Dong Nhi spoke up about FC accusing the crew of stealing the YouTube channel, what was the attitude that the fandom simultaneously turned the car around?

Hoàng PhúcMay 13, 2022 at 07:52

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Dong Nhi's share made fans simultaneously demand to get rid of fans.

Recently, the online community couldn't help but be excited by the fact that Dong Nhi's fan spoke out and accused her team of w.inning the FC Dong Nhi YouTube channel and removing this person from the admin department, leading to the inability to access the YouTube channel due to the fact that she was not able to access the YouTube channel. created by himself. Although the company spoke up, Dong Nhi's fans still did not accept and asked the female singer to have a valid answer.

Right in the evening of the same day, Dong Nhi used a personal page named Mai Hong Ngoc to post an article about the incident. Accordingly, at the beginning of the post, Dong Nhi said angrily: "What are you guys doing?".

Ong Cao Thang's wife added: "During the past time, you have used words to criticize, defame, i.nsult and you think that I don't know or are too contemptuous? I have never been. advocate for such behavior to outsiders, but you are doing it to her? Do you really have respect for her?".

Dong Nhi spoke up about FC accusing the crew of stealing the YouTube channel, what was the attitude that the fandom simultaneously turned the car around? - Photo 1

A part of Dong Nhi's post on her personal page

In the post, the female singer mentioned that some bad actors have affected the audience's view of the Dong Nhi FC collective. She affirmed: "I never support those things and do not advise you on those things, I always direct you to the good things in life, love and respect each other, because I love and respect each other. I always respect and love my audience, but you guys have been doing things I really can't accept, it's reached my limit!.

Don't think I've changed, it was you who made me scared when I had to face you, smiling faces talking to me and then posting offensive words about me on social networks? So what is love?"

Dong Nhi spoke up about FC accusing the crew of stealing the YouTube channel, what was the attitude that the fandom simultaneously turned the car around? - Photo 2

Dong Nhi is angry: "I really can't accept it, it has reached my limit"

About the YouTube channel FC Dong Nhi is causing a stir in the online community, thinking that the female singer's team has gained access from the fans, Dong Nhi said: "I would like to confirm that FC Dong Nhi's YouTube channel from the very beginning is completely owned by the fans. about the company, there is no RATING here, and the company has never asked you to help build it, it's all voluntary!

I will ask you a question: From a company perspective, with a person who on the surface is cooperating but behind is deliberately causing division between fans and the company, what do you think? With what you have contributed to develop the channel, give her love, she always acknowledges and thanks, but the way you are doing inadvertently causes unnecessary serious misunderstandings and I think you have express it the wrong way. That's why the company side no longer wants to receive any support from you!".

Dong Nhi spoke up about FC accusing the crew of stealing the YouTube channel, what was the attitude that the fandom simultaneously turned the car around? - Photo 3

Dong Nhi asserts that there is no "robbery" of the YouTube channel as the fans are accusing

It seemed that she stood up to explain everything smoothly, but Dong Nhi was criticized by most of the fans for her unsophisticated behavior right below the post. Many people asserted that they were wrong to support her for a long time, some even claimed to "turn the car" with Dong Nhi because she did not know how to appreciate her feelings and covered all her efforts. fan.

Some comments like:

- So tell me, do you see the attitude of assistant Nguyen Van Anh towards fans? Or do your eyes only see the fans attacking your beloved assistant?

- So what's up? I mean, your team is always the best, and fans have followed you since the early days, you don't need it anymore or what?

- I respect your decision. Thank you for being a part of my youth.

- You are Dong Nhi, why did you post on Mai Hong Ngoc's account?

- If this post is written by you and is exactly what you think, then I have nothing more to say. ABSOLUTELY DISAPPOINTED!

Dong Nhi spoke up about FC accusing the crew of stealing the YouTube channel, what was the attitude that the fandom simultaneously turned the car around? - Photo 4

Dong Nhi spoke up about FC accusing the crew of stealing the YouTube channel, what was the attitude that the fandom simultaneously turned the car around? - Photo 5

Fans expressed disappointment about Dong Nhi.

Currently, the incident is still receiving a lot of attention and controversy right under the post of singer Dong Nhi.

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