Midu is shy when being called "Harry Lu's wife", promising a reunion in the future

Mẫn NhiMar 09, 2024 at 18:34

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Along with the return to popularity of male god Harry Lu, the female co-star who was once associated with him, Midu, is also constantly being called Harry Lu's "girlfriend" and "wife".

Recently, Harry Lu suddenly attracted attention on social networks. The incident originated from an old video of the actor many years ago that was "dug up" by netizens and became viral.

Midu is shy when being called Harry Lus wife, promising a reunion in the future - Photo 1

Specifically, the video was cut from a scene in the movie 4 years, 2 guys, 1 love released in 2016 directed by Luk Van. In the film, Harry Lu takes on the male lead role. He has extremely sweet flirting lines with the female lead Midu.

The line "Honey, I'll take you out for ice cream" with Midu in the movie 4 Years 2 Guys 1 Love suddenly went viral on social networks. And the real-life relationship of the actor and Midu also caught the audience's attention. On social networks, netizens rated Harry Lu and Midu as a good match. Because currently, the two have not publicly announced their relationship with anyone, so many netizens have linked them, hoping they are dating in real life.

Midu is shy when being called Harry Lus wife, promising a reunion in the future - Photo 2

Midu on the morning of International Women's Day posted wishes to the female audience who have loved her in the past: "Today, March 8, ladies, you must be very happy." In the frame, the beauty wears natural makeup, revealing a fresh and happy spirit.

Midu is shy when being called Harry Lus wife, promising a reunion in the future - Photo 3

In the comments section, an audience joked with the actress: "Harry's wife must be happy too." Before being paired with Harry Lu, she couldn't hide her confusion but still happily replied: "Why... the ladies say I've gone from being a lover to being a wife."

Midu is shy when being called Harry Lus wife, promising a reunion in the future - Photo 4

Not only that, Midu also made moves related to Harry Lu. Specifically, she proactively re-shared Harry Lu's story on her personal account. Specifically, before that, Harry Lu posted a photo of himself next to Midu, made by a fan with the hope that "Harry and Midu will see".

Midu is shy when being called Harry Lus wife, promising a reunion in the future - Photo 5

In 2016, Midu and Harry Lu acted together in the movie " 4 years, 2 guys, one love". This is an opportunity for the two actors to meet, get to know each other and maintain their close friendship to this day. During this period, Midu and Harry Lu were still single and did not publicly date anyone. This makes netizens constantly assume that the two will soon become a couple.

Midu is shy when being called Harry Lus wife, promising a reunion in the future - Photo 6

In addition, amid the excitement again, Harry Lu also took action to respond to the fans' love.

On the fan page with the green tick, Harry Lu suddenly posted a warning to the audience:

"Currently, Harry has no plans to create a TikTok account. If there is any new information, Harry will notify everyone through official accounts such as Fanpage, Instagram and FC Harry Lu group. Other sources do not Must be official information from Harry.

Because many viewers are confused by the images, information or activities coming from impersonated accounts, the management team would like to represent and inform everyone."

Midu is shy when being called Harry Lus wife, promising a reunion in the future - Photo 7

When he joined the Vietnamese entertainment industry, Harry Lu suddenly became famous thanks to his handsome appearance and good acting ability. However, when his career was on the rise, the actor suddenly encountered a serious incident.

In February 2017, Harry Lu unfortunately had a traffic accident that caused many injuries to his face such as a broken nose bone and deformed and misaligned facial bones. Harry Lu was brought back to Taiwan for treatment and temporarily suspended operations in Vietnam. Harry Lu had to have cosmetic intervention many times to fix it, but the actor's appearance has changed greatly.

Midu is shy when being called Harry Lus wife, promising a reunion in the future - Photo 8

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