Excavating Ham Huong's grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten?

KengApr 14, 2024 at 18:27

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In the movie "Hoan Chau Cach Cach", Ham Huong is a princess with a seductive scent. However, in Chinese history there is no record of a woman named Ham Huong.

In ancient times, there were 3 beauties who possessed distinct fragrances and were extremely famous. The first person was Tay Thi, she was donated by Viet King Cau Tien to King Ngo Phu Sai. Phu Sai was captivated by the scent of Tay Thi's b.ody and built an entire fragrant stream for her. Tay Thi is so fragrant that many historical records record that the bed in which this great beauty slept still retained its fragrance three years after she left.

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 1

Another great beauty, Duong Quy Phi - Duong Ngoc Hoan, also has a special b.ody fragrance. Even the poet Ly Bach once wrote a poem praising Duong Quy Phi as a person with a fragrance like morning dew on a flower.

The third beauty possessing a special b.ody fragrance is Emperor Qianlong's concubine Hoa Trac Thi. Compared to the two beauties above, Dung Phi is more famous thanks to her scent that overwhelms even flowers and grass. The prototype of Princess Ham Huong - the one whose fragrance attracts a flock of butterflies around her in the movie "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" is Phi Dung.

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 2

The image of Ham Huong on screen

In Chinese historical films, although she is only a supporting character, Princess Ham Huong (Dung Phi) of Hoi Cuong is one of the roles that leaves many impressions in the hearts of the audience. Described as a stunning beauty, Ham Huong is a princess who was f.orced to marry Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty for political purposes. However, she captivated the Emperor right from the moment they met because of her extremely beautiful beauty.

The most special thing about Ham Huong is the fragrant scent that naturally emanates from the b.ody. No matter where she goes, a seductive fragrance radiates there, attracting countless bees and butterflies. It is also because of this strange scent that many times he ran away with his lover Mong Dan and Ham Huong.

The noble temperament and appearance of this concubine have been shown very successfully through a series of classic films on Chinese screens, such as "Hoan Chau Cach Cach", "Ru Y Truyen" and "Dan Hi Cong". Comb".

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 3

In each version, Ham Huong is named and recreated in different ways, but it cannot be denied that the actors who play Ham Huong are all worthy of the title of screen beauty. Among them, thanks to playing the role of Ham Huong in "Hoan Chau Cach Cach", Luu Dan became a bright name in the Chinese entertainment industry at that time. Not only her charisma and slim figure, gentle appearance and beautiful face, Luu Dan has fully expressed a beautiful Huong Phi. However, the actress is an unfortunate beauty in real life. Not long after she became famous, she passed away in a traffic accident.

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 4

Before playing the role of Thuan Tan in "Dien Hy Cong Luoc", Truong Gia Nghe was known as one of the most talented actresses in the Chinese entertainment industry. When the new version of Ham Huong's footage was broadcast, she was dubbed "the most beautiful Ham Huong of all time". Because the beauty of the Truong beauty always exudes arrogance, a cold but extremely seductive temperament.

Among the harem of "Nhu Y Truyen" including beautiful pink shadows, the role of Dung Phi (Ham Huong) played by Ly Tham is considered the top beauty of the entire Forbidden City. Far different from Truong Gia Nghe's sharp and cold appearance, the beauty born in 1990 attracts people thanks to her pure, innocent and sweet appearance. Her bright eyes in every photo frame always highlight a charming Dung Phi.

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 5

What about reality?

In fact, Dung Phi was favored to the heavens by Qianlong, lived to be 55 years old but never became pregnant. Why didn't Qianlong let her give birth to him a c.hild? Historically, this was related to a secret about this concubine.

Although Dung Phi's b.ody smells very attractive, her feet have a very unpleasant odor. "Thanh Su Cao" recorded that this concubine suffered from athlete's foot. However, because she usually wears very tight shoes, no one can smell this bad smell.

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 6

When resting, taking a shower, or going to bed, Dung Phi takes off her shoes. Qianlong, when he was impregnating this concubine, smelled a bad smell and couldn't stand it. From then on, the Emperor no longer had s.ex with her. However, Qian Long still pampered Dung Phi, without discriminating or hating her. Only Dung Phi has a reputation for being favored, but at night she is cold and alone.

In addition, Concubine Dung's tomb is said to be found in Xinjiang. When they opened the tomb, they discovered signs of grave robbery, leaving only a few clues and bone fragments for research.

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 7

Experts concluded that the owner of the tomb was a white man, who did not match the description of Ham Huong in the movie.

Although the story of Ham Huong's God-given scent may be just a legend, if true, it could be because Dung Phi used scent. Experts say that ancient Uyghurs had the habit of using incense.

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 8

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 9

However, there are still many unknowns about Ham Huong's true identity in Chinese history.

Excavating Ham Huongs grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten? - Photo 10

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