Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans?

Đại MạcMar 25, 2023 at 09:53

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Trieu Vy has long been no longer a strange name to Chinese screen fans. The former actor's life is said to have changed a lot, since he was caught in trouble. In a recent development, the "Little Swallow" Trieu Vy was seen reappearing at Beijing airport, with a simple and dynamic outfit after two years of being "erased" from Showbiz.

Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans? - Photo 1

Recently, HK01 newspaper reported that Trieu Vy appeared at Beijing airport with a simple and active outfit. The 47-year-old actress is considered to keep a slim b.ody, younger than her age. This is also a rare time that the actor of the movie "Painting" appeared since the broadcast was banned.

Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans? - Photo 2

Previously, there were many rumors in the community that Trieu Vy went abroad to live, but this information was later corrected. It is known that the actress is currently living and working in China.

Besides, sometimes fans also find that Trieu Vy works quietly on social networks, when commenting or interacting with some friends. The actress herself does not post any new information on her personal account. The online community also discovered that the actress cleaned up her personal account when she unfollowed some friends.

Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans? - Photo 3

On the evening of March 13, one day before her 47th birthday, Trieu Vy, through a friend, also recorded her message to a group of fans. The beauty thanked the audience for following her over the past time. "I received your birthday wishes. I hope everyone is happy and happy. Even though it's my birthday, I feel like any other normal day," she confided.

After that, the recording and photos were shared by many viewers on Weibo. Many fans expressed their nostalgia for their once idol, and at the same time many people questioned "when will Trieu Vy come back?".

Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans? - Photo 4

For the past two years, Trieu Vy has not revealed her face to the public. The boycott from cultural management and the public still forces her to live in seclusion. The last time Trieu Vy appeared in public was in December 2021 in Hong Kong. This is the rare time she shows up after 4 months of stopping her artistic activities. Some media said that Trieu Vy was not restricted from leaving the country and that life was not as difficult and stifling as rumors.

In July 2021, after actor Truong Triet Han (who was sponsored by Trieu Vy) was involved in a banning scandal, the actress also mysteriously disappeared from the entertainment world.

In addition to not being able to do artistic activities, Trieu Vy was also removed from the films she had participated in such as: "Hoan Chau Gap", "New River Separation", "Painting", "Tiger mother and father cat". , "King of flowers and flowers"... and had a series of prestigious awards and titles revoked that she had ever received.

Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans? - Photo 5

In addition, the films that she had participated in but had not yet aired were also implicated. Typically the case of the film "House in the school district", a modern melodrama, could not be released to the audience even though it was completed a year ago, just because of the actress's scandal. .

In August of the same year, the films she starred in were removed from video platforms, the name of the actress was removed from the portal of film awards. The brands that Trieu Vy represents also hide or delete posts related to her on the social network Weibo.

Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans? - Photo 6

However, Trieu Vy's personal Weibo page is not locked like Trinh Sang and Ngo Diep Pham. According to newspaper 163, the actress can still function normally on social networks without restrictions. In addition, the authorities have so far not announced the reason for punishing the actress.

Trieu Vy is known as one of the four great flowers of the Chinese screen. In addition to "The Way of Hoan Chau" - the work that has become a classic of the Chinese screen, the films she played that caused fever can be mentioned such as: "New River Separation", "Shaolin Football Team", "Thien Thien" incomparable lows",... In which, 2 parts of the movie "Painting" with Chau Tan and Tran Khon caused a sensation in Asia at that time. The actress born in 1976 was also praised for her beauty and good acting alongside her colleagues.

Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans? - Photo 7

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