Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and "tragedy" when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh

An NhiJan 09, 2024 at 10:19

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The story of Liu Xiangjiang's divorce from Ho Hoai Anh has received the attention of the online community in recent days. As soon as the marriage news was revealed, Liu Xiangjiang had the first reactions that attracted attention.

Through 1 post talking about the program "Sister Beautiful Wind Turn", My Linh has publicized Luu Huong Giang's current relationship. Accordingly, My Linh said that Liu Xiangjiang and her ex-husband are now friends, taking care of their 2 daughters together. This information made netizens sure that the couple has officially "gone their separate ways" after much speculation.

Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and tragedy when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh - Photo 1

On the morning of January 7, Liu Huong Giang posted a long article sharing his feelings on his personal page after the news of his breakup with musician Ho Hoai Anh spread and was eliminated at the 4th Premiere of the program "Sister Beautiful Stepping on the Wind".

Accordingly, Liu Xiangjiang said: " Perhaps in this life, the difficulties will never disappear and instead of constantly talking about the difficulties, I change my perspective on things to calmly accept everything that happens. Not too excited about what you like and not too pessimistic about what doesn't go your way."

Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and tragedy when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh - Photo 2

Regarding the program "Beautiful Sister", the singer said that this is a time that helps her balance and makes life fresher and more colorful. " Even though it seemed like coming out of the house, entering the competition I stepped on the wrong 'left foot' or something, so right from the solo round to the premiere rounds, the scores and results kept teasing me. But that's okay, in return I feel like I've gained a lot in this journey," she said. Finally, Liu hopes the audience will continue to support her in her upcoming journey.

Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and tragedy when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh - Photo 3

Earlier, in the episode of Premiere 4 of "Sister Beautiful", Liu Xiangjiang admitted that she was having a disturbance in family affairs that caused her spirit to go down: "I have a lot of moods, a lot of disturbances in my head. We artists, when we are married, often stop being active and retire to take care of our husbands and children. It took us quite a few years to retreat behind the scenes.

I am having a lot of personal problems, causing my health and mental health to deteriorate. I'm an optimistic person who thinks positively but didn't expect to have periods like this. Life is unpredictable. Personally, I'm someone who puts my family first, so when things happen, I always struggle to see if this time can continue."

Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and tragedy when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh - Photo 4

After stepping out of the Sao Mai Rendezvous contest in 2004, Liu Xiangjiang received attention from the audience. Besides her singing career, the love affair of the singer born in 1983 and musician Ho Hoai Anh also attracted attention.

Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and tragedy when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh - Photo 5

In 2004, when he needed to find a studio for a new music project, Luu Huong Giang was introduced to Ho Hoai Anh's studio by his sister, musician Luu Thien Huong. The two began to get to know each other from then on and gradually developed feelings for each other. After about 5 years of research, Liu Huong Giang and Ho Hoai Anh decided to return to the same house. The two married in 2009 and have two daughters together Ho Khanh Ha (Mina) and Ho Tu Anh (Misu).

Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and tragedy when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh - Photo 6

In October 2019, the news that Ho Hoai Anh and Liu Huong Giang divorced spread widely in the media. The musician and his wife both admitted to marital problems that led to them going to court. However, the singer born in 1983 affirmed that the divorce of the couple happened for a long time when the two were disoriented and there was no solution.

Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and tragedy when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh - Photo 7

In 2022, when Ho Hoai Anh was embroiled in scandals overseas, the couple's marriage continued to be the talk of netizens. Having appeared together at events, Liu Xiangjiang was alone at the press conference to launch new music products. Netizens immediately questioned the couple's path.

Liu Xiangjiang admits difficulties and tragedy when it is revealed that he has divorced Ho Hoai Anh - Photo 8

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