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H'Hen Niê looked at the children of Dien Bien with tears in her heart, remembering the time when she just wanted to eat well and go to school

Chitshere15:11:44 23/04/2024
Miss H Hen Nie has just had a business trip to Dien Bien province, responding to the National Humanitarian Month 2024 and accompanying the Central Vietnam Red Cross Society in a series of activities aimed at children, women, and people. disadvantaged people in Dien Bien.

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Runner-up Huong Ly still has to endure the situation of "lining up" after spending her entire youth trying to find a place for herself

Minh Ngọc16:48:59 26/11/2023
Even though she has been to Miss Universe Vietnam 3 times, and even achieved a high title in the 2023 contest, Huong Ly still has to endure the situation of performing as an extra, standing and applauding while watching her colleagues finish the show.

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H'Hen Nie revealed the waist of the super virtual ant, the secret of which few people know, everyone must admire

Đức Trí13:35:04 02/11/2023
Recently, Miss H Hen Nie shared on social media a new image during the photoshoot, r.evealing the ant's waist of 58cm and r.evealing the secret to keeping her physique. Netizens praised all the steps, and voted as the beauty with the most beautiful waist in Vbiz.

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H'Hen Niê was criticized for being "glued" to Vu Thu Phuong's student, is this the international runner-up?

Nguyễn Tuyết14:13:34 28/10/2023
The question that Hen Nie asked Miss Cosmo Vietnam contestant - Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 - Bui Thi Xuan Hanh is receiving many negative reactions from netizens on social networking platforms.

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H'Hen Niê's 'lemongrass' in the West, escaping from the cocoon surprises fans, shocked by her 'breathless' work schedule

Đức Trí10:41:42 12/10/2023
Miss H Hen Niê just released a set of photos that shocked the online community. Everyone was amazed at the beauty's class and elegance in American fashion. Besides, her busy work schedule is also something that attracts attention.

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H'Hen Nie deserves the title of 'ace' of Miss Universe Vietnam, netizens discovered something special over 6 years

Đức Trí16:47:52 07/10/2023
Miss H Hen Nie was observantly discovered by beauty fans about her interest in the Miss Universe Vietnam organization. She is like the ace of the competition, appearing and rising one by one for the past 6 years, without missing a season.

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H'Hen Niê was stoned when she wore a shirt to the airport, r.evealing all the sensitive parts that hurt the audience's eyes

Thanh Phúc07:24:42 07/06/2023
Miss H'Hen Nie continued to face a storm of marketing when she dressed like no other, wearing a see-through shirt that made viewers' eyes ache. She even carelessly brought this shabby fashion to the airport, public places, and crowded places. The Queen of the Central Highlands -...

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H'Hen Niê received a "basket of bricks and stones", was criticized for spoiling young people with the image of "touching" the objectionable third round

Đức Trí10:23:33 19/05/2023
Miss H'Hen Niê surprised the net with an overly carefree image, shared the action of the third round being "touched", and happily jokingly made viewers blush because it was too offensive. The Queen of the Central Highlands - H'Hen Niê, also known as "Miss National". Famous for...

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Journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu caused controversy when jokingly, openly wanting to have children with H'Hen Niê

Pinky13:47:21 25/04/2023
The shocking statement of male journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu caused a stir in the internet, he said he wanted to have children with Miss H'Hen Nie, and at the same time expressed his admiration for the long legs of the Ede. Miss H'Hen Nie is a rare ethnic minority queen in Vietnam...

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H'Hen Niê has a strange move, fans are worried that the copyright of Miss Universe in Vietnam has changed hands

Thanh Phúc10:09:00 18/02/2023
Miss H'Hen Niê recently had a strange status line, coinciding with the rumor that Miss Universe changed copyright in Vietnam, many fans questioned and stood still before this information. Recently, information about the copyright of the Miss Universe contest is gradually...

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