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Harry Lu keeps disappearing on Midu's happy day, has no value to take advantage of so should he stay away?

Bảo Yến14:04:47 23/06/2024
Famous for being Midu's best friend of 8 years, but at the proposal party or engagement ceremony, Harry Lu was revealed to be completely absent, causing people to gossip that he had no value to his friend. Before that, Harry Lu also posted a story with a strange move

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Harry Lu was shy and confused when he saw his "lover", Midu couldn't compare

Uyển Đình13:26:54 11/06/2024
Recently, Harry Lu was surprised when he received special attention from the public. Fans also regularly send gifts to the actor. Recently, the moment Harry Lu received gifts from fans with the album -R- (Rosé - BLACKPINK) attracted attention on social media.

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The wedding of Midu and her young master's husband: Harry Lu was absent, the owner himself explained

Thảo Mai18:18:43 09/06/2024
After 1 month of secrecy, on the evening of June 7, Midu officially revealed the beautiful moments in the private party held in Da Lat. The party took place in a fairytale-like beautiful space.

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Vietnamese stars go to Da Lat to attend Midu's wedding, Harry Lu - Quoc Truong eager

Phương Thảo15:03:33 07/05/2024
The Vietnamese stars began to carry suitcases to Da Lat to prepare for Midu's wedding ceremony with her young master husband. Quoc Truong and Harry Lu were the two most eager guests as they constantly updated their best friend's happy day mood.

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Midu was set up by an anti group after posting wedding photos, director Luk Van defended

Khánh Huyền10:47:56 26/04/2024
After Midu announced her wedding, netizens, especially fans of the Midu - Harry Lu couple, left many mixed opinions. It's not because the two actors can't be a couple, but because of Midu's actions with fans when she has a lover.

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Midu was accused of using Harry Lu to gain heat, even though the wedding date had been determined

Vân Anh21:02:02 23/04/2024
Even though she had set a wedding date a long time ago and was in a relationship with her businessman boyfriend, Midu innocently dropped fake hints with her close friend Harry Lu, making netizens confused and misunderstood many times.

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Midu gets married, 3 rumored boyfriends make moves: Quoc Truong wrote only 4 words

JLO15:27:14 22/04/2024
On the afternoon of April 21, Midu suddenly shocked the world when she confirmed that she would hold a wedding on June 29. However, the actress has not yet revealed information about her fiancé, making people curious.

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Harry Lu deserves the title of best friend of 10 years, the first person to receive Midu's wedding invitation

Minh Ngọc09:05:50 22/04/2024
On the afternoon of April 21, Midu caused a stir when she officially revealed the time to get married with her fiance on June 29. Close friend Harry Lu also excitedly announced that he received a wedding invitation from his best friend of 10 years.

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Midu's husband is a young master of a large corporation, like a CEO tearing up a story?

Phương Thảo10:12:47 19/04/2024
Midu's fiancé was revealed by a source that he is a young master of a large corporation in Vietnam, and is considered a real-life CEO because he is not only talented and wealthy, but also extremely handsome and attractive. .

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Midu gets married, Harry Lu rushes back to Vietnam, is he the groom or a guest?

Phi Đức16:22:37 17/04/2024
In recent days, Midu has continuously caused chaos among netizens with information about preparing to get married. Up to now, people are excited again with Harry Lu's surprise appearance in Ho Chi Minh City, specifically at RMIT.

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Midu revealed the backstage of her wedding photo shoot, and her relatives immediately told her when the wedding would take place

Phượng Vũ09:26:45 16/04/2024
Continuously pushing the boat with Harry Lu, Midu just surprised her by revealing the moment of taking wedding photos. From here, information about the beautiful actress's other half was also revealed.

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Midu's fiancé is a businessman, wedding photos are still not revealed publicly?

Phi Đức15:04:23 15/04/2024
Midu recently continuously revealed many hints about preparing to follow her husband and quit the game. Even this morning (April 15), social networks were full of behind-the-scenes wedding photos of the actress. The identity of Midu's husband is still a mystery to netizens.

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Harry Lu only considered Midu a 'front', the reaction of the g.irl's family caused a fever

Mẫn Nhi14:19:45 11/04/2024
Having pushed the boat for 8 years, Harry Lu stunned Midu with his statement that she was just a front for him. The online community was shocked by Midu's reaction.

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Midu shows off her billion-dollar mansion, eager to announce her marriage

Phong Trần14:16:18 08/04/2024
Midu recently launched her new home overlooking the River in District 2, continuing to get fans excited by revealing her intention to get married. Successful, rich, skilled, beautiful, the only thing Midu lacks is one...

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Harry Lu - Anh Tu reunited after 8 years together, the "spur trumpet" of extreme beauty

Phi Đức13:27:23 04/04/2024
Recently, netizens were given the opportunity to stand still when two beautiful boys of 4 Years 2 Guys 1 Love reunited, trumpeting extreme beauty in the same frame.

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How did Midu react when asked to marry Guo Chang or Harry Lu?

Mẫn Nhi14:05:31 02/04/2024
On April Fool's Day, Midu caused a stir online when he suddenly announced he was getting married. The beauty also released wedding photos and affirmed firmly: "Finished school, ready to get married.

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Midu announces her marriage as soon as she graduates from the Master's degree, the groom is Harry Lu?

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:07:45 01/04/2024
After graduating with a Master's degree, Midu once again made people stand still when she suddenly released photos of her bridal dress, showing off her beautiful beauty. In particular, she also announced the news of getting married, making fans excited.

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"Lady" Midu graduated with a Master's degree at the age of 35, the heroine is here!

Phi Đức07:05:30 01/04/2024
Not only beautiful, famous and rich, but Midu also many times wowed fans with his super academic achievements. She was Valedictorian and 2 times runner-up on her journey to conquer knowledge.

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Harry Lu begged the doctor to do this one thing after 20 surgeries

Đình Như14:54:19 25/03/2024
Recently, when the video asking to take Midu out for ice cream in 4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love suddenly went viral on social networks, Harry Lu received special attention from a large audience.

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Harry Lu already has a strong opponent, the popular talent Le Hai, who will the audience choose?

Khánh Huyền09:55:39 22/03/2024
Recently, Harry Lu has been feverishly returning with the image of a handsome patriarch, but now the Vietnamese screen has welcomed another man who can take care of Le Hai - the general who makes Thoi Yen just a the name.

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Harry Lu is always Midu's exception, it's hard to deny through this series of actions

Phương Thảo16:10:45 21/03/2024
Through just one small action, fans quickly realized Harry Lu's difference in Midu's heart compared to all other male colleagues, no matter how close they are, they cannot become her exception like Harry.

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Midu - Harry Lu was "matched" by relatives, and are they about to become lovers?

Đình Như07:09:34 19/03/2024
Recently, an excerpt from the movie 4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love suddenly became h.ot again. In it, the line: Honey, I'll take you out for ice cream by Harry Lu created a fever on online forums.

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Harry Lu reveals secrets from his student days, contradicts information, 'kills' fans for one reason

Pinky16:06:20 18/03/2024
Actor Harry Lu suddenly had his student photo dug up, causing a storm in the online community. Fans were excited by his youthful beauty. However, the contradiction about his real name was suddenly discovered by netizens.

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Harry is considered a son-in-law by Midu's family, and his "father-in-law" has posted family photos since 2018

Phong Trần15:10:59 18/03/2024
Midu has a very strict father who stopped many of her budding love affairs in her youth. Yet he especially loved Harry Lu and considered him a member of the family.

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