V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink) go abroad: The fashionista burns her eyes, the one who "gives love" to the beauty

Hoàng PhúcApr 09, 2022 at 16:57

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Korean idols when they are at home are all closed and mean, but whenever they go to a foreign land, they become loose, making people surprised.

Every year the Korean wave stays to welcome a new group of rookie groups. Young boys and girls all possess good looks and the enthusiasm of idols.

However, a part of the audience from kimchi origin is quite strict, even having a negative view on the issue of costumes and interactions between colleagues of the opposite s.ex. This is one of the reasons why popular idols whenever they have the opportunity to work abroad confidently express their personality without worrying about being judged or criticized.

Jennie and Rosé (Blackpink)

Recently, Jennie and Rosé both had an "outbound trip" on the occasion of Paris Fashion Week 2022. When they went to the West, the two girls were delighted with s.exy costumes and were not afraid to show intimate gestures in the place. crowded.

V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink) go abroad: The fashionista burns her eyes, the one who "gives love" to the beauty - Photo 1

Not long ago, at a beautiful beach in Hawaii, Jennie caused a fever all over the forums because a short shirt could put her in a dangerous situation.

V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink) go abroad: The fashionista burns her eyes, the one who "gives love" to the beauty - Photo 2

Meanwhile, after the pre-Oscar party ended, the moment Rosé kissed a man's cheek was suddenly passed on by people at breakneck speed. But in fact this is the creative director of the cult fashion house Saint Laurent - Anthony Vaccarello. The two have a close relationship and appear together at a number of events.

Sana ( Twice)

When stopping in Oakland during the TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR 'â…¢' tour in North America, Sana treated her fans with a dazzling choreography. She is a female idol who possesses both innocent and s.exy beauty that is rare in the current Korean wave. If in Korea Sana is originally a g.irl who pursues a feminine and lovely image, when she moves to the West, she seems to become a completely different person.

V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink) go abroad: The fashionista burns her eyes, the one who "gives love" to the beauty - Photo 3


Recently at the 2022 Grammy Awards, the most handsome member of BTS had a sweet interaction with young female singer Olivia Rodrigo. The guy did not hesitate to use his loving eyes to give beautiful people and intimate actions that made Olivia extremely surprised.

In addition to the glorious overseas trips, many Korean stars are discriminated against and ridiculed for their appearance abroad. From being robbed on the road to being mocked publicly on television are the heartbreaking stories that Korean artists have to go through when stepping out into the international arena.

V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink) go abroad: The fashionista burns her eyes, the one who "gives love" to the beauty - Photo 4

V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink) go abroad: The fashionista burns her eyes, the one who "gives love" to the beauty - Photo 5

BTS, EXO, Wanna One were insulted by Greek MCs for their appearance (EXO) and Kang Daniel (Wanna One).

Specifically, when commenting on the list of 100 most handsome faces published by TC Candler and The Independent Critics, the female MC and guests made insults such as "Are you really a man?" or "I can't believe a woman voted that thing in the top 5".

After that, Katerina Kainourgiou and the guests continued to use offensive words to refer to BTS V's gender: "This is a girl", "Why did you vote for this girl", "I can't believe this g.irl." 5"... And yet, when commenting on Jungkook, the MC continued: "Look at the pink color on their lips", "Korean men are also handsome but these guys are so ugly". These rude comments made the fan community extremely angry.

KARD was made fun of on television: The K-pop boy-girl group when attending the Brazilian show Turma Do Vovo Raul in 2017 suffered racial discrimination. The show started when 4 kids representing KARD stepped onto the stage. Despite coming from many different cultures, when asked by the MCs, they all introduced themselves as Japanese according to the show's script, expressing a deep prejudice that Asians all look alike. When the c.hild finally couldn't answer, the MC joked: "Does he need to open his eyes?"

When KARD really appeared, the male MC kept making uncharacteristic jokes. For example, jokingly asking the audience if anyone wants to marry the members. After that, the MC also made an eye-pulling action that meant disparaging Asians.

Jay Park is called Kim Jong Un's cousin: Born and raised abroad with a Western style, Jay Park is still a victim of racism. During his visit to Cleveland to watch the NBA basketball game, Jay Park took a commemorative photo, which was later posted on the fan page of this famous tournament. Immediately after posting, a series of angry comments appeared like "Who is this dog-eater?" or "Is that Kim Jong Un's cousin?".

V (BTS), Jennie (Blackpink) go abroad: The fashionista burns her eyes, the one who "gives love" to the beauty - Photo 6

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