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Pham Thoai spoke out about the case of O Huyen Durian with Quang Linh Vlog

Keng14:25:30 11/07/2024
In the sales livestream on July 7, Quang Linh Vlogs and Hang Du Muc collaborated to promote Vietnam's durian products. The live was a great success, helping the brand sell up to 22 tons of durian.

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Pham Thoai passed water after each live session, explaining the story of hundreds of billions in revenue

Gia Nhi11:38:49 18/06/2024
Order-closing saint Pham Thoai has shared his experiences about the livestream sales industry. As the leading name in this work, Pham Thoai said reality is not what people think. He revealed that he had to be given water after each live because he lost strength.

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Pham Thoai shows off his live record of more than 50 billion no one believes, and was dug up for a fake wedding

Bình Minh10:02:33 09/04/2024
Pham Thoai after announcing the revenue of the live session on April 4 (more than 50 billion) has caused people to talk. Many people doubt this information, because since the fake wedding until now, they have lost trust with him.

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Pham Thoai was harshly criticized by the lawyer involved in the fake wedding case

Phúc Sen17:15:00 05/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker Pham Thoai recently took public opinion by storm with a fake wedding on April Fool's Day, amid a harsh reaction from people, recently even lawyers and media experts have also stepped in, voicing criticism.

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Pham Thoai got angry, "scolded and slapped" fans when he was blamed for making fake weddings for fun

Nguyễn Kim21:32:20 02/04/2024
After Pham Thoai's fake April Fool's Day wedding, many people expressed outrage because they thought that getting married was a lifelong thing that could not be joked about. Facing a storm of criticism from fans, Pham Thoai went on a livestream of extreme combat.

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Pham Thoai spoke out about the case of an 8th grade b.oy who was "influenced" by his friend, wanting to pay off hospital fees

Thiên Di16:49:42 01/04/2024
In recent days, information about the incident of a m.ale s.tudent named N.H.D. being affected by his basketball friends leading to a tragedy has caused public outrage. Recently, Pham Thoai offered to pay all hospital fees after learning about his family's difficult situation.

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Pham Thoai returned to being a "daughter" after marrying his wife, netizens still suspect it is fake

Vân Anh16:08:24 01/04/2024
After only a few days after the unexpected wedding, Pham Thoai suddenly showed off her curves in a tight dress, creating a more feminine shape than his wife, causing people to gape, confuse and raise many questions.

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Pham Thoai tricked the whole of Vietnam, declared the wedding an April Fool's game, threw stones

Gia Nhi14:32:34 01/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker Pham Thoai continues to confuse people, when he recently officially spoke out about the story that has shaken the online community in recent days, which is that he suddenly married and married h.ot g.irl Thanh Van.

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Pham Thoai and his wife accused by a series of TikTokers of blasphemy, criticizing the wedding breakdown

Thanh Phúc09:34:07 01/04/2024
The series of tiktokers who are close friends of Pham Thoai, suddenly had a voice to denounce the male tiktoker couple as blasphemous, the wedding was too fake to believe that the couple, disparaging everyone who listened had to frown.

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Mr. Tu apologized for accidentally mocking Pham Thoai about getting married, Huong Giang was punished

Minh Lợi20:32:30 30/03/2024
The information that TikToker Pham Thoai held a wedding with his girlfriend after 5 years of love is making people confused and skeptical. Among them, singer Anh Tu once posted on his personal page, expressing his surprise about this.

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Pham Thoai's wedding: Tun Pham 'knelt down' because he had sinned and regretted every bad thought

T.P11:08:33 30/03/2024
Male tiktoker Tun Pham - a close friend of Pham Thoai was extremely confused, from surprise and disbelief to severe s.hock, regretting not believing and not attending his friend's wedding.

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Pham Thoai gets married, a TikToker is shocked because they were "promised to be together forever"

Uyển Đình10:55:03 30/03/2024
While the information about Pham Thoai getting married was being shared rapidly on all forums, suddenly a h.ot TikToker posted a post expressing his surprise and surprise because he had previously made a promise to Pham Thoai.

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Pham Thoai's relatives revealed the truth about the wedding, announcing that something was about to happen

Kim Lâm07:23:09 30/03/2024
Pham Thoai's marriage is currently a h.ot topic these days. Even though there were wedding photos in her hometown, many netizens still expressed doubts. In the midst of this, the male tiktoker's relatives have revealed the truth about this bustling wedding.

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Pham Thoai got married in a hurry because his girlfriend was pregnant, admitted he was "set up", his best friend apologized?

Hoàng Phúc15:51:05 29/03/2024
It's not an escape from Vietnam. This morning, March 29, the wedding of Tiktoker Pham Thoai and his long-time girlfriend Khanh Van officially took place in Hai Phong - the groom's hometown.

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Pham Thoai, full of masculinity, led his wife's hand into the ceremony, dispelling rumors of a fake wedding

Phong Trần15:35:51 29/03/2024
The news that h.ot tiktoker Pham Thoai is getting married is still considered a trick he created to attract the attention of netizens. But according to the wedding invitation, today the wedding of Pham Thoai and his long-time girlfriend officially took place.

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Huong Giang suddenly wanted to get married when she saw Pham Thoai's wedding and the ending

Phong Trần15:16:02 29/03/2024
On her personal page, Huong Giang suddenly announced that she would get married, making many people feel extremely surprised and confused. Accordingly, everything stemmed from social networks spreading rumors about h.ot TikToker Pham Thoai... getting married!

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TikToker Pham Thoai announced his marriage, causing a stir on social networks. The bride's identity is extremely h.ot

Kim Lâm09:08:12 29/03/2024
The news of Pham Thoai getting married is being widely shared on social networks because recently many people still think he belongs to the LGBT community. Immediately after that, the bride's identity was also quickly tracked down by fans.

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Pham Thoai shouted Mai Phuong's name in the middle of the Miss World storm, r.evealing the charity project

Gia Nhi11:20:36 05/03/2024
H.ot tiktoker Pham Thoai caused a storm of public opinion when he suddenly shouted the name of Miss Mai Phuong - the beauty who is representing Vietnam at the 71st Miss World, which took place in India. He spoke clearly about the queen's benevolent project, speaking out in defense amid a series of controversies.

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Pham Thoai claimed not to give his family 1 dong but spent hundreds of millions to buy this

Quỳnh Quỳnh13:32:06 13/02/2024
Pham Thoai has attracted many people's attention with his blunt statement of not giving m.oney to any of his relatives. However, instead, the male tiktoker decided to do something that received many compliments from the online community.

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After the controversy with Thai Cong, Pham Thoai was accused by his seniors of stealing, implying that he was not reasonable

Bảo Nam11:59:29 15/01/2024
Pham Thoai is one of the tiktokers that is no longer strange to online users. Recently, he was accused of going to a temple birthday party by a senior with more than 1 million followers who posted a video.

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Thai Cong livestreamed for the first time: Lowered the price of a dish for only 99k, responded harshly to Pham Thoai

Hoàng Phúc12:04:02 10/01/2024
The first livestream session at 8:00 p.m. on January 9 on TikTok Shop by designer Thai Cong attracted a huge number of views. In just the first 4 minutes, the livestream session had up to 6.7K views, and by the 20th minute there were more than 1 million people with hearts.

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Pham Thoai has a new move in the case of making a "heavy loss" brand, everyone who hears a sentence is silent

Uyển Đình14:34:27 21/10/2023
Pham Thoai is a familiar face in the livestream segment of closing orders. Recently, he was caught up in a sales scandal that caused a brand to suffer heavy losses. The current story is still attracting the attention of the online community.

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H.OT: The Tax Department said that Tiktoker Pham Thoai did not declare and pay taxes, risking being banned

Juni Nguyễn17:40:21 18/10/2023
Hai Phong Tax Department recently confirmed that Tiktoker Pham Thoai did not declare and pay taxes in Hai Phong, causing a stir among netizens. Currently, the information is becoming a hotly discussed topic on online forums.

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Pham Thoai was suddenly accused of tax evasion of hundreds of millions of dong, unprofessional work, and "chicken driving"?

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:56:28 13/10/2023
On social networks, information has just spread that Pham Thoai was exposed by a livestream partner for being unprofessional, stubborn, difficult to please, and arbitrarily speaking, causing the brand to suffer.

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