Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink

Hoàng PhúcNov 28, 2022 at 10:30

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Although only operating for about 3 months, on the brand reputation chart of Kpop g.irl group members, Hanni has won the top position, even surpassing seniors such as TWICE, BlackPink, Red Velvet ...

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol is being identified as the brightest and most outstanding member of NewJeans. Because, right from the first stages with Attention, Hype B.oy and Cookie, Hanni's personal fancam has received positive reactions as well as attracted the most views among the members. Trang Daum also appreciated the dance technique, confident demeanor as well as the stable voice of the Vietnamese-born female idol.

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 1

In addition to music, Hanni's potential to grow in the fashion field was also confirmed when she recently became Gucci's youngest ambassador. Thus, after less than 3 months of launching, the Vietnamese-born member had the opportunity to accompany the Italian fashion house as a Korean regional brand ambassador.

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 2

As for Gucci, the luxury fashion house also confirmed Hanni's identity on the Twitter platform. Accordingly, Hanni will join seniors IU, Kai (EXO), actress Shin Min Ah and Squid Game actor Lee Jung Jae to officially join the Gucci Gang.

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 3

Previously, the HYBE idol was invited to attend the Cosmogonie show at Jingfu Palace, Seoul to start a partnership with the brand. However, the event had to be canceled at the last minute due to the impact of the Itaewon tragedy.

Gucci later said in an exclusive statement to WWD: "Hanni's fashion and music style really reflects the brand's unique qualities – respecting individuality and expressing oneself."

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 4

Thus, with the official confirmation from Gucci, the Vietnamese-born idol has become the youngest ambassador of this fashion house. This makes fans even more hopeful about the singer's shine in the future.

Hanni's real name is Pham Ngoc Han. The female idol born in 2004 is of Vietnamese descent born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Therefore, she holds both Vietnamese and Australian citizenship. Because of her love of K-pop since childhood, Hanni once joined the dance group AEMINA Dance Crew in Melbourne and often studied the choreography of famous Korean idols.

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 5

At that time, her dancing skills were still weak, f.orced and indecisive. Appearance and charisma are also not outstanding. However, director Min Hee Jin saw strong growth potential in her after her Plus Global Audition 2019. Therefore. Hanni was given the opportunity to go to Korea and officially became a trainee of HYBE from 2020.

At the fan signing ceremony, the Vietnamese idol shared about her early days as a trainee, she was often commented that her movements were still very weak. Then the singer realized the most important thing when dancing is energy. Therefore, she constantly strives to hone her physical as well as performance skills.

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 6

After 2.5 years of training, Hanni is now the main dance member of the group. Not only has the professional technique improved markedly, but the 10X star's performance ability and theatrical charisma have also been appreciated. In addition to the lead dance, Hanni is also the main vocalist in the group. Female idols often take on complex climactic or snarky singing passages.

In an interview with Billboard, the singer shared, "As a c.hild, my mom took me and my sister to the bathroom to practice singing, because that's where it resonates well. She would sample a song for me to follow. She also taught me how to perform like an artist. I remember the first song my mom taught me to sing was All At Once by Whitney Houston." In addition, the Vietnamese-born idol also hones her vocal skills by participating in art clubs as well as extracurricular activities at school.

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 7

In addition to singing and dancing evenly, Hanni can also play instruments and compose. Also in an interview with Billboard US, the 10X star revealed about the process of making Hype B.oy - one of the group's three title songs. Accordingly, each member was assigned to write lyrics for the songs on their debut EP. After being evaluated by the advisory board, Hanni and Danielle's product was selected. While Danielle was involved in writing for Attention, the star born in 2004 contributed to the song Hype B.oy.

In addition to talent, Hanni is also loved for her sweet appearance, Asian taste such as white skin, big eyes, pregnant face ... Not only the audience but also the seniors in the industry have repeatedly publicly expressed their special fondness for Hanni.

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 8

Former Pristin member Eunwoo posted a picture of the NewJeans member on his personal page with the caption: "This beautiful b.aby, you know what to do? If only my daughter could be as beautiful as this in the future, it would be so good!" Not only Eunwoo, the members of TWICE have also expressed their love for NewJeans and Hanni many times on television.

According to Theqoo, one of the factors that helps Hanni attract a large fan base both at home and abroad is his ability to fluently speak all three languages: English, Vietnamese and Korean. The singer said she has no language disadvantage, and can even speak Korean better than Vietnamese.

Therefore, Hanni can freely communicate and easily connect with people around her.

Hanni - Vietnamese-born idol became the youngest ambassador of Gucci, fame surpassed TWICE, Blackpink - Photo 9

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