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Long Halo: Ho Hoai Anh's younger brother, the "chicken" of the Son Tung family, behind the success of Toc Tien

Mẫn Nhi17:59:26 08/03/2024
Long Halo's real name is Nguyen Ham Long. He was born in 1988, is a talented DJ and producer, from a young age has many impressive achievements. Born into an artistic family, Long Halo was exposed to methodical music at an early age.

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Ho Hoai Anh: career regressed because of concussion scandal, broken with Liu Xiangjiang

Mẫn Nhi09:11:50 07/03/2024
Ho Hoai Anh used to be one of the most popular musicians in Vietnamese showbiz. He is not only famous for his talent but also made many people admire when he once had a dream-like love with the beautiful singer Liu Xiangjiang.

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Ho Hoai Anh - Liu Huong Giang are suspected of "resuming old love" when sitting together in the BGK chair

Nhật Duy16:02:42 06/03/2024
All over social networking sites are constantly spreading information that Luu Huong Giang - Ho Hoai Anh are in the h.ot seat of The Voice Kids this year, but the truth is completely different.

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Luu Huong Giang revealed new details about Ho Hoai Anh's divorce, hinting at happiness

T.P15:35:55 27/02/2024
Female singer Luu Huong Giang continues to attract people's attention when she suddenly posts a moody post, hinting at happiness on her personal page. Amid the noise, she divorced her husband, musician Ho Hoai Anh.

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Phuong Vy revealed the results of the show Ms. Dep, Quynh Nga was awarded the title by Le Quyen

Nguyễn Tuyết09:55:07 14/01/2024
After Luu Huong Giang left in the public performance round of 4 shows, Sister Dep Dap Gio, Phuong Vy teamed up with her seniors to form a 2-member music group, surprising people.

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Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and "tragedy" when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh

An Nhi10:19:19 09/01/2024
The story of Liu Xiangjiang's divorce from Ho Hoai Anh has received the attention of the online community in recent days. As soon as the marriage news was revealed, Liu Xiangjiang had the first reactions that attracted attention.

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Liu Xiangjiang was eliminated, the daughter was the happiest person, said 1 sentence that sounded extremely sour

Minh Lợi16:16:44 08/01/2024
Joining Sister Beauty made Liu Xiangjiang always busy and did not have enough time to spend with her children. Recently, in a behind-the-scenes clip, the 2nd daughter caused emotion when confiding in her mother.

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Liu Xiangjiang was excluded from "Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind", still surprisingly optimistic

Nguyễn Tuyết15:10:02 08/01/2024
With continuous efforts during the participation, Luu Huong Giang still had to stop at Sister Dep Pedal Wind. Although she has regrets, the past journey has left her with many good memories.

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Liu Xiangjiang was mentally disturbed because her family was in turmoil, "flying color" from Sister Dep

Thiên Di18:55:26 07/01/2024
Singer Liu Xiangjiang due to a family incident was absent for a few days without coming to practice. Then she came back with signs of fatigue, boredom. At the end of round 4, Liu Xiangjiang had to leave in the surprise of the audience.

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Liu Xiangjiang revealed the breakup of her marriage, and Liu Tianxiang's sister reacted in s.hock

Thiên Di12:06:50 05/01/2024
After My Linh posted a forum talking about Huong Giang's relationship with her ex-husband, many Vietnamese stars left interactions, while comforting the artist. Besides, the online community also wondered in the midst of the breakdown of her sister's marriage, what did Liu Tianxiang do?

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Liu Xiangjiang also loved Huai Ying despite the divorce, My Linh said 1 sentence that sounded lamentable

Thảo Mai10:20:31 05/01/2024
After diva My Linh revealed about the true relationship of Liu Xiangjiang and Hu Huaiying at the present time, Liu Xiangjiang's sharing about the romance also received more attention.

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My Linh confirmed that Liu Xiangjiang divorced Huai Anh, the two only considered each other friends?

Hoàng Phúc15:49:00 03/01/2024
On January 3, Diva My Linh made a long post on her personal page, sending love to her teammates at the premiere of 4 Beautiful Sisters. Notably, the singer mentioned directly about Liu Xiangjiang's odd condition.

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Hong Dang held Ho Hoai Anh's hand and quit his job at the agency, plotting to return to showbiz after Spain's noise?

Keng10:08:57 14/12/2023
Information related to actor Hong Dang and musician Ho Hoai Anh still receives a lot of attention from the online community. Especially recently, they often freely take photos with colleagues in the entertainment industry.

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Liu Xiangjiang's eldest daughter conflicted violently with her mother, wanting to leave her mother

Cát Cát11:04:40 04/12/2023
Recently, in the new episode of "Sister Beautiful Sister", Liu Xiangjiang revealed that her daughter and she had just had a violent conflict. Accordingly, the eldest daughter of the singer thinks that she has changed and no longer loves the c.hild as before.

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Luu Huong Giang's daughter 'blooms' into a young woman, her hair takes the spotlight, fans scream Ho Hoai Anh's name

Trí Nhi15:24:04 25/11/2023
Little Mina - the daughter of Luu Huong Giang and Ho Hoai Anh was praised by people for her pure beauty at the age of 12. Possessing gentle, natural features, plus the ability to blossom into a young woman, made her Mina took the spotlight when she appeared.

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Ho Hoai Anh's daughter sent a series of messages to her father, only knowing for a moment how father and daughter felt

Kim Lâm14:39:45 17/11/2023
Ho Hoai Anh - Luu Huong Giang received a lot of attention amid suspicions of marital rift. Until recently, little Mina - the couple's first daughter - shared a series of messages with her father that attracted the attention of many people.

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Hong Dang said 'g.utted' to his wife, was harassed and still happy, and immediately called Hu Hoai Anh's name

T.P10:41:27 06/11/2023
Actor Hong Dang has just posted a message to his wife of 15 years, saying thank you, happy after so much noise. Along with the noise of harassing minors, but Ho Hoai Anh has a completely different life, netizens immediately shouted their names.

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Hong Dang hinted at being scammed, showing strange attitude as audience expects to return after harassment in Spain

T.P16:28:22 03/11/2023
Actor Hong Dang has just had an article that caused a stir online, when he suddenly hinted at being scammed. A strange attitude to audiences when called upon to return to the small screen soon after the harassment uproar in Spain.

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Hong Dang reveals new move, fans are worried about reappearing after noisy harassment in Spain

Đức Trí07:03:27 30/10/2023
Hong Dang has just made a new move on social networks, the online community is buzzing with suspicions that he is about to reappear in Vbiz after the noise of harassing minors in Spain. After the controversy, it can now be seen that he is more comfortable sharing his personal life.

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Luu Huong Giang spoke about the morality behind the question of divorcing her husband Ho Hoai Anh, deeply implying her single status

Thanh Phúc10:16:13 27/10/2023
Female singer Luu Huong Giang has notable posts on her personal page, full of profound philosophies, suspected of being noisy with her husband Ho Hoai Anh. People also think that she is secretly confirming that she is single.

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Ho Hoai Anh acted inexplicably at the final of The New Mentor, suddenly r.evealing the shocking truth

Tuyết Ngọc09:46:37 16/10/2023
In addition to the attention focused on the super mentors and talented contestants, Ho Hoai Anh's appearance at the final night of The New Mentor 2023 also attracted the same attention from the public.

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Ho Hoai Anh's wife appeared with a different appearance, people called Lam Khanh Chi because they thought it was "two drops of water".

Gia Linh14:34:34 15/10/2023
Appearing in the teaser "Beautiful G.irl, Pedaling the Wind, Turning the Wave", Luu Huong Giang received many compliments about her current beauty. However, most of the comments are still questioning the female singer's plastic surgery.

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Hong Dang was c.ut o.ff the airwaves, preparing to film again, Ho Hoai Anh smiled happily to welcome the good news

Thảo Mai07:37:16 03/10/2023
Since the romance in the West, Hong Dang seems to be banned from broadcasting almost all media aspects. Instead of artistic activities, the actor focused on his wife's side of the diner business.

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Hoang Thuy Linh escaped being "stoned" for educating reporters when a junior followed in her footsteps with a shocking identity?

Nhật Hân09:53:58 30/09/2023
Recently, Hoang Thuy Linh is the most obvious case of being turned away for disrespecting the media. However, one male singer seems fearless, following in the footsteps of his senior and attracting attention.

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