Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in "Southern Forest Land" be overshadowed by Hung Thuan's "shadow"?

Gia LinhOct 24, 2023 at 14:47

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Even though he is still young, Hao Khang's acting skills make veteran seniors surprised. It is known that Hao Khang researched, learned and acted according to the most instinctive instincts of a 13-year-old b.oy.

Huynh Hao Khang was born in 2010 and was encouraged by his family to pursue art since childhood. I participated in school and district singing competitions, then acted in television series and sitcoms such as Hoa Son Tra, Spring Dance, Little Big in the Office. In 2022, Hao Khang participated in Let's Hear Me Sing Children, ranked Bronze Recommended.

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 1

Few people know that Hao Khang is a striker in the Kid Player program. You have the ability to enhance art. The program is also a stepping stone for you to come into contact with many artists, thereby becoming an actor at the end of 6th grade.

Khang shared: "My first role was playing an extra for a dairy brand. My aunts and uncles praised me for being confident, but actually at that time I was hiding my fear because it was the first time I stood in front of so many people.

While I was nervous, I suddenly remembered my father's advice to stay calm and breathe slowly to face it. I followed and overcame such fear."

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 2

Self-study is the guideline for Khang's acting career. You learn how to be An by watching old movies. Not only that, you also learn the culture yourself at home, not going to extra classes to save m.oney; Self-taught piano, music theory... Whatever subject he plays, Khang is good at it. She won many awards with Vovinam martial art, and won the Consolation prize of the Let's Hear Me Sing Contest.

Talking about the opportunity to "play shoulder to shoulder" with An in Dat Phuong Nam Rung, Hao Khang said that after reading the post looking for actors for the movie Dat Phuong Nam Rung on Facebook, Hao Khang eagerly went to cast for the role of Stork. After 5 extremely difficult casting rounds, you get to know Ky Phong (same age, the person cast as An).

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 3

The two boys have been close friends since then, training together, practicing martial arts, teaching each other everything. Unexpectedly, Uncle Nguyen Quang Dung saw that the "couple" was a bit skewed.

Khang's handsome and bright appearance is suitable for the role of An: a b.oy who exudes an urban look along with a "dirty" look after wandering. Finally, Khang plays the role of An, and Phong plays the role of Stork.

"At first, I found the role of Stork easy and suitable for me. Who knew that the role of An gave me more emotions. In the 5th round of casting, Ky Phong and I both passed. We were so happy to be able to act together. It's exactly the role I like," Khang said.

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 4

An in Khang's eyes is a gentle and kind person, but very pitiful. Director Nguyen Quang Dung shared that during practice, he saw Khang in the role of An so he chose you for this role.

The film was filmed in 6 Western provinces. One time, you were practicing in the mud and your leg was cut by metal or a tree. The wound was about 1cm deep and had to be injected (Khang is very afraid of needles) but he still endured the pain to return home in the afternoon.

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 5

The first time you sit on a buffalo's back, you are very nervous. Seeing the buffalo facing its horn and its eyes red, Khang thought he was happy with him. Who cares about the buffalo using its horn to hit you and make you fall with a bang. Not to mention, filming in the field has a lot of mosquitoes, h.ot sun... makes you dark.

However, those scenes left Khang with many memorable memories. Because they live in the city and don't have access to mud, every c.hild actor is very happy and just wants to stay down there all day. After the show, An and Co even played fighting!

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 6

Director Quang Dung said it took a year and a half to find a suitable face to play An - the motherless b.oy looking for his father in the original work. He was impressed with Hao Khang's ability to play the role in the casting round and the c.hild actor's agility and intelligence. "Before that, Khang had not participated in any big movies, but that was not what I was concerned about, because his acting conquered me and the crew," the director said.

The director hopes the film will recreate the wandering journey of An and his two friends Co and Xinh. On that trip, he learned how to live independently and experience wonderful nature. He grew up amid the struggle movement of the virtuous Southerners, and from there understood why his father left him.

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 7

Nguyen Quang Dung said he expected controversy about the actor playing An, due to the large shadow cast by the 1997 television version (directed by Nguyen Vinh Son). "Not only An, many supporting characters such as Vo Tong (Mai Tai Phen), Uncle Ba Phi (Tran Thanh) are also susceptible to reactions. That is pressure, but also an advantage of the project when the public sees it early. mind," the director said.

In the television series Southern Land, the role of An is played by actor Hung Thuan. With an innocent face and natural acting style, he left a deep impression after the movie aired. The role of An became a turning point in Hung Thuan's life, helping him win many awards, including the 1997 Mai Vang A.ward for Most Popular Actor.

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 8

From the movie, he acted in many works such as Gate of the Sun, Flower of Five Colors, Reluctant Bride but did not attract as much attention. Later, the actor often talked about his role with pride, saying that b.aby An became a part of his memory, helping him be recognized and loved by the public.

Phuong Nam Forest Land tells the story of young An's arduous journey to find his father. This is the character that makes up the soul of the film, excellently performed by actor Hung Thuan 25 years ago. Therefore, the pressure on this film project is even heavier. It can be seen that Huynh Hao Khang surpassed hundreds of other c.hild candidates to become the "little b.oy looking for his father" who has delighted generations.

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 9

In the first poster and trailer, Hao Khang left a pretty good impression. The b.oy's image is being widely shared on social networks. The production crew said that appearing in the casting round, Hao Khang impressed with his intelligence, intelligence, and good role-playing ability even though he had not participated in any major films. Besides, my martial arts and sports talents also became an advantage when transforming into An and performing scenes of wading rivers, climbing trees, and rowing boats.

Even though the filming process was busy, Khang still organized his homework very well. If you film in the morning, you will study online with the teachers at night. You take advantage of your free time to review lessons. You are always a good student, in the top 5 of the class.

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 10

Besides, Khang also likes to participate in community activities.

"Singing lyrics are medicine for the soul" so Khang often sings for charity to bring lyrics and singing to everyone. Khang wants to become a versatile artist like Uncle Tran Thanh in the future, able to act in movies, sing, produce music, and direct...

Currently, Khang is self-studying music composition, writing rap... in his free time.

Huynh Hao Khang: Will the new generation An in Southern Forest Land be overshadowed by Hung Thuans shadow? - Photo 11

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