Jennie, Lisa hurriedly started their own company because of 1 big force, everyone panicked

Kim LâmFeb 17, 2024 at 11:06

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Following in Jennie's footsteps, Lisa has also founded her own company, making many fans extremely happy and proud. However, many people think that because of this force, the 2 girls were f.orced to set up their own company, asking questions, no one is strange, hearing it can not help but be surprised.

Recently, Lisa (BLACKPINK) made the online community "riotous" when she officially announced the establishment of her own company called LLOUD. Accordingly, Lisa will officially become CEO with an introduction to LLOUD:

"This is a platform for me to express my creative vision of music and entertainment. Let's explore and accompany us on an emotional journey, conquer new challenges and create memorable experiences."

Jennie, Lisa hurriedly started their own company because of 1 big force, everyone panicked - Photo 1

On its official website, LLOUD said: "Our passion as an artist management company is to create experiences that transcend genres and connect generations. Our core lies in constant innovation and a commitment to authenticity. We don't just cross boundaries; We're redefining them, creating chart-topping music and challenging the genre. Join us in embracing the beginning of the LLOUD era."

Before Lisa, another member of the group, Jennie, also started her own company. Specifically, ODD ATELIER will be born at the end of 2023, officially come into operation and open its office in early February.

Jennie, Lisa hurriedly started their own company because of 1 big force, everyone panicked - Photo 2

Jennie, Lisa's bold move heralds a new era of K-pop. The two could kick off an era of female stardom taking over the helm on their own after decades of operating under major entertainment companies.

Recently, an article titled "Jennie, Lisa breaks male dominance in K-pop" posted on social network X has attracted the attention of many people.

The content of the article delves into how K-pop has been dominated by men over the years. From key positions of management, production, and decision-making, men are all dominant. Meanwhile, female artists face many limitations, fewer opportunities to challenge and shine.

Therefore, the fact that Jennie and Lisa founded their own brand, stepped into the path of management, and made decisions for themselves is receiving great support. This will help BLACKPINK become an ideal role model for future generations of K-pop female stars.

Jennie, Lisa hurriedly started their own company because of 1 big force, everyone panicked - Photo 3

In fact, over the years, there have been many male idols who have set up their own companies, which is different from the gloomy appearance of female idols. The case of Lisa and Jennie will contribute to changing the trend, opening a new era.

Besides BLACKPINK, many other female artists have also gradually changed the position of women in the Korean entertainment industry. BoA became an executive at SM Entertainment, Min Hee Jin succeeded as the CEO of ADOR, and Soyeon (G)I-DLE) asserted herself through music production.

Celebrating their 8th anniversary this year, BLACKPINK has begun their full solo activities. Last December, they renewed their contract with agency YG Entertainment. However, they announced individual solo activities while also agreeing not to proceed with additional contracts for solo activities.

Jennie, Lisa hurriedly started their own company because of 1 big force, everyone panicked - Photo 4

In addition to Jennie and Lisa starting their own agency, Jisoo is starting solo activities under the label 'Blissoo' founded by her brother, in the field of infant health supplement 'Biomom'. Jisoo is expected to focus on acting in the near future.

Jisoo is expected to return with the movie 'Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint'. She also continued her acting career by confirming an appearance in the TV series 'Influenza'.

Jennie, Lisa hurriedly started their own company because of 1 big force, everyone panicked - Photo 5

Rosé, the only member, has not revealed future plans. Recently, after revealing photos in the recording studio, she hinted at her solo activity, which was followed by famous music producers abroad.

Currently, all public attention is on BLACKPINK's moves when embarking on individual activities.

Jennie, Lisa hurriedly started their own company because of 1 big force, everyone panicked - Photo 6

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