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Dong Nhi cried bitterly, bowed her head to the fans after the boycott scandal, affirming that she loves her fans

Juni Nguyễn01:39:47 15/05/2022
After being turned away by fans and criticized by the online community, Dong Nhi suddenly appeared at an event on the evening of May 15 with belated tears. In the past few days, the drama between Dong Nhi and the fan community has taken the spotlight on social networks and...

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"Dear chicken" Song Luan spoke out to relieve Dong Nhi's siege but was criticized for not missing any shots

Nam Phương17:51:13 14/05/2022
Actor Song Luan's statement at this sensitive time was said to have acted in a lack of consciousness, making the situation worse. Regarding the drama Dong Nhi and the crew, they were turned away by their loyal fans for 10 years and took over the Youtube channel with more than...

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Hoang Nguyen Vu scolds Dong Nhi fans: "Reduce the idols of so many leopards, they're not nice."

Rosé15:06:02 14/05/2022
In the midst of the drama about idols and fans, the male journalist posted harshly. The controversy between Dong Nhi and FC recently shocked Vietnamese showbiz. Accordingly, a fan of the female singer accused her team of w.inning the FC Dong Nhi YouTube channel that this person...

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The "turbulent" assistant Dong Nhi officially spoke up, r.evealing that the singer was under pressure from her family

Hoàng Anh12:46:47 14/05/2022
The key character in the evolution of the Dong Nhi fan escape is the beautiful assistant who finally spoke up to attract special attention. Recently, Dong Nhi was involved in a controversy about her crew being accused of abusing and stealing a fan's Youtube channel. Dong Nhi's...

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Slapping on the face of fans, Dong Nhi and her husband "turned the car" to apologize, netizens cursed: 'You can't erase it, sister'

Juni Nguyễn09:41:27 14/05/2022
In the face of a wave of public criticism, fans turned their backs only because of harsh actions and words of damage from the crew and Dong Nhi, recently the singer and her husband suddenly made a strange move. Earlier on May 11, a fan of Dong Nhi claiming to be the one who...

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Dong Nhi was rumored to be "unlikely" with Bao Thy, breaking her friendship with Noo Phuoc Thinh

Nam Phương17:37:30 13/05/2022
In her singing career, many times, Dong Nhi was compared with Bao Thy and Noo Phuoc Thinh. The storm in the spotlight on May 13 officially called Dong Nhi's name. If the wedding of the century ever made the audience cry. At the moment, she is the most "stoned" character. The...

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H.OT: Just met a scandal with the attitude of "turning away" from fans - Dong Nhi was dug into charity noise

Nam Phương16:11:25 13/05/2022
Dong Nhi used to be entangled in noise because she thought it was not transparent for charity, eloquently called, but authorized others to do it instead. After the post "corrected" the audience's attitude about attacking and defaming the team. Dong Nhi is currently suffering a...

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Dong Nhi, Son Tung, Jack and a series of Vpop idols had a shocking fan exit

Hoàng Anh11:59:24 13/05/2022
In the past, the existence of idols has relied on the support of fans, once being turned away by fans means losing their career. In Vbiz, there are many famous stars who are turned away by fans for many different reasons. 1. Dong Nhi Dong Nhi is a famous singer, with the support...

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Dong Nhi got into a scandal about her attitude being ostracized by fans, Le Quyen said a sentence that proves her senior class

Nam Phương11:55:50 13/05/2022
The status line of "tea room queen" Le Quyen is supported by many viewers. After many days of smoldering on social media, on the evening of May 12, Dong Nhi officially spoke about the conflict between her team and the fans club. The voice of "Confused" expressed disappointment...

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