Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top?

Hoàng PhúcFeb 11, 2023 at 11:58

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Harnaaz Sandhu - Miss Universe 2021 surprised many people with her current beauty after transferring the crown to R'Bonney Gabriel. Before that, the queen from India almost fell on the stage when performing the final walk.

After Miss Universe 2022 ended, the beauty audience had to regret the not-so-smooth tenure of Harnaaz Sandhu when she handed the crown to the new Miss Universe - R'Bonney Gabriel. The tears of Indian beauties in the final walk can clearly depict the pressure and endurance during Harnaaz's time on the throne.

Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top? - Photo 1

Recently, Miss Universe 2021 has updated her personal page with a photo of sitting on a rock and enjoying life. The most notable point is that the face of the beauty born in 2000 is clearly smaller than before. Besides, the b.ody is also somewhat slim after 2 weeks of the term.

Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top? - Photo 2

Before that, the beauty had to go through many disparaging words about her appearance when she gained weight without stopping because of the side effects of d.rugs to treat Celiac disease. The beauty has been trying to lose weight for a long time, but it doesn't work. In the big and small events of Miss Universe 2022, Harnaaz Sandhu appeared as a predecessor, but was judged to be less brilliant than the contestants.

Before that, when performing the final walk in the finale of Miss Universe 2022, the 23-year-old beauty almost tripped on stage. There are some sources that say her health has worsened, when Harnaaz moves inside the backstage needing assistance.

Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top? - Photo 3

According to Insider, beauty contests create an arena where girls compete with beauty to win the noble crown. However, in terms of business, it is also a billion-dollar deal, earning huge profits.

In fact, Miss Universe 2020 successfully collaborates with 12 major sponsors, including fashion brand Sherri Hill sponsoring the costume, jewelry company Mouawad sponsoring the crown, and The Guitar hotel providing. contest venue... with technology brands, swimwear, e-commerce platform. Miss Grand International 2016 also sealed banners with support from more than 30 businesses and brands.

Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top? - Photo 4

This inadvertently turned the beauty playground into a disguised advertising program.

"First of all, we have to understand this is a business. Look, all the members from the organizers, sponsors, designers, makeup artists, coaches, staff (managers). reason) ... all benefit in this", said Carl Dunn - CEO of Pageantry magazine.

Not only the huge revenue from sponsorship, BTC also pocketed a large amount of m.oney from audience voting fees, selling broadcasting rights, selling tickets to watch the semi-finals and finals live.

According to NPR, Miss Universe makes a super profit every year from selling exclusive content to Fox TV channel.

Vietnam is also one of the Asian countries with an audience that is interested in beauty pageants. According to statistics of the organization Miss Universe - Miss Universe, Vietnam is in the top 10 countries with their large audience.

Remember, H'Hen Niê spent 20 million VND to help Khanh Van get 10,000 more votes, and Minh Tu contributed 1,000 votes. As a result, Khanh Van entered the top 21 of Miss Universe 2020 as the contestant with the highest votes in history.

Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top? - Photo 5

However, the specific number of votes for the representative from Vietnam was not disclosed. In addition, the audience also argued that the "vote ticket" was not objective because a third party could change the results, even calling the highest-voted contestants "Miss Vote".

Not only making profits before and during the contest, the organizer also made a lot of m.oney thanks to the activities of Miss and the top 5, even top 10 finalists.

According to Variety, at this year's Miss Universe, 5 strong contestants and winners of the extra rounds will receive the privilege... to take advertising photos for sponsors. The 5 girls will be covered on the brand's media channels, thereby promoting their names and are expected to go far in the contest because they have been "watched" by the organizers and partners.

Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top? - Photo 6

Therefore, candidates must join the organizers to perform a contract to ensure the rights of sponsors. This is also a condition to bind the final top 3 (including Miss and 2 runner-ups).

Youth Inc asserts that the people who really benefit from the beauty pageants are definitely not the majority. Beauty contests act as money-making factories for the organizers.

Miss Universe 2021 revealed a skinny, emaciated photo, the new owner made a lot of m.oney after Ngoc Chau's out top? - Photo 7

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