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Lip B: The most "small" group in Vpop, Dong Nhi - Mr. Cao Thang was superficially accused

Đức Trí18:59:14 04/05/2024
Lip B is a Vpop g.irl group that attracted a lot of attention when it was announced by Dong Nhi - Mr. Cao Thang's company to debut to the public. As the pet chicken of the hottest couple in Vbiz, but now after 8 years, Lip B is still faint with only 6 MVs.

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Thanh Doan - Ha Tri Quang revealed how to address the twins and received special praise

Snow15:20:03 17/04/2024
Besides the progress and wedding planning, people are also paying attention to Ha Tri Quang - Thanh Doan's way of raising and addressing his two twin children.

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Dong Nhi's daughter's actions surprised the whole restaurant, and her parents also gave up

Hoa Tuyết17:39:11 15/03/2024
While the whole family was eating and drinking together, b.aby Winnie suddenly stood up on the chair and the actions that followed surprised everyone. Dong Nhi himself had to give up in front of his daughter.

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Dong Nhi's daughter did something special for her father, the female singer was officially left out!

Snow17:23:42 13/03/2024
After announcing her second pregnancy, every move of Dong Nhi and her small family received special attention from the public. Recently, she confused fans when she said life is unfair.

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Beautiful lady is preparing for season 2, Dong Nhi - Bao Thy will face off, will My Tam appear?

Bảo Nam08:11:29 28/02/2024
Recently, on the fanpage of the show Beautiful Sister, Ride the Wind Turn the Wave, there was a post announcing the production of season 2 in 2024. Immediately, the post received a lot of attention and discussion comments. buzz from netizens.

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Dong Nhi shows off her "extremely good" visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties

Nhật Duy14:54:00 27/02/2024
Since announcing her second pregnancy on February 14, it seems that every activity in Dong Nhi's life has always received a lot of attention from the audience. Everyone wants to know more about the beauty and appearance of pregnant mothers.

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Dong Nhi's daughter announces that her mother has a b.aby, her expression is extremely cute

An Nhi14:04:05 15/02/2024
On Valentine's Day, Dong Nhi caused a stir online when she officially announced her pregnancy with her 2nd c.hild. She has many Vietnamese stars such as Tran Thanh, Truong Quynh Anh... Congratulations.

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After Puka - Kha Nhu, Hoang Thuy Linh's showbiz friends were in trouble, Gil Le left the group?

Đình Như14:49:37 29/12/2023
In Vietnamese showbiz, there are many close groups of friends including many famous artists who hang out together closely. One of them is a cultural family association with famous faces.

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Dieu Nhi revealed her current relationship with Dong Nhi, with just one sentence to destroy rumors of separation

Phi Yến19:36:09 23/12/2023
Dieu Nhi - Dong Nhi were once questioned about quitting after Ong Cao Thang's wife did not attend their junior's wedding. However, the two's recent interaction has shown that their relationship is not as bad as rumored.

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Tran Thanh sings, makes shocking comments about Diem My 9X's husband, Pham Quynh Anh and the stars cry their eyes out

Hoàng Phúc09:12:16 22/12/2023
On the evening of December 21, the wedding of Diem My 9X and businessman Vinh Nguyen took place in the city. HCM. The couple's big day had the presence of both families, relatives and close friends.

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Dong Nhi's daughter caused a fever when posing like a real c.hild model, people are still excited about one thing?

Đào Thị15:01:39 30/11/2023
Recently, Dong Nhi posted a series of photos of his daughter Winnie on his personal page. Notably, people couldn't help but go c.razy when b.aby Winnie had extremely adorable poses, looking like a real c.hild model.

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Dong Nhi - Ong Cao Thang's daughter wears "matching clothes" with her mother, making people go c.razy for one thing?

Đào Thị15:56:34 24/11/2023
At the present time, Winnie is always a c.hild loved by many audiences. Recently, on her personal page, Dong Nhi shared the moment of wearing matching outfits with her daughter Winnie. Besides, she also makes people c.razy because of one thing.

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Dong Nhi accidentally revealed her relationship with her husband's family, and Ong Cao Thang's sister took the spotlight

Tuyết Ngọc16:42:11 15/11/2023
After getting married to singer Ong Cao Thang, many people couldn't help but be curious about Dong Nhi's life as a wealthy bride, especially her relationship with her wealthy mother-in-law.

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Tran Thanh was once rejected by an A-list singer, r.evealing a point netizens confirmed was Dong Nhi?

Đào Thị11:06:13 09/11/2023
Tran Thanh suddenly revealed that he once confessed his love to a famous singer but was rejected. The male MC revealed a point that made sharp-eyed people realize that he was indeed singer Dong Nhi.

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Dieu Nhi was rumored to have "shunned" her close sisters twice: Puka had hidden bitterness, Dong Nhi pretended to be close

JLO10:09:05 09/11/2023
Puka-Gin Tuan Kiet's wedding is one of the events that receives special attention from both the media and the audience. Stories on the sidelines of the wedding also caught the attention of netizens, including the suspicion of a feud between Puka and Dieu Nhi.

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Dong Fei is suspected of being pregnant for the 2nd time, 'androgynous' Winnie 'is going to have a b.aby', accidentally reveals 1 strange act?

Thanh Thanh16:48:59 01/11/2023
In a moment appearing with her best friend Pham Quynh Anh, Dong Nhi suddenly revealed a strange act amid the question of being pregnant for the 2nd time after 3 years since the birth of Winnie.

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Do Hieu revealed the move to permanently sell the hit series no Phuoc Thinh, fans 'blue face' because the musician was too harsh

Đức Trí13:46:41 01/11/2023
Musician Do Hieu made a post that caused a stir, releasing a contract suspected of being related to no Phuoc Thinh's hit series, which the musician accused of not renewing the copyright. People speculated that he had officially sold 8 songs permanently.

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Rumor has it that Dong Nhi snubbed Noo Phuoc Thinh because Do Hieu sparked a conflict, and the friendship officially broke up?

Thảo Mai10:09:21 31/10/2023
The latest move of musician Do Hieu has caused controversy in the online community about two top singers, Noo Phuoc Thinh and Dong Nhi, stopping playing after a long time of close friendship.

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Musician Do Hieu 'loses enough' with Noo Phuoc Thinh: 'If the province pays royalties, if not then stop singing'

Ning Jing07:22:23 31/10/2023
No one gave in to anyone else, after Noo Phuoc Thinh's side spoke up in response to Do Hieu's side, the male musician did not give up and had a fierce f.ight against his senior. Drama about copyright issues between the close brother duo begins to get tense.

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Noo Phuoc Thinh criticized Do Hieu after being banned from singing a series of hits, criticizing the male musician for not having m.oney to buy medicine.

Pinky17:03:12 30/10/2023
Male singer Noo Phuoc Thinh has just made a move after the noise surrounding musician Do Hieu's complaint about taking back his series of hits because he refused to pay copyright renewal fees. Blaming the male musician for not having m.oney to buy medicine.

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Dong Nhi's daughter is definitely a "hardcore fan" of Jisoo (BLACKPINK), showing off her talent in performing the "flowering dance" skillfully.

Nguyễn Kim16:20:00 28/10/2023
At her 3rd birthday party, b.aby Winnie - Dong Nhi's daughter captivated the audience's hearts by singing and dancing to the song Flower by Jisoo (BLACKPINK). The g.irl's adorable features received many compliments and comments that she is a true c.hild of the family!

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Dong Nhi responded to the rumor of being pregnant for the second time, everyone had doubts about her protruding belly, and felt guilty towards her fans after the show.

Phúc Sen17:01:57 26/10/2023
Female singer Dong Nhi has just had some notable shares, revolving around the news that she is pregnant for the second time, after her first daughter Winnie. Although she spoke clearly, the online community still expressed doubts at the image of her protruding belly.

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Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet "recklessly" revealed the wedding venue, fans "fell": What a rich man!

Bảo Tiên14:54:57 13/10/2023
The happy day of the couple Puka - Gin Tuan Kiet, from the moment it was first revealed until now, has always been a topic that receives the attention of netizens. Recently, just because of a slip of the tongue, the whole showbiz learned about the wedding venue of Vbiz's golden couple.

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Mr. Gao Thang's sister got into the flower car, the bride was beautiful like an ancient goddess, diamonds, and wedding gold "thick"

Kim Lâm10:44:30 08/10/2023
Mr. Gao Thang's young lady Tianjin sister recently officially followed her husband to the palace. In some teased photos, the corporation g.irl is disturbed by her beautiful and gorgeous beauty, especially the dazzling amount of jewelry.

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