Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Gucci's party

Phi ĐứcFeb 25, 2024 at 14:57

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Ho Ngoc Ha and Hanni ( NewJeans) met for the first time at Gucci's dinner party. The two made Vietnamese fans c.razy when they took pictures together and had an extremely close and adorable conversation.

Ho Ngoc Ha was present in Milan to attend the Gucci brand's Milan Fashion Week as a "Friend of House". Ha Ho is the first and only Vietnamese representative to attend this fashion show since the change of creative director.

Regarding Hanni, she caused a stir on social networks when appearing as a global brand ambassador. As soon as the event took place, the keyword " HANNI GUCCI TAKEOVER" reached the Top 11 global trends of the Twitter platform. Hanni is also the only star attending the Gucci show to do this.

When two female singers of Vietnamese origin were present at a big event, domestic fans showed extreme interest and expected to have interesting interactions and photos taken together between the two.

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 1

And without making fans wait too long, right at Gucci's dinner party, the two made Vietnamese fans excited by not only taking photos together but also having extremely interesting moments of communication together.

Hanni: "I know how to speak Vietnamese a little"

Ho Ngoc Ha: "You only know how to speak Vietnamese, are you that good?

Hanni: "Yes, yes"

Ho Ngoc Ha: "I watched a video of you speaking Vietnamese, very good"

Hanni: "Not really, I need to practice more, I don't know much Vietnamese, I only know how to communicate in everyday life..."

Ho Ngoc Ha: "I was born and raised in Australia..?"

Hanni: "Yes, in Australia"

Ho Ngoc Ha: "But I can speak Vietnamese."

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 2

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 3

In addition to the fact that the two had a small interaction at the party, the audience could not help but exclaim praise for Ho Ngoc Ha's sharp beauty when competing with the 18-year-old female idol.

Although the outfit is somewhat simple and not sophisticated, Ho Ngoc Ha still stands out in the overall frame. The charisma, elegance and power of the 40-year-old beauty made the online community admire. Although it cannot be denied that Hanni is very beautiful, lovely and radiates the aura of a Kpop idol. But it seems that this time she still has to be inferior to her seniors.

Previously, when appearing at the morning event, Ho Ngoc Ha received great attention from international media. She was constantly photographed by foreign reporters.

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 4

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 5

Not only that, she also confidently competes with "Thailand's most beautiful witch" Mai Davika. Because they had met many times, Ho Ngoc Ha and Mai Davika comfortably talked and interacted at the event.

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 6

The Vietnamese female singer was praised so much for being so beautiful, elegant, charismatic and extremely powerful even if she was in the same frame as anyone.

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 7

Meanwhile, Hanni (NewJeans), despite causing a storm on social networks, is still severely criticized for lacking shine, degrading her appearance, degrading her brand, and being "less classy". The female global ambassador born in 2004 was favored by Gucci to wear custom designs in the latest collection on the runway.

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 8

But according to many opinions, the 2-strap corset shirt makes Hanni r.eveal her slim figure. Her hairstyle was also considered inappropriate. In many images, Hanni's face was obscured by her hair.

However, it cannot be denied that Hanni is still receiving desirable benefits from the Italian fashion house. The NewJeans singer sat in the prestigious front row, next to François-Henri Pinault - CEO of Kering Group (luxury group that owns Gucci, YSL, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Boucheron...). Her row also includes other famous faces such as actress Daisy Edgar-Jones and Gucci CEO Jean-François Palus.

Ho Ngoc Ha chats with Hanni (NewJeans) at Guccis party - Photo 9

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