H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands

Thanh PhúcFeb 18, 2023 at 10:09

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Miss H'Hen Niê recently had a strange status line, coinciding with the rumor that Miss Universe changed copyright in Vietnam, many fans questioned and stood still before this information.

Recently, information about the copyright of the Miss Universe contest is gradually "changing blood", changing owners in many countries, including Vietnam, has caused a stir among beauty fans. all around the world. Even the organization Puteri Indonesia, which holds the right to send contestants to Miss Universe for many years in this land of thousands of islands, has recently announced that it has officially lost its copyright to the most attractive beauty contest in the world. pure.

H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands - Photo 1

In addition to the two other American countries that are in the circle of rumors of losing copyright, Venezuela and Mexico, Vietnam is also the country that is said to have changed the copyright holder of Miss Universe, the familiar Miss Universe Vietnam contest. belonging to the audience, where H'Hen Nie, Khanh Van, Ngoc Chau, ... have lost the right to nominate candidates.

Before this rumor, many viewers and loyal beauty fans of Miss Universe Vietnam were extremely confused, not knowing what was happening and what the Miss Universe World organization was trying to accomplish. Because the copyright holder in Vietnam is considered a reputable company with a long history in finding and organizing beauty contests, training and bringing Vietnamese representatives to international competitions. economic.

H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands - Photo 2

This information causes even more doubt and authenticity, when recently on social networking platforms, a strange account suddenly appeared on social media platforms, with the same name as that of the Miss Universe Vietnam organization. followed by the hidden text: "Coming soon".

H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands - Photo 3

What's even more remarkable is that this account is only following two people, which is Ms. Anne - the executive chairman of Miss Universe and the other is the official channel with a green check mark of the Miss Universe contest. This is also considered an act of implying that this account is a new copyright holder in Vietnam, marking sovereignty and is the beginning of an unpublished change.

Just when beauty fans are worried about the future about the copyright of the Miss Universe contest in Vietnam, recently, Miss H'Hen Niê has a strange and shady move that makes many people skeptical. Specifically, sharing on her personal story, H'Hen Niê posted a picture of her face with a wistful look, a sad face with the status line: "I'm sad after hearing something."

H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands - Photo 4

Many viewers have been observant that the queen is referring to the Miss Universe copyright changing owners in Vietnam, because the time when the long-legged Ede posted also coincided with the time that the strange account appeared on the platform. social network.

After H'Hen Niê's strange move, many viewers in beauty groups competed to discuss and comment on copyright stories in Vietnam. Most of the fans were worried, looking forward to the official confirmation from the Miss Universe Vietnam organization, giving fans more peace of mind.

H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands - Photo 5

In addition, fans also think that the current unit is doing quite well in its mission. If the right to nominate candidates falls into the hands of another organization, there is a high chance that the audience will strongly oppose it.

H'Hen Nie is a long-legged Ede, crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 season and took the right to represent Vietnam in Miss Universe 2018. In the international arena, H'Hen Niê also won the title. had an impressive achievement, bringing pride to the nation when finishing in the Top 5 final position, a record high achievement of Vietnam at Miss Universe that up to now has not had a representative. which breaks.

H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands - Photo 6

Coming from the contest, the relationship between her and the company that holds the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam, specifically Miss Universe Vietnam, is extremely good. Although her term ended long ago, she stopped signing contracts and operated independently, but H'Hen Niê and the old management company still maintain close feelings, always helping, supporting and supporting each other.

At the company's important events, H'Hen Niê is always fully present. More specifically, she was invited by the organizers to sit as a judge at the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 contest. With her long-term commitment, the fact that the queen was sad about the change of copyright holder in Vietnam is also a reason. understandable thing.

H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands - Photo 7

Currently, both H'Hen Niê and Miss Universe Vietnam have not yet confirmed the above information. Many people think that about security, perhaps BTC is still not convenient to inform the audience. However, besides that, the audience also left an opinion that the old organization will continue to bid to keep the copyright for many more years, avoiding changes so that the fans feel more secure and confident.

H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands - Photo 8

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