Ho Hoai Anh - Liu Huong Giang are suspected of "resuming old love" when sitting together in the BGK chair

Nhật DuyMar 06, 2024 at 16:02

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All over social networking sites are constantly spreading information that Liu Huong Giang - Ho Hoai Anh are in the h.ot seat of "The Voice Kids" this year, but the truth is completely different.

Recently, social media was constantly buzzing with a post sharing about Luu Huong Giang - Ho Hoai Anh sitting in the h.ot seat of The Voice Kids program as a coach. Immediately, this news quickly became the talk of all groups and caused a stir. Because since Hu Huaiying got into an incident in the West sky, the audience rarely saw the musician appear with Liu Xiangjiang. Even in recent days, social networks have spread information that Liu Huong Giang - Ho Hoai Anh have broken up, the 2 are just ex-lovers.

However, in fact, the information that Ho Hoai Anh - Luu Huong Giang participated in The Voice Kids this year as a coach is not true. The image the other account shared is from 2020, not now. Many viewers think that this is just a trick to create "fake news" to get likes and views.

Ho Hoai Anh - Liu Huong Giang are suspected of resuming old love when sitting together in the BGK chair - Photo 1

Through this incident, many viewers became more convinced that Hu Huaiying and Liu Xiangjiang had really "gone their separate ways". Therefore, it is quite rare that the two can continue to cooperate in the future.

Ho Hoai Anh - Liu Huong Giang are suspected of resuming old love when sitting together in the BGK chair - Photo 2

Previously, diva My Linh caused a stir when telling the story of Ho Hoai Anh - Luu Huong Giang family on her personal page. The content of the post revolves around the diva's feelings with her sister Liu Xiangjiang when she was placed in the same team in the program "Beautiful Sister Kicking the Wind". Accordingly, My Linh said that Liu Xiangjiang and her ex-husband are now just friends.

My Linh expressed the following: "Remembering Tet last year, Giang went with her ex-husband to take the children to Linh Anh Quan's house to play. I looked at Jiang for a question. Jiang told us that we decided to be friends, and raise our children together. Then Jiang smiled and his eyes were still sad. Our sisters like Giang, like Vy or full of confidence like Ms. Song, deep down of our souls are always looking for our other half?

Is that half somewhere that completes us, gives us a sense of security in the vast world? Spring is almost here, I hope that no matter what, one way or another, spring always brings hope and reunion. Those who have found will cherish and those who have not found always have the hope that tomorrow is a new day. Right."

Ho Hoai Anh - Liu Huong Giang are suspected of resuming old love when sitting together in the BGK chair - Photo 3

This revelation of My Linh quickly received the attention of netizens. Especially the relationship of Ho Huaiying and Liu Xiangjiang after the musician's overseas turmoil. Although there have been many rumors before, many viewers still regret hearing the confirmation from My Linh.

Earlier, in episode 10 "Beautiful Sister", the "beautiful sisters" shared their hearts about love. It can be seen in this episode that Liu Xiangjiang deliberately avoids talking about his own affairs.

Ho Hoai Anh - Liu Huong Giang are suspected of resuming old love when sitting together in the BGK chair - Photo 4

Remember in 2019, the news that Ho Hoai Anh and Liu Xiangjiang divorced spread widely in the media. The musician and his wife both admitted to marital problems that led to them going to court. However, the singer born in 1983 affirmed that the divorce of the couple happened for a long time when the two were disoriented and there was no solution.

On his personal page, Liu Xiangjiang stated: "Jiang thinks this is very normal for couples and married life also has ups and downs to know each other's value, appreciate family more, it must be said for each other, not for children or relatives. And we're just like any normal couple, I don't want to be burdened with a marriage with the responsibility of being perfectly rounded all year round, so it's exhausting."

Ho Hoai Anh - Liu Huong Giang are suspected of resuming old love when sitting together in the BGK chair - Photo 5

Ho Hoai Anh - Liu Huong Giang are suspected of resuming old love when sitting together in the BGK chair - Photo 6

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