Mr. Pham: Anh Duc's new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai

Tuyết NgọcFeb 22, 2024 at 14:30

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Taking on a supporting role in the second hottest movie today "Mai", Mr. Pham caused a fever because of his beauty-like appearance. Another reason for her to get attention is because of her relationship rumors with Anh Duc.

Mr. Pham's real name is Pham Quynh Anh, born in 1999 in Ho Chi Minh City and is a new face in the Vietnamese film industry. Recently, she played the female villain in the "best-selling" movie by artist Tran Thanh called "Mai".

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 1

Besides the male and female leads Tuan Tran and Phuong Anh Dao, when the film premiered, Anh Pham's role was also a hotly discussed topic. Possessing beautiful beauty and approachable personality, the 9X g.irl originally from Saigon quickly won the hearts of the audience.

It is known that in the movie "Mai", Mr. Pham transformed into Diem - a g.irl who works as a masseuse with a w.inning personality, shaking hands with Trinh (Kha Nhu) causing a lot of trouble for the main character at work.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 2

Although she is only a supporting character, Diem has had some "expensive" scenes that help her be remembered by the audience. A typical scene is the scene where she massages Bobby (played by Quoc Khanh) and falls into a situation of laughing and crying.

Throughout the entire movie, Mr. Pham only wore simple and discreet uniforms and did not wear too much makeup. Even though the actress only tied her hair up in a bun, she still attracted a lot of audience attention.

During her cinetours with the film "Mai" crew, she made people even more surprised by her beauty-like appearance; looks much more youthful and gentle than on screen.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 3

Sharing with the media, the Vietnamese screen "rookie" was surprised by everyone's interest in his beauty as well as his role in the film. "Maybe because in the movie I have my hair tied in a neat bun and dress simply, but in real life I'm a little more stylish," the actress said.

Also during the promotions of the movie "Mai", Mr. Pham continued to receive people's attention because he lost his voice but still actively participated. Because she couldn't chat and interact with the public as usual, she was f.orced to ask her colleagues for help or rely on "sister Google" and b.ody language.

Unintentionally, these actions of the actress caught the attention of many viewers and received many compliments that they were very adorable. The clips recording how this g.irl tries to introduce herself at cinetour sessions all receive a high amount of interaction on the TikTok platform.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 4

After the film project "Mai", Anh Pham is considered a potential new factor in the Vietnamese film industry. Previously, she had appeared in a number of cinematographic works such as: Red Dawn, Ghost Story Near Home, Miss Wanderer.... but they did not receive much attention from the audience.

Although Diem only has a small role in the work, it makes the name Anh Pham more known. Maybe it's because, at the present time, "Mai" has become a super "popular" movie.

It is known that Mr. Pham was a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema. She "captures the hearts" of people across the street thanks to her stunning beauty and sunny smile.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 5

If you follow the actress's personal page, you can see that she does not indulge in a s.exy style and does not wear outfits that o.ff her b.ody curves. Instead, we use simple, youthful and dynamic clothing combos.

Regarding his personal life, Anh Pham is currently rumored to be the new lover of actor Anh Duc. It is known that he and Tran Thanh have been close friends since 7th grade and have been together for more than 20 years. On the opening day of Hari Won's husband's restaurant, Anh Duc came to congratulate his soulmate.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 6

In the clip recording the bustling scene on the opening day, Tran Thanh accidentally revealed that Anh Duc has a new girlfriend. Accordingly, after 2 years of going separate ways with Uyen To, the actor truly found the love of his life.

Specifically, Hari Won's husband smiled and said: "Mr. Duc now has a place to stop, you guys can no longer crab." In the video, Tran Thanh even revealed that Anh Duc's girlfriend was sitting next to the actor.

When hearing his best friend r.eveal the secret, Anh Duc immediately expressed his surprise and blamed the other person. Immediately, fans noticed that the actor always appeared next to a beautiful g.irl.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 7

Through clear evidence, netizens boldly speculate that this g.irl is Anh Duc's other half. Furthermore, on social networks, the actor often drops hearts on her photos.

Unable to escape the "owl" eyes of netizens, the identity of Anh Duc's new lover was quickly discovered. Accordingly, the audience learned that the g.irl sitting next to the actor was none other than Anh Pham. Currently, the two have not announced their love story to the audience.

Mr. Duc was born in 1987 and is a comedian who has good chemistry on stage with Tran Thanh. The two often go hand in hand in Southern comedy skits. The male artist is loved for his natural and charming acting ability. In addition, he also pursues the field of MC, singing, and has released MVs.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 8

In early 2023, Anh Duc was caught up in suspicion of using stimulants, leading to a tired look and f.orced smile. The comedian's strange appearance caused a stir among netizens, speculating many negative opinions. The video recorded the moment he posed on the red carpet, receiving 9 million views and thousands of comments in just over 1 day.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 9

At that time, Anh Duc chose to stay silent, locked his Instagram account and did not update his personal Facebook activities for a while. The actor also did not make any statement to the media about this noise.

Immediately after the incident caused controversy on social networks, the Organizing Committee quickly released images taken by the event crew. Accordingly, the program said it was "negligence" when the attending TikTokers shared "bad" images of Tran Thanh's close friend, and apologized to the actor.

Mr. Pham: Anh Ducs new girlfriend, causing a stir as Diem as a massage therapist in the movie Mai - Photo 10

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