Jennie received her first failure after only 2 months as CEO, fans are worried about the future

Châu AnhMar 11, 2024 at 15:31

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In just a short time holding the position of president of her own company ODDATELIER, Jennie (BLACKPINK) made fans worried when facing the first failure in her career. Is this a wrong move on her part?

On March 10, Osen newspaper reported that the program Apartment 404 with the participation of stars including Jennie (BLACKPINK), Yoo Jae Suk... is currently facing a major crisis. According to sources, the show's ratings are constantly falling and this sad situation shows no signs of stopping.

Jennie received her first failure after only 2 months as CEO, fans are worried about the future - Photo 1

According to Korean media, the third episode of the new variety show "Apartment 404" has aired and the viewership ratings have been announced. Initially, the show kicked off with a stable rating of 2.7% nationwide, the third episode ended with a rating of 1.7% nationwide.

Jennie received her first failure after only 2 months as CEO, fans are worried about the future - Photo 2

Before that, the second episode was only at a rating of 2.1%. The sharp decline in viewership ratings for 3 consecutive episodes shows that "Apartment 404" no longer retains its appeal compared to previous seasons.

Even though the show has the participation of global star Jennie - a member of the famous Kpop group BLACKPINK and Yoo Jae Suk - a veteran entertainer known for his hosting ability, the show's ratings are low. failed to maintain growth momentum.

Jennie received her first failure after only 2 months as CEO, fans are worried about the future - Photo 3

Meanwhile, the program was originally set to air in 12 episodes, every Friday at 8:40 p.m., Korean time - this is also a good time frame but still does not attract many viewers. According to Korean media, Jennie BLACKPINK tried to promote and participate in the show enthusiastically but still did not attract as many viewers as expected.

Worth mentioning, Apartment 404 is the first entertainment program Jennie accepted to participate in after officially establishing her own company ODDATELIER at the end of December last year. Therefore, the show Apartment 404 is at risk of ending with poor ratings, which also means that Jennie may have to accept the first failure in her career as a CEO.

Jennie received her first failure after only 2 months as CEO, fans are worried about the future - Photo 4

On social networking forums, many Jennie fans are currently expressing concern over Apartment 404 's overall rating performance.

Besides, many viewers frankly pointed out the reasons why the show did not attract many viewers:

- "The program is too light, not interesting at all"

- "I've seen those spy and identity recognition games a lot. I don't find them interesting or new anymore."

- "The format is too light, no longer suitable for today's entertainment trends. At first I was interested because of the star cast, but I decided to stop watching the show right after watching the first episode."

- "The difficulty is common with broadcasters. Now the audience has too many choices for entertainment. Even tvN struggles to attract viewership ratings for TV shows"...

Jennie received her first failure after only 2 months as CEO, fans are worried about the future - Photo 5

The reality TV show "Apartment 404" is set in an apartment, following six residents as they unravel the truth behind the strange events that occur at the group's residence. Each episode is based on true stories and presents a unique setting that takes place in a different period and location.

In fact, Apartment 404 has caused controversy in terms of content since the first episode aired 2 weeks ago. At that time, the show was suspected of copying many previous famous shows and Lee Jung Ha ( Moving ) was criticized for lacking cohesion with the remaining members.

Jennie received her first failure after only 2 months as CEO, fans are worried about the future - Photo 6

Previously, the show "Apartment 404" had a good start, ranking 2nd in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines on Flixpatrol's global OTT view ranking page, only behind the movie "Marry My Husband". marry my husband) of tvN after its debut on February 23.

The show also reached the Top 10 list in Amazon Prime Video's TV show category in 17 countries and regions, including Malaysia and Thailand.

Jennie received her first failure after only 2 months as CEO, fans are worried about the future - Photo 7

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