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Miss Huong Giang was scrutinized for dating Phu Cuong, how about getting married?

Đình Như11:15:53 07/05/2024
Over the past time, Huong Giang has publicly fallen in love with Pharmacist Tien. The other person is even known as people's boyfriends when providing monthly 50 million just for the beauty to go shopping.

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Huong Jiang secretly gave birth in the US: Netizens scrambled "what is this?"

Hoàng Trang17:06:38 02/03/2024
The status line shared by Huong Giang personally about secretly giving birth in the US is receiving a lot of attention from the online community. Many comments also expressed puzzlement, not knowing if the singer was telling the truth or just joking.

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Xiang Jiang held the hand of a strange b.oy on Valentine's Day, it turned out to be this foreign b.oy

Phong Trần16:39:44 15/02/2024
Most fans believe that Huong Giang has found new happiness after nearly two years of being single. However, after finding out the identity of this young man, many people had to bury their joy as they blessed the queen.

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Huong Giang wearing an ao dai suddenly announced her marriage, revealing the time was near

Quỳnh Quỳnh16:43:27 27/01/2024
After a period of being single, Huong Giang suddenly announced that she was preparing to get married, causing a stir all over the internet. The queen also revealed the time she got married, making people even more anxious. Everyone wonders who the other half is?

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Huong Giang was suddenly "caught alive" while being intimate with a handsome Vbiz man: What's the mystery behind?

Bình Yên16:08:20 31/10/2023
Recently, the online community shared a clip recording the image of Huong Giang gathering and singing with friends, after a long period of focusing on work and being busy as a coach for a modeling program. .

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Huong Giang made it clear that the microphone was turned off at The New Mentor, asking the organizers a question directly that attracted attention

An Nhi10:28:14 20/10/2023
In the recent finale of The New Mentor, Huong Giang attracted the audience with her extremely satisfying performance. However, she had a problem when her mic was turned off on stage, her attitude and reaction immediately caught attention.

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Huong Jiang was kissed passionately by someone in public amid the noise: Shocking identity!

Xuka15:41:50 05/09/2023
Appearing on the foreign stage, the singer received many compliments from netizens for maintaining her physique. Dressed in a short, body-hugging skirt, Huong Giang made the people happy.

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Matt Liu shows off a photo in a white ao dai as if he's getting married, admitting one thing that confuses people

Uyển Đình16:36:06 21/06/2023
After a period of silence since breaking up with Huong Giang, the image of Matt Liu's dashing white dress surprised many people, even thinking that he was about to have good news.

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Huong Giang rarely opens up about life after breaking up with Matt Liu

Nắng15:23:30 19/10/2022
Recently, on YouTube channel, Ha Ho has just posted a short clip with the participation of Vbiz beauties such as: Huong Giang, Hoang Oanh, Quynh Luong,... Here, the beauties give their personal views on the subject. "Women's Youth". Success in her career is like that, but Huong...

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Huong Giang said goodbye smoothly, Matt Liu had a "strange" move, implying that the relationship was so conflicted?

N.P16:56:22 28/09/2022
Although they claim to support each other and keep a good relationship after the breakup, Matt Liu's move since breaking up Huong Giang has attracted many people's attention and questioned the true relationship of both. reality is not so good? Recently, Huong Giang became the...

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Huong Giang was exposed to her personality in real life by seniors, revealing her status after a shocking scandal

Nắng14:51:33 29/04/2022
Away from showbiz for a while, when she returned to Huong Giang, she almost became a different person, she found that she did not need to show her ego as much as before, nor did she need to explain everything. Recently, Huong Giang joined the program with CEO Nguyen Thi Thu...

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Huong Giang speaks about her plan to marry Matt Liu and wants to have 2 children

Nắng09:57:11 16/04/2022
Officially dating since mid-2020, Huong Giang and Matt Liu have had nearly 2 years of being together. Despite facing many ups and downs, the couple still accompanies them to overcome the ups and downs. Most recently, Huong Giang became a guest in the vlog of a close sister...

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What is Huong Giang's relationship with Matt Liu's family?

Nắng10:07:04 11/04/2022
It was Matt Liu who revealed his mother's pampering attitude for Huong Giang, making fans excited. Recently, Matt Liu celebrated his mother's new birthday with his family. On this occasion, he also revealed his mother's attitude towards her future daughter-in-law Huong Giang...

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Matt Liu got "jealous" in the middle of the night: Fan Huong Giang had to comfort the queen

Nắng11:50:37 02/04/2022
The "jealous" scene of Huong Giang's boyfriend made the fans have to replace the queen to comfort him. On the evening of April 1, the semi-final episode of The Next Genlteman - Mr. Hoan My ended after choosing the top 7 best to enter the final. Huong Giang is the only coach who...

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