Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang?

NắngApr 26, 2022 at 09:47

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Words of mouth such as "Are you beautiful?", "Speak with books, tell with evidence" ... make many people think of Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang.

Recently, male singer Dam Vinh Hung had a music video premiere to mark his return after 2 years of silence because of the Covid-19 epidemic and the noise surrounding charity. The song "I take care of you all" has brought the image of a very different Dam Vinh Hung next to the young talented faces of the Vietnamese music industry like Ricky Star, CiiN...

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 1

In addition to the monumental music stage, the opening play of Dam Vinh Hung with his close friend Vu Ha also became the most discussed topic. Especially the appearance that Vu Ha worked hard to prepare from 3pm to 6pm.

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 2

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 3

It is known that the character in Vu Ha's play is a cunning and cunning madam. So it is not uncommon for the male singer to appear with bold make-up on his eyelids, short curly hair neatly combed. However, because of this image, Vu Ha makes the audience think of another person's shadow.

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 4

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 5
Until the male singer raised his voice with familiar keywords like "Aren't you beautiful?" or "Say there are books, tips have evidence"... then people think Vu Ha is referring to Dai Nam CEO - Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang. Because these catchphrases are so familiar to the online community during livestreams that e.xpose the entertainment world of rich female streamers.

And the end of the play is Tu Ba Vu Ha introduces one of her peaches named Trung Thu Hang Mon.

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 6

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 7

Perhaps in the past time, the drama between Dam Vinh Hung and Phuong Hang is unknown to anyone. Even the dramas of the duo were so tense that they had to ask the police to intervene to keep the security and order.

Specifically, in 2021, Ms. Phuong Hang once denounced the voice of the Peaceful Sky region with signs of "om" charity m.oney by using her personal account to receive m.oney from sponsors.

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 8

If Ms. Phuong Hang denounced Dam Vinh Hung, the male singer is no less competitive when making a complaint against the female CEO for slander, insults, and illegal use of other people's images to affect men. singer.

Even the drama of the duo rose to the top when Mrs. Phuong Hang once stated that where Dam Vinh Hung would act, she would cover all the seats. Looks like the music night of the voice of Peaceful Sky at Dong Dao Tea Room. Even the giant woman went to Da Lat to watch Mr. Dam but turned the car around at the last minute.

After the noise, in March, Phuong Hang was initiated by the police. Many netizens believe that the fact that the female giant was detained in custody is the joy of a series of artists, especially the names that have been insulted by Phuong Hang.

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 9

The bad luck has passed, to celebrate the male singer who is about to make a comeback when releasing a new music project with retro tunes. This is also the product that marks the official return of Mr. Talk after 2 years of translation and noisy charity.

Mr.Dam shared that he had spent a long time under pressure from the online community because of Ms. Hang's outrageous statements. However, the "Vietnamese music king" side shared, they put their trust in the law and wait for the next results from the authorities. Representative of the vocalist "Sorry, love" said: "Our position is to believe in Vietnamese law. We will not share anything more".

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 10

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 11

Recently, on his personal fanpage, Dam Vinh Hung has just had very deep confidants about life and love stories. Accordingly, the voice of "Half Moon" said: "April is here... London is still cold without hesitation... Trying to find happy memories of old days in this cold... So and still can't see a single thing... Maybe... Winter love is real."

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 12

Not only that, Dam Vinh Hung himself then shared many more confidants, mentioning the "nostalgia" by name, causing netizens to have "a few interesting" speculations. Along with those sharing, Mr. Dam also posted the latest pictures of himself in the land of fog, but especially the male singer's contemplative and contemplative look made many people extremely excited.

Not only that, the ring point that makes many people "surprised" is also the background behind with an ancient and magnificent castle like in fairy tales around the world.

Dam Vinh Hung, Vu Ha continue to 'coffee' Mrs. Phuong Hang? - Photo 13

Below the article, many netizens couldn't help but admire and admire Mr. Dam because the photo is so beautiful, as well as the sharing that is full of depth and brings a lot of "feelings". Many people have expressed their feelings under the article and gave many compliments for beautiful pictures like this one.

Besides, many people also think that Dam Vinh Hung is now too relaxed and leisurely because there is no longer the "threat" of a certain female CEO, so in his spare time, the "Vietnamese music king" spends his spare time. private to vent and reflect on life. Before that, right at the time when CEO Dai Nam was arrested, Mr. Dam also posted pictures of eating and drinking with friends along with a hidden status line.

He said many audiences asked him to sing a special song during the evening show in Dong Dao. The male singer confirmed that he would perform this song to repay everyone's love. Although she did not mention Phuong Hang, many people believed that Dam Vinh Hung was expressing his attitude when he heard that the businesswoman was detained.

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