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Dong Nhi shows off her "extremely good" visual during her second pregnancy: Her figure is still like her twenties

Nhật Duy14:54:00 27/02/2024
Since announcing her second pregnancy on February 14, it seems that every activity in Dong Nhi's life has always received a lot of attention from the audience. Everyone wants to know more about the beauty and appearance of pregnant mothers.

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Rumor has it that Dong Nhi snubbed Noo Phuoc Thinh because Do Hieu sparked a conflict, and the friendship officially broke up?

Thảo Mai10:09:21 31/10/2023
The latest move of musician Do Hieu has caused controversy in the online community about two top singers, Noo Phuoc Thinh and Dong Nhi, stopping playing after a long time of close friendship.

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Noo Phuoc Thinh criticized Do Hieu after being banned from singing a series of hits, criticizing the male musician for not having m.oney to buy medicine.

Pinky17:03:12 30/10/2023
Male singer Noo Phuoc Thinh has just made a move after the noise surrounding musician Do Hieu's complaint about taking back his series of hits because he refused to pay copyright renewal fees. Blaming the male musician for not having m.oney to buy medicine.

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Dong Nhi responded to the rumor of being pregnant for the second time, everyone had doubts about her protruding belly, and felt guilty towards her fans after the show.

Phúc Sen17:01:57 26/10/2023
Female singer Dong Nhi has just had some notable shares, revolving around the news that she is pregnant for the second time, after her first daughter Winnie. Although she spoke clearly, the online community still expressed doubts at the image of her protruding belly.

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Dong Nhi rarely recalled the biggest scandal of his career, claiming to have turned his back on FC because he was not sober

T.P10:24:21 08/09/2023
The singer Dong Nhi has just shared a reiteration of drama 1 year ago, when her attitude was considered inappropriate with the fanclub. The scandal was considered the biggest of the singer's career, causing her to suffer for a long time.

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Dong Nhi released the 'face-stamping' flop MV, the view was flat even though it was only 3 minutes long, fans disparaged, compared The New Mentor

T.P15:08:11 31/08/2023
Singer Dong Nhi has just made a comeback with a brand new, colorful MV called Y Heaven. However, the effect then made many people bored, because flop smashed his face despite being an A-list singer.

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The identity of the first Vietnamese artist to be photographed with BLACKPINK: Multi-talented female star, owning all the "huge" hits

Uyển Đình07:53:02 23/08/2023
BLACKPINK is now a globally popular g.irl group. However, few people know that a Vietnamese artist has long had the opportunity to meet and take photos with BLACKPINK. This is also considered a rare Vietnamese female star with this luck.

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Dong Nhi was afraid of being implicated, suddenly deleted the post receiving the 'little sister' Y Nhi when the queen was ostracized?

Thư Kỳ10:47:41 05/08/2023
Having praised and received the new Miss World Vietnam 2023 - Huynh Tran Y Nhi as her sister right after being crowned, Dong Nhi recently had a harsh car turn when deleting the post without leaving a trace.

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Dong Nhi was exposed by people to the truth hidden for many years, revealing the statement of the first sentence and the following sentence

T.P14:04:04 24/05/2023
The noisy female singer Dong Nhi Hau was turned away by fans because she thought she betrayed, now she continues to be exposed by the audience, when she accidentally said the first sentence and kicked the next sentence, disagreeing with her words. old. Dong Nhi - Vpop vocalist...

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Dong Nhi rarely meets Hoang Thuy, intimate interaction and delicately do this on the red carpet

Thanh Phúc15:56:26 23/03/2023
Singer Dong Nhi had a rare moment when she clashed with runner-up Hoang Thuy, the fans whispered because she had "doubled her visuals" and still had a loving and delicate love when she quickly "rescued" the other person on the carpet. red. Recently, fans of the singer's voice...

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Dong Nhi continues to act "extremely harsh" after the noise of not going to the wedding of "her sister" Dieu Nhi

Minh Hà07:50:07 20/10/2022
Dong Nhi's recent action on Facebook attracted the attention of the online community. The female singer opened public comments and diligently updated her movements on social networks. In recent days, Dong Nhi is a name that has attracted a lot of attention because of her close...

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Dong Nhi appeared fresh on her birthday with her close friends after being noisy, Dieu Nhi acted to attract attention

Minh Hà09:06:17 16/10/2022
After 5 days of no action on social networks, Dong Nhi appeared at an intimate birthday party. The singer's close friend also mentioned that Winnie received attention, because Dong Nhi experienced the "wedding" market not long ago. Recently, Dong Nhi had an intimate meal with...

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H.OT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise

Nam Phương16:11:25 13/05/2022
Dong Nhi used to be entangled in noise because she thought it was not transparent for charity, eloquently called, but authorized others to do it instead. After the post "corrected" the audience's attitude about attacking and defaming the team. Dong Nhi is currently suffering a...

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Dong Nhi spoke up about FC accusing the crew of stealing the YouTube channel, what was the attitude that the fandom simultaneously turned the car around?

Hoàng Phúc07:52:53 13/05/2022
Dong Nhi's share made fans simultaneously demand to get rid of fans. Recently, the online community couldn't help but be excited by the fact that Dong Nhi's fan spoke out and accused her team of w.inning the FC Dong Nhi YouTube channel and removing this person from the admin...

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Mr. Cao Thang - Young master of a famous corporation and a dream marriage with Dong Nhi

An Nhi11:12:50 14/04/2022
Not only is he a famous singer, Ong Cao Thang also makes many people admire because of his terrible family background. Mr. Cao Thang is a former singer of the legendary Weboys group, loved by the audience with his deep and warm voice through songs such as That's where the hill...

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Lam Khanh Chi and Quy Binh asked the police to intervene after being accused by Phuong Hang of stealing charity m.oney

Hậu Hậu20:10:23 18/10/2021
Over the past few months, the online community has been constantly buzzing with the transparent story of the artists' charity. Recently, the internet was once again stirred up when 36 artists were accused by a female CEO of stealing charity m.oney. After the incident happened...

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Being "called" into the noise of charity m.oney, what action did Dong Nhi make on Instagram?

PYO10:32:12 15/10/2021
Netizens were very surprised when Dong Nhi was named in connection with charity m.oney i.n the Central region. After mentioning the name of the couple Luong The Thanh - Thuy Diem in the charity grove, on the evening of October 14, CEO Dai Nam continued to "call" the name of female...

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