businesses, it does state cities and jurisdictions in California have the freedom to impose their own restrictions. Local laws have stronger legal validity and are often stricter than state common laws.

Under Los Angeles County's Prohibition of Smoking Ordinance, smoking is prohibited in and around all county premises, within 15 meters of the entrance, exit, or window of any operating building.

In the viral video, Jungkook stands right in front of Matsuhisa's door. This base has made many netizens suspect the Seven hitmaker of breaking the law.

V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking? - Photo 7

In response to questions from the audience, an investigation was carried out to verify the incident.

With the "village law law" outlined above, the Los Angeles County ordinance is less valid than the ordinance issued by the city of Beverly Hill, where Matsuhisa is located.

Korean website TheQoo shared a conversation with locals as well as Matsuhisa's reservation manager, in which it confirmed that the restaurant allows smoking in the area where Jungkook was caught.

"You can smoke on the street or the entrance to the parking lot. Many smokers do so. There are no ashtrays. After smoking, you can throw the cigarette head in the trash," the booking manager noted.

After the incident was clarified, some people asked other questions such as whether Jungkook threw cigarette butts in the right place or whether the idol's smoking created a bad image for young people.

V (BTS) failed debut, low performance peeing, fault at Jennie, Jungkook breaking the law for smoking? - Photo 8

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