H.OT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise

Nam PhươngMay 13, 2022 at 16:11

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Dong Nhi used to be entangled in noise because she thought it was not transparent for charity, eloquently called, but authorized others to do it instead.

After the post "corrected" the audience's attitude about attacking and defaming the team. Dong Nhi is currently suffering a wave of "purge" from the audience. Most of them expressed their dissatisfaction with the harshness that the "Bad Boy" vocalist gave to the fans. On social media, Netizen asked the organizers of Miss Universe to remove Dong Nhi's name from the performance list. At the same time, the clips of the time when singing and hiring fans to cheer were also suddenly dug up. As for the appropriation of a Youtube channel for fans to set up, the award-winning singer affirms that this is a legal property managed by the company.

HOT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise - Photo 1
Recently, on a forum specializing in showbiz. The post with the content that Dong Nhi was not clear about charity m.oney attracted great attention. Specifically, the content of the article is analyzed with detailed bullet points as follows:

Near noon on October 21, 2020, Dong Nhi posted a call for charity to her personal account, at 6:40 p.m. on the same day the account received 305 million914k. At the same time, Dong Nhi was still calling with painful images in the central region!

16h40p on October 24, 2020 Dong Nhi posted with painful pictures as well as taking pictures of damage statistics and promised to ask the team to go to the central region to help the people. At this time, Dong Nhi announced that the account is still receiving and the account statistics have received more than 400 million!

At 19:15 on 11/23/2020, Dong Nhi posted the statistics of the amount of 517,257,012 VND, she announced because her c.hild could not go, so she asked the team to go. Now the account is officially closed!

On November 24, 25, 2020, Dong Nhi updated to disburse 364 million,500k, the remaining balance is 152,757,012d and it is expected that this balance will go to the second phase to give to the people! But the second phase was nowhere to be seen, only when CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang called his name, he hurriedly disbursed the m.oney by transferring it to the Anti-Flood House fund on May 11, 2021 (photo under Comment)!

HOT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise - Photo 2

HOT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise - Photo 3

==> The question arises:

From the evening of October 21, 2020 to the afternoon of October 24, 2020, the account only received about 100 million? Between the 2 bank messages of the 21st and 24th, is there any m.oney out and how much?

From October 24, 2020 to November 23, 2020, your account only received about 100 million more? Don't know if the m.oney will come out at this stage?

Why did she say she would go to the central region on November 25, 2020 but only 6 months after CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang reminded her, she disbursed?

Why did she post on May 15, 2021 saying that she had disbursed but did not say when to let fans understand that she disbursed in 2020, and then in the comments of the fans, she insulted CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang, nothing left?

Again, Dong Nhi did not spend any m.oney for the people, but kept the m.oney of the people for 6 months, at the same time, the ambiguity about charity m.oney is very high!

HOT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise - Photo 4

HOT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise - Photo 5

It is known that this is not the first time Dong Nhi has been revived in the case of calling for charity m.oney for floods in the Central region. Previously, CEO Phuong Hang called Mr. Cao Thang and his wife, asking for a transparent declaration of the entire amount.

On October 14, the representative of The Remix champion shared the article summarizing the charity activities that Dong Nhi had published. The post confirms that the vocalist "Crying" donated a total amount of more than 517 million VND. However, because she had just given birth to her first daughter, her health did not allow, so the female singer authorized a representative to do it instead. The amount disbursed on 23.24/11 is 364,500,000 VND. The rest is nearly 153 million VND, Dong Nhi intends to return to the Central region to give to the people.

HOT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise - Photo 6

By May 2021, the mother herself shared pictures to prove that she had donated nearly 153 million VND to implement the flood-proof house project. The singer wrote: "After the first trip, due to the continuously complicated epidemic situation, Nhi and her husband discussed and reached an agreement to contribute the entire remaining amount to the program of anti-flood houses to prevent floods. contribute to building houses for people to stabilize their lives amid increasingly severe weather conditions. Nhi - Mr. Thang and his representative learned about the flood-resistant house program before coming to this decision because it was a project. The project is very practical and meaningful at the present time to support people"

HOT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise - Photo 7

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