Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician

An NhiDec 07, 2021 at 14:42

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In peace, Jennie (BLACKPINK) was attacked by a series of netizens for being related to a member of the global group BTS.

Since Lisa contracted Covid-19, the "Hac Huong" sister association had to suspend all activities and isolate according to the correct procedure to ensure safety. But recently, "Live Chanel" Jennie suddenly climbed to the top trending on all forums and portals when she was suddenly attacked and criticized by a large number of netizens.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician - Photo 1

Many people can't help but be surprised when recently, Jennie has absolutely no outstanding activities. It turned out that the cause came from the suspicious actions of V (BTS).

Specifically, the public suddenly discovered that right after setting up a personal page on Instagram, V immediately clicked "follow" Jennie. Notably, apart from the rest of BTS, Jennie is the only female star that V pressed the "follow" button.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician - Photo 2

Of course, very quickly V quickly "unfollowed" Jennie. After that, V also implicitly explained his act of "following" Jennie to fans. "Is there a way to get rid of this suggested friends list on Instagram?... This is a scary app," V shared. Through this share, many people think that it seems that V is new to Instagram, so he accidentally clicked on the "suggestion" section without even knowing it.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician - Photo 3

Although V quickly "unfollowed" and also implicitly explained that this was just an "accident", there were still many fans who flocked to Jennie's personal page to attack. V fans constantly left critical comments and said that Jennie should leave their idol alone. Some netizens' comments: "Are you two dating?", "Please stay away from V", "Please release V"...

It is known that this is not the first time that V's fans have acted too aggressively when the idol has been caught up in dating news or related to Kbiz beauties.

As a global idol, he possesses insanely beautiful visuals, it is not surprising that V is constantly in doubt about dating the top female idols of Kpop. These include names like:

Kim Yoo Jung

Since the beginning of 2020, V has been seen by fans with evidence of dating the screen fairy - Kim Yoo Jung. The two have released a lot of "hints" that are extremely convincing to the Korean Netizen community to believe that this couple is really in a romantic dating relationship.

The first evidence is the subway photo of V and Kim Yoo Jung, it wouldn't be worth mentioning if both of them didn't post this photo at the same time on the same day. Next, the couple also checked in in Jeju at the same time.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician - Photo 4

In addition to the coincidence of the check-in locations, V and Kim Yoo Jung also have the same accessories, which further raises the suspicion that the two are really dating.

Although this rumor has so far not confirmed any official information about the couple's relationship, many fans still believe that their 2 idols are really above the normal level of friendship.

Tzuyu ( TWICE)

Around the end of 2019, before the fateful day of January 1, Korean netizens quickly predicted that the upcoming couple that would be revealed by Dispatch was V and Tzuyu of TWICE. This couple has been shown by fans some inferential evidence to prove that the two are in a dating relationship.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician - Photo 5

On the day Tzuyu, along with 2 other TWICE members, Jeongyeon and Dahyun, attended the concert to support DAY6 sunbaenim, she uploaded a photo taken with the DAY6 guys on social media.

It wouldn't be suspicious that at the same time that V was online, and a few minutes later, V also uploaded a photo on the internet. Fans immediately speculated that maybe V was jealous because Tzuyu went to a b.oy group concert, so after seeing the photo Tzuyu posted, V also reposted it. In addition, netizens also pointed out that V and Tzuyu were both wearing black that day, it looked like a couple shirt.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician - Photo 6

Since the couple was rumored to be dating, the fans of both have been persistent and enthusiastic and pushed the boat without hesitation. And of course, these inferential evidence was quickly extinguished by other fans because they thought that this was just a virtual inference, not highly authentic.

Joy (Red Velvet)

Another dating rumor between V and a member of the g.irl group Red Velvet - Joy, both of them were captured by the "shippers" in what is considered a very emotional moment. V and Joy are both artists with great influence on the public, so at the time the rumors broke out, a lot of fans paid attention. Specifically, in the photo taken by the fan, it shows that V is looking at Joy very passionately.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician - Photo 7

This look of V was immediately confirmed by fans that the couple really have feelings for each other and are probably in the process of getting to know each other. Notably, there was also a dating rumor of V and Joy in December 2015. Korean Daily also posted about V and Joy dating.

In response to this rumor, the VJoy couple has so far not confirmed or denied and a few fans have mixed opinions that at the ceremony, V was actually looking at the MC, not at Joy as he did. everyone has assigned.

If V is indeed dating a certain g.irl, this will surely be the most shocking news in the Korean entertainment industry.

Jennie (BLACKPINK) was suddenly "brick and stone" for being followed by a global male beautician - Photo 8

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