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Jennie as president is "young and green", the staff is less professional than YG?

An Nhi07:23:08 06/04/2024
After her time out privately, as president of ODDATELIER, Jennie made netizens frustrated with her lack of professionalism. Even many fans did not hesitate to comment that the BLACKPINK member's crew was incompetent.

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Jennie was defamed by the Korean media, and immediately a big figure stood up to defend her

Nguyễn Kim14:43:31 20/03/2024
Jennie's refusal to appear in a variety show with the appearance of stars that attract large fan bases such as Park Bo Gum and Ji Chang Wook caused a stir among many people. Many articles even target this and defame Jennie.

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Jennie suddenly received a "storm" of criticism about her appearance, Jisoo "sat without getting shot"

Châu Anh12:47:25 10/03/2024
Jennie's b.ody became the subject of unreasonable controversy in Korea, causing discontent among netizens. What's more remarkable, some people even shouted Jisoo's name, and at the same time compared the looks of BLACKPINK members with each other.

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BTS's V mentions Jennie in her recently released solo album, indirectly confessing her love?

Huỳnh Phúc07:13:32 11/08/2023
It is known that this album is intended to mark the journey of more than 10 years of V (BTS), also a gift before he enlisted in the military for fans. But is this also an indirect expression to Jennie?

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Jennie Blackpink spoke up about the role of "Thi Phi", saying something unexpected that shocked the audience in the whole episode

Nguyễn Kim07:18:10 19/07/2023
At a special talk with Dua Lipa on the At Your Service podcast, Jennie opened up about her journey to becoming a K-pop idol. In particular, she also shared about her first role in The Idol.

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Lisa was "booed" by Korean people, BLACKPINK was "estranged" after Jennie's noisy activities?

Kiko11:34:15 26/06/2023
In the past few days, BLACKPINK members, especially Jennie and Lisa, have suddenly been entangled in a lot of noise, making the Korean audience vehemently protested. From here, the group's achievements began to plummet.

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Jennie is criticized for dressing more and more 'Dirty', kicked out of BLACKPINK, Jisoo is about to get married?

Nắng14:58:34 14/12/2022
Jennie - a member of the cult group BLACKPINK is still known as one of the most popular female idols in K-Pop today. With her influence, Jennie often becomes the focus of netizens' attention from music, fashion to stage performance. BLACKPINK's ongoing world tour is also a...

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) is constantly criticized for dressing poorly: The most shocking is the stage when taking off her shirt

Nắng14:45:30 09/03/2022
Despite receiving many compliments on her appearance and aura suitable for her s.exy style, some commented that Jennie needs to be restrained to fit into Korean culture because the line between s.exy and offensive is very thin. BLACKPINK has been debuting for 4 years, so it's not...

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