Le Minh Son: male musician with many "unique - strange" perspectives on music

Khánh HuyềnMar 22, 2024 at 17:25

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Le Minh Son is a famous face known as a musician, musician, and son of the late musician Le Minh Chau. He brought many lifetime works to the Vietnamese music industry.

Le Minh Son was born in 1975, is a Vietnamese musician and songwriter and is the son of musician Le Minh Chau. He graduated from the Hanoi Conservatory of Music with excellent grades and studied in France. His music is closely associated with folk music, fields, gardens, ponds, chuom, stork wings, rice fields, expressed through works imbued with Vietnamese identity, although bearing the influence of folk songs but still having a strong character. modern with words that are considered unique.

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He is the son of musician Le Minh Chau (Minh Chau). Le Minh Son has lived in a musical environment since childhood. When he was three years old, his father played his first song and sang along with the notes. At the age of five, he learned to play the guitar. At the age of eight, he officially attended the Hanoi Conservatory of Music. At the age of 11, Le Minh Son began composing his first songs.

In 2004, he released the album "Sunrise" with high investment costs for the backing orchestra. Particularly, the song "Oh! My Homeland" was invested with the arrangement of 3 symphonies, string orchestra, ethnic orchestra combined with the drum team of the Central Light Music Theater. Therefore, the album is considered to have a relatively high price compared to the general market and was only released in 5,000 copies.

In 2005, the album "Guitar for me" was released, including 4 songs performed by the voices of Tung Duong, Thanh Lam, Dang Duong and 4 concertos performed by the author himself in flamenco style after about 10 years. Follow this music.

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In 2006, the song "Village Well" composed by him won the title of Outstanding Contemporary Folk Song of the Year at the Vietnamese Song Awards.

In 2009, after many famous music projects between the collaboration of Thanh Lam - Le Minh Son, the album "Place of Peace" continued to be born with the presence of 5 songs composed by him, in addition to two songs. by musician Duong Thu.

Le Minh Son: male musician with many unique - strange perspectives on music - Photo 3

In 2010, Le Minh Son released the album "A Song of the Red River" including eight songs that are considered to have bold Hanoi folk features, with the presence of singers Thanh Lam, Tung Duong, Ngoc Khue and a number of singers. other.

In 2019, with concerns about copyright infringement of musical works in Vietnam on the internet environment, Le Minh Son founded the online music copyright company MCM (Music Copyright Management Online JSC). By applying copyright protection and tracing solutions, MCM aims to provide the main services of Protection and Distribution Authorization to help musicians and copyright owners to cooperate and become partners. MCM cooperates to protect, manage and transparently exploit and trade music on the Internet. Build a copyright-protected music store for organizations and individuals. MCM also offers the "Work Marking" technology solution, helping producers to mark all recordings, musical works, audiobooks, and podcasts for free to identify works for each unit. music distribution. Based on that, it is possible to know which chain of units this work is distributed by in order to clearly identify websites that pirate the work or use non-copyrighted works.

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In 2022, Le Minh Son released the CD - Love for a Lifetime - with gentle lyrics and style but also full of depth. Each song on this CD is not only for listening, but also conveys thoughts, pain and passionate love for life, naturally penetrating people's hearts, urging people to change, making life better. than.

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Talking about the situation of many musical talents lacking sponsors, musician Le Minh Son shared: "After each music competition or gameshow, many young musical talents often lack professional sponsors to develop. future music career. This has been my concern for many years, when I witnessed colleagues, friends and students who were passionate about composing but had difficulty finding a direction to develop their careers.

Having stood on the podium of music schools for many years, and having spent my youth studying and practicing composition, I feel that I must consciously become a Musician to lead and share knowledge with the world. generation of young musicians in Vietnam...".

It is these concerns that motivated musician Le Minh Son and some colleagues to create a real music composition competition, suitable for the aspirations of young musicians named Tinh Ting Tinh.

"This is a purely Vietnamese program, honoring Vietnamese culture, raising the voice of the homeland and each region with its own unique characteristics. But those cultural characteristics need to be refreshed and consistent with popular and more especially international. Tinh - expressing love for the homeland, the country where musicians were born; Ting - like a bell that awakens artist talent; Tinh - the quintessence of a person artist", musician Le Minh Son explained.

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The contest focuses on the theme of homeland and love, works need to express identity, arouse pride in the people and heritage of the homeland where the author was born. Accordingly, contestants will express their hometown identity and speak up in the place where they were born and raised through many genres of music such as pop, rock, jazz, and hip-hop. They can also compose in foreign languages (English, French, Japanese, Korean...) to reflect the integration of Vietnamese music with the world.

Participants include all Vietnamese citizens, foreigners living in Vietnam and overseas Vietnamese living abroad who cherish a musical work towards their homeland. The contest promises to be a launching pad to help potential musical works have the opportunity to develop in the Vietnamese and international markets. Candidates' ages range from 16-45.

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