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Cannes Film Festival 2024 closes: MU 2015 sweeps away the red carpet, Le Thu Trang is still missing

Bảo Nam19:13:23 26/05/2024
Cannes Film Festival 2024 officially closed after a long period of organization. The red carpet of this prestigious event on the closing day was not as bustling as usual but was still enough to entertain fans with the splendid appearances of international stars.

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Cannes red carpet day 4: Thao Nhi Le "acclaims" international stars, Emma Stone stands out

Khánh Huyền09:26:45 18/05/2024
In recent days, the whole world is paying attention to the red carpet of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. Finally, after much waiting, Vietnamese fans have seen our country's first star step foot on the red carpet. this year.

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Miss Huong Giang was accused by netizens of being an "exploder" on the Cannes red carpet

Minh Ngọc14:12:41 17/05/2024
Huong Giang's name was constantly called out when she checked in to Cannes city, but fans did not see Le Thu Trang - the champion of The New Mentor, has the queen forgotten her previous promise?

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Cannes Film Festival 2024: Chinese male stars overdo it, Vietnam's Huong Giang has a problem

Đức Trí10:35:41 16/05/2024
International media is focusing all attention on the 2024 Cannes Film Festival taking place in France, an annual event in the film industry that the whole world looks forward to. Cannes' red carpet is always a topic discussed by netizens.

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TNM champion Le Thu Trang publicly announced her "plastic surgery" story, revealing the reason behind it, everyone who heard it sympathized.

Quỳnh Quỳnh13:41:15 31/10/2023
After being crowned The New Mentor 2023 program, Le Thu Trang is the name that everyone is interested in and sought after. To have her current beautiful beauty, she admitted that she had plastic surgery on a part of her face.

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Pharmacist Tien was accused of creating a million-dollar show but starving the crew. The owner was upset and responded harshly

Phúc Sen10:55:15 20/10/2023
The producer of The New Mentor 2023 - Pharmacist Tien just had a post that caused a stir online, responding harshly to false rumors, accusing him of making a million-dollar show but starving and regretting his food with the crew. A series of Vietnamese stars quickly stepped in to defend.

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Close friend Pharmacist Tien criticized Le Thu Trang, was not satisfied with TNM results, hinted at the reason Nhu Van missed the Champion

Thảo Mai14:55:44 19/10/2023
The final of The New Mentor season one on the evening of October 15 ended with the victory of model Le Thu Trang and student Lan Khue. The 1st runner-up position was awarded to both Mai Ngo team Thanh Hang and Nhu Van team Ho Ngoc Ha.

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Mai Ngo declares war on Luna Dao Queen The New Mentor, Huong Giang's successor is here!

Snow11:22:54 19/10/2023
After w.inning the first runner-up position in the first season of All-Power Model, Mai Ngo continued to cause chaos in the reality TV show KOC VIETNAM 2023; With just one sentence, the other person sprayed glue.

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Le Thu Trang's past photos are extremely rare, her beauty is very different from the present, fans rubbed their eyes 3 times to see it.

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:14:15 19/10/2023
After w.inning The New Mentor, Le Thu Trang's life increasingly attracted people's attention. Recently, people dug up her past photos when she was in school. Compared to the present, the beauty of the new champion has changed a lot.

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TNM champion Le Thu Trang clarifies the issue of "prize buying" and opens up about getting married to her boyfriend

Snow09:39:09 19/10/2023
Recently, the champion of the first season of The New Mentor shared equally frankly and sincerely about the award-winning noise, as well as her love story with her boyfriend - Quang Son.

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Ha Ho and Thanh Hang abandoned the contestants and left immediately after the final of The New Mentor, Pharmacist Tien was questioned

Đức Trí13:50:47 17/10/2023
The trio of super mentors Ha Ho, Thanh Hang and Huong Giang shocked the audience when they were suddenly absent from The New Mentor final stage after the results were announced. Pharmacist Tien was questioned and immediately responded harshly.

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Nhu Van sobbed after failing to win The New Mentor Champion, Ha Ho came out and did something that made the students speechless

Uyển Đình11:15:23 17/10/2023
The New Mentor final night ended with the victory of Le Thu Trang of Lan Khue team. With this result, many viewers also expressed their regret for Nhu Van - Ha Ho's student when she finished as 1st runner-up.

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Mai Ngo caused controversy for "standing up" to Le Thu Trang: If I didn't let her stay, there would be no champion.

JLO10:59:18 17/10/2023
On the evening of October 15, the 10-episode journey of the reality TV show The New Mentor 2023 ended with the victory of model Le Thu Trang, member of the Super Mentor Lan Khue team.

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Pharmacist Tien was angry because he was told that Thu Trang won to gain favor and denied rumors that the results were fixed

Hướng Dương17:06:04 16/10/2023
Overcoming 8 strong opponents from other teams, model Le Thu Trang successfully won the Champion of The New Mentor 2023. However, this result is facing many controversies.

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TNM champion Le Thu Trang does not love rich people and spends all her youth taking care of her boyfriend who has cancer

Hoàng Phúc15:08:26 16/10/2023
Le Thu Trang makes many people admire her because she has a beautiful love story with model Quang Son. It is known that the couple has been together for about 3 years, experienced many events and had a strong bond.

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Champion Le Thu Trang's boyfriend suddenly appeared at the awards night just because of something no one thought of!

Gia Hoàng14:49:24 16/10/2023
It is known that Thu Trang's lover told her in advance that he would not come to the awards ceremony directly. However, his sudden action surprised everyone.

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Huong Giang clearly lip-synced at The New Mentor, so engrossed in stealing the contestant's spotlight that she forgot to sing

Kim Lâm14:36:47 16/10/2023
The combined performance of Huong Giang and the contestants at The New Mentor stage left many impressions because of their willingness to play and investment. However, engrossed in performing extreme choreography, netizens discovered that Huong Giang was lip-syncing.

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Ha Ho revealed the moment when her "attitude showed off" when Lan Khue's team won, Lam Chau was embarrassed because she was "ignored"?

Bảo Tiên13:57:07 16/10/2023
The final stage of The New Mentor has also come to an end, besides the sublime moments, through the passing team's camera, many secrets were suddenly revealed. Ha Ho and her student are currently attracting the attention of netizens.

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Student Ha Ho sobbed and apologized in the final of The New Mentor after the messy drama, fans expressed s.hock.

T.P10:07:29 16/10/2023
Contestant Lam Chau - a member of team super mentor Ho Ngoc Ha at The New Mentor 2023 gave a speech that caused a stir at the final night. Publicly apologizing and sobbing, but the audience's reception attitude is what's worth mentioning.

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Ho Hoai Anh acted inexplicably at the final of The New Mentor, suddenly revealing the shocking truth

Tuyết Ngọc09:46:37 16/10/2023
In addition to the attention focused on the super mentors and talented contestants, Ho Hoai Anh's appearance at the final night of The New Mentor 2023 also attracted the same attention from the public.

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Le Thu Trang kneels and bows to the audience when crowned TNM, Pharmacist Tien directly "eliminates" Nhu Van because of scandal?

Minh Lợi07:55:58 16/10/2023
Overcoming strong candidates such as Nhu Van, Huong Giang, Mai Ngo, Le Thu Trang - contestants of Lan Khue team won the highest a.ward. Before that, she participated in many beauty contests but did not win high prizes.

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Le Thu Trang: "catwalk teacher" claims to "bring down" H'Hen Niê, scandalous fall at Miss Universe

Huỳnh Phúc10:53:06 07/10/2023
Le Thu Trang once confirmed that she would make Miss H Hen Nie hand over the Miss Universe Vietnam crown but could not reach the final stage. However, up to now, the beauty is still considered one of the talented names.

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