Jennie suddenly received a "storm" of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo "sat without getting shot"

Châu AnhMar 10, 2024 at 12:47

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Jennie's b.ody became the subject of unreasonable controversy in Korea, causing discontent among netizens. What's more remarkable, some people even shouted Jisoo's name, and at the same time compared the looks of BLACKPINK members with each other.

Recently, Jennie (BLACKPINK) became the focus at Chanel's show within the framework of Paris Fashion Week. Even though there were many famous world names attending, the global ambassador still took the spotlight thanks to her irresistible beauty and loveliness.

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 1

Appearing at the event, Jennie wore a luxurious but no less cute black dress, highlighting her admirable figure and eye-catching visual. The strange twisted hairstyle, sweet makeup tones, and smoky eye shadow have helped the female idol become more attractive and stand out.

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 2

She also uses additional accessories and jewelry to make her appearance more sparkling and shining. In addition, the unique highlight of her appearance is the mole under her right eye. Adding moles under her eyes has helped Jennie become more attractive and attractive.

The female idol born in 1996 is likened to a pretty doll, quickly causing a storm on international social networks. Jennie has proven her beauty level through a series of quality cam videos. Without needing elaborate editing steps, goddess BLACKPINK is still extremely fresh, radiant and attractive.

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 3

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 4

Even though it's been less than 24 hours since the show took place, the hastag JenniexChanelFW24 has reached nearly 900 thousand posts and is still trending on Twitter. The female idol's stunning appearance is still a topic of discussion on social networks.

As soon as the show ended, Jennie even carelessly released behind-the-scenes photos and close-up photos, proving her sharp visual. In a series of close-up photos posted by Jennie after the event, fans couldn't help but admire her natural beauty. In particular, Jennie's skin seems to exude "no dead ends" beauty, each facial contour is perfectly honored.

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 5

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 6

Despite receiving a rain of compliments from the media and world public opinion, comments about Jennie's figure became a h.ot topic on forums and social networks in the country of Kim Chi.

The Kpop world is not only famous for its catchy music and classy choreography but also for its strict beauty standards for celebrities. Jennie, recently faced a wave of extremely "toxic" criticism from the Korean online community after she appeared at Chanel's Fall/Winter 2024 fashion show.

Specifically, right after Jennie's pictures at the event were released, some netizens quickly spread comments about her looking "fattier": "Eating less doesn't make her fatter." Where's the hospital? It's irresponsible for work", "Contact Jisoo and let's both go to the gym", "Look at Rosé and Lisa, they both did a great job in maintaining their weight" ...

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 7

In response, there was a strong stream of opinions from the online community defending the female artist, criticizing judging a person based on their b.ody as unfair and unreasonable. Disgruntled netizens have given a strong message: judging people based on b.ody shape is invalid and outdated.

- Where are you so fat?

- As a fan, seeing Jennie gain weight, I'm not happy enough, please stop being toxic!

- Is that how fat you are? What's happening?

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 8

The negative comments below Jennie's image reflect a larger problem in the entertainment industry, where the pressure to maintain a "perfect" image can have serious consequences. about mental and physical health.

Jennie, who has long been considered a fashion icon with her stylish and unique dressing sense, has to face unnecessary turmoil regarding her b.ody. Many people in the industry have spoken out against the imposition of unrealistic beauty standards and called for acceptance of b.ody diversity.

Jennie suddenly received a storm of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo sat without getting - Photo 9

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