Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-three's b.ody charisma "beat" Mai Davika and Hanni

Bảo NamFeb 24, 2024 at 16:20

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Ho Ngoc Ha's appearance at the fashion brand Gucci's show within the framework of Milan Fashion Week is "causing a fever" on social networks. The female singer was even praised for surpassing Mai Davika.

The female singer is also the only representative of Vietnam to attend this international fashion event as a Friend Of House.

Getty Images is often known as the "villain" of many stars when posting unedited images, but this time the appearance of the Vietnamese representative can be said to be 10/10. She scored points with her perfect hairstyle and outfit. Even though the dress is see-through, it doesn't r.eveal any sensitive spots even under flash. Not only that, the skin also shows no blemishes.

Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-threes b.ody charisma beat Mai Davika and Hanni - Photo 1

Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-threes b.ody charisma beat Mai Davika and Hanni - Photo 2

Not only that, if compared to the two Asian stars present at this event, actress Mai Davika and female idol Hanni (New Jeans) - Gucci brand ambassador, Ho Ngoc Ha is somewhat superior. From b.ody to charisma.

Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-threes b.ody charisma beat Mai Davika and Hanni - Photo 3

Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-threes b.ody charisma beat Mai Davika and Hanni - Photo 4

With the images spreading on social networks, people can completely put their trust in the "entertainment queen" in the next appearances in the journey at Milan Fashion Week.

Before that, Ho Ngoc Ha also conquered transparent dresses many times, highlighting her seductive curves without showing off. See-through clothing is a way Vietnamese beauties use to s.how o.ff their figure, but being classy and luxurious without making mistakes like a mother of 3 children is not easy.

Sharing about her journey to Milan Fashion Week, Ho Ngoc Ha said she was very excited and felt lucky to be one of the first people to admire Gucci's next collection. 'I also feel very happy to be the only Vietnamese representative attending Gucci's fashion show this time. The trip helped me gain more experience and learn from professional stars around the world. They are very big stars but everyone's greetings to each other are very warm and close. This shows me that when you are already stars, the more you shine and shine, you don't need to do anything to become sparkling.'

Ho Ngoc Ha was born in 1984, from Quang Binh, entered showbiz as a model, then fell in love with singing. In nearly 20 years of singing, she has many hits: Dream is just a dream, Dear ex-lover, Rediscovering the dream, Faded love, Please forgive, A whole world of longing ... She works as a coach. , judge of many shows such as The Voice, The Face, X-Factor, The New Mentor...

Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-threes b.ody charisma beat Mai Davika and Hanni - Photo 5

Ho Ngoc Ha is one of the A-list stars in Vietnam. She is famous not only for her music but also for her iconic personal fashion. In addition, she is admired for having a happy family.

Recently, Ha Ho expressed her nostalgia for her children and took advantage of the support her Western mother-in-law gave her. She wrote: "I miss my dear children. Thank you, grandparents and everyone who always supports the work of busy mother Ha."

Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-threes b.ody charisma beat Mai Davika and Hanni - Photo 6

In the clip, Ha Ho's Western mother-in-law is teaching her granddaughter Lisa to read books in English. Kim Ly's biological mother, because she has experience in the education industry, is very patient in talking and teaching her niece. Lisa is just over 3 years old but speaks English clearly and expresses herself very smoothly, making everyone admire her. It can be seen that during the time Ha Ho and Kim Ly were away from home, the singer's parents-in-law helped their daughter-in-law and son take good care of their children.

Ha Ho swept the Gucci show, her mother-of-threes b.ody charisma beat Mai Davika and Hanni - Photo 7

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