Jennie as president is "young and green", the staff is less professional than YG?

An NhiApr 06, 2024 at 07:23

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After her time as president of ODDATELIER, Jennie made netizens angry because of her lack of professionalism. Even many fans did not hesitate to comment that the BLACKPINK member's crew was incompetent.

In the early morning hours of March 31, Korean news site News1 exclusively reported that Jennie will officially release her solo album on June 6. According to News1, while she is focusing on her album work, Jennie is also working hard to plan her solo career after the album's release.

However, about 7 hours later, Jennie's side denied the information. A representative of Jennie's agency, ODDATELIER, said: "Jennie is trying to make a new song. However, the release date has not yet been discussed whether it will be an album or E.P." In addition, Newsis reports that Jennie's ability to release a new song in the first half of this year is unlikely.

Jennie as president is young and green, the staff is less professional than YG? - Photo 1

This made a section of Jennie's fans unable to hide their disappointment and complain about her lack of schedule even after leaving YG Entertainment. Fans said that they were disappointed that Jennie had few solo schedules other than her role as an ambassador and contracted with fashion brands while working personally at YG. So when she started her own company, many people had expectations that she could have more opportunities and expand her reputation, breaking out of the grip of her former employer.

Jennie as president is young and green, the staff is less professional than YG? - Photo 2

But right now, Jennie's fans are rating ODDATELIER even worse than YG. Apartment 404 featuring Jennie is in danger of ending with poor ratings, which means Jennie may have to accept the first failure of her career as CEO.

Jennie as president is young and green, the staff is less professional than YG? - Photo 3

Even Jennie's recent collaboration on a music product was not as noticed and appreciated as previous vocal projects. The song's poor performance further angered many fans.

Amid all this controversy, the online community is blaming Jennie and her own team. Accordingly, many people do not hesitate to comment that the BLACKPINK member's team is incompetent when it is always flawed and does not care about the opinions and opinions of fans. Given the number of artists, brands, and channels they want to work with, they wonder why Jennie seems to be choosing "questionable" contracts, rather than expanding her global influence as a solo artist.

Jennie as president is young and green, the staff is less professional than YG? - Photo 4

Jennie as president is young and green, the staff is less professional than YG? - Photo 5

In fact, the criticism directed at Jennie or ODDATELIER comes from the agency's denial that the idol released a solo album on June 6. The cause of the controversy also comes from the reason that fans seem to be so hungry for idol comebacks that when they have not been able to rejoice for a long time, they are splashed with "cold water", causing the disappointment to peak.

Some comments defending Jennie pointed out that she has only been starting the company for about 4 months and her solo activities during this time have "eaten" YG. Just entering April 2024, Jennie already owns 6 global campaigns or comfortably participates in variety shows, talk shows with senior Lee Hyori. Even Korean media have lamented Jennie's schedule and confirmed that her solo career started right after leaving YG.

Jennie as president is young and green, the staff is less professional than YG? - Photo 6

In addition, ODDATELIER representatives have also confirmed that Jennie will not accept any more variety shows to focus on making the album. And she herself confirmed to fans that she will try to release a solo album in 2024.

Therefore, this time will definitely be the time when Jennie is very focused to finish her solo album and release at the most appropriate and perfect time. More than ever, Jennie's fans, instead of being zealous and pointing criticism at their idols, may need to calm down and wait for the official announcement from the idol.

Jennie as president is young and green, the staff is less professional than YG? - Photo 7

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